Selection of service code - fix for hardcoded branch naming.
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2019-02-12  Dmitriy PavlovJava 11 build successfully completed
2019-01-29  Dmitriy PavlovSupport Java 11 local test
2018-10-11  Dmitriy PavlovRepaint coded but has no effect before trigger
2018-10-06  Dmitriy PavlovIGNITE-9800: UI major changes: index page is selection...
2018-09-21  Dmitriy PavlovIncreased memory and logging config changed
2018-09-20  Dmitriy PavlovServer module prepared, standalone start ok
2018-09-20  Dmitriy PavlovServer module skeleton was added
2018-09-20  Dmitriy PavlovParallelism fixed for recent build resolve;
2018-09-19  Dmitriy PavlovStyle changes according to review in PR 14 - Fixes...
2018-08-24  Dmitriy PavlovRegion configuration from application start script...
2018-07-27  Dmitriy PavlovPlugin applied for headers
2018-06-28  Dmitriy PavlovMemleak if an error occurred fixed, increased mem usage...
2018-06-27  Dmitriy PavlovStrings caching and JMX monitoring added
2018-06-27  Dmitriy PavlovIcon fix
2018-06-07  dpavlovManual & auto string deduplication; servers cache made...
2018-02-24  dspavlovSeparate pool for backgound updated info
2018-02-14  dpavlovKeep alive connection marks
2017-08-10  dpavlovBuild implemented: war and runner were created