Bump junit from 4.12 to 4.13.1 in /modules/extdata/p2p
[ignite.git] / doap_Ignite.rdf
2021-01-15  Denis Magdaignite docs: updated Ignite definition in the documenta...
2020-12-30  Denis MagdaIGNITE-13779: defining Ignite as a distributed database...
2019-08-07  Denis MagdaMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2018-12-31  Roman ShtykhIGNITE-10854 Change git URL to point to gitbox. (#5775)
2018-10-03  Peter IvanovIGNITE-9772: Removed word "fabric" from various places...
2017-06-08  Alexey GoncharukIGNITE-5068 - Fixed lost partitions handling
2017-06-01  Alexey GoncharukMerged master to ignite-5267
2017-05-25  Denis MagdaUpdated Ignite's DOAP file
2017-04-21  EdShangGGMerge branch 'ignite-gg-12064' into ignite-gg-8.0.4.ea1
2017-04-18  dkarachentsevMerge branch 'ignite-1.8.5-p1'
2017-04-17  Alexey GoncharukMerge branch master into ignite-gg-8.0.4.ea1
2017-04-15  Denis MagdaUpdated Ignite DOAP
2017-04-03  Anton VinogradovMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/upstream/ignite...
2017-04-03  dkarachentsevMerge branch 'ignite-1.8.5'
2017-03-28  Alexey GoncharukMerge branch 'ignite-3477' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2017-03-22  dkarachentsevMerge branch 'ignite-1.7.9-p1'
2017-03-21  nikolay_tikhonovMerge branch ignite-1.8.4 into master
2017-03-20  nikolay_tikhonovMerge branch ignite-1.7.9 into ignite-2.0
2017-03-16  nikolay_tikhonovMerge ignite-1.7.9 into master
2017-03-14  Alexey GoncharukMerge master into ignite-3477
2017-03-10  devozerovMerge branch 'ignite-2.0' into ignite-2.0-merge
2017-03-10  devozerovMerge branch 'master' into ignite-2.0-merge
2017-03-02  devozerovMerge branch 'ignite-1.9' into ignite-1.9.1 1583/head
2017-03-02  Denis MagdaIGNITE-4753: DOAP: Node.JS => Node.js
2017-03-01  Anton VinogradovMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/ignite...
2017-02-27  Denis MagdaIGNITE-4753: DOAP: Node.JS => Node.js
2017-02-27  Denis MagdaIGNITE-4753: DOAP: Node.JS => Node.js
2016-01-05  vozerov-gridgainMerge branch 'ignite-1.5.1-2'
2015-12-29  Dmitiry Setrakyan# master - added rdf file.