IGNITE-16829 Support configurable mail smtp host, disabling auth and SSL+ test featur...
[ignite-teamcity-bot.git] / ignite-tc-helper-web / build.gradle
2019-07-17  Dmitriy PavlovTC Bot notify module extracted, interfaces refactoring...
2019-06-25  Dmitriy PavlovTrusted tests & suite history performance fixes: Storag...
2019-06-18  Dmitriy PavlovBuild and tests fix after modules refactoring, version...
2019-06-13  Dmitriy PavlovTC Bot modules refactoring: GitHub module extracted
2019-06-07  Dmitriy PavlovTC Bot engine module introduced
2019-06-02  Dmitriy PavlovIGNITE-10989: TC Bot refactoring: extracted module...
2019-06-01  Dmitriy PavlovTC Bot refactoring: tcbot-common and -teamcity modules...
2019-02-12  Dmitriy PavlovJava 11 build successfully completed
2019-01-29  Dmitriy PavlovSupport Java 11 local test
2018-10-26  Dmitriy PavlovIGNITE-9848: Background upload of all builds from TC...
2018-10-06  Dmitriy PavlovIGNITE-9800: UI major changes: index page is selection...
2018-10-04  Dmitriy PavlovJersey logging & Stacktrace logging exception handler
2018-09-24  Dmitriy PavlovIgnite Direct IO plugin applied
2018-09-22  Dmitriy PavlovDI transformation
2018-09-20  Dmitriy PavlovServer module prepared, standalone start ok
2018-09-20  Dmitriy PavlovServer module skeleton was added
2018-09-14  Dmitriy PavlovMerge branch 'master' into performance
2018-09-14  Dmitriy PavlovMerge branch 'master' into performance
2018-09-14  Dmitriy PavlovPerformance experiments
2018-09-13  Dmitriy PavlovVersions update
2018-08-24  Dmitriy PavlovRegion configuration from application start script...
2018-08-22  Dmitriy PavlovJavadocs & cosmetic updates
2018-07-25  Dmitriy PavlovDetect failures for newly contributed tests. Fixes #10
2018-07-11  Dmitriy PavlovMigrated to RC 2.6; new layout for failures display...
2018-06-30  Dmitriy PavlovLogger setup started
2018-06-04  Dmitriy PavlovChart & gradle small fixes
2018-06-01  Dmitriy PavlovCorrect password check implemented
2018-05-30  Dmitriy PavlovDetecting new failures of tests
2018-05-25  dpavlovCheck Ignite 2.5 RC
2018-03-22  dpavlovFix of changes request failure, ignoring unparseable XML
2018-03-04  dspavlovStub code for mail send implemented
2017-11-05  dspavlovFirst config for get current failures
2017-10-20  dpavlovVersion change, small changes
2017-08-10  dpavlovBuild implemented: war and runner were created