IGNITE-8907: [ML] Using vectors in featureExtractor
[ignite.git] / modules / ml / src / main / java / org / apache /
2018-07-10  Alexey PlatonovIGNITE-8907: [ML] Using vectors in featureExtractor
2018-07-04  zaleslawIGNITE-8669: Added Evaluator and Binary Classification...
2018-07-03  Alexey PlatonovIGNITE-7149: Gradient boosting for decision tree
2018-06-26  zaleslawIGNITE-8741: [ML] Make a tutorial for data preprocessing
2018-06-25  Alexey PlatonovIGNITE-8840: Random Forest
2018-06-07  Anton DmitrievIGNITE-8668: K-fold cross validation of models
2018-06-06  zaleslawIGNITE-8663: Add Normalization Preprocessing support
2018-06-05  Anton DmitrievIGNITE-8667: Splitting of dataset to test and training...
2018-06-01  Anton DmitrievIGNITE-8666: Add ability of filtering data during datas...
2018-06-01  zaleslawIGNITE-8664: Encoding categorical features with One...
2018-05-28  zaleslawIGNITE-8567: [ML] Add Imputer and Binarizer for data...
2018-05-21  zaleslawIGNITE-8511: [ML] Add support for Multi-Class Logistic...
2018-05-16  YuriBabakIGNITE-8514: Missed descriptions for a few packages...
2018-05-16  zaleslawIGNITE-8450: [ML] Cleanup the ML package: remove unused...
2018-04-27  zaleslawIGNITE-8403: [ML] Add Binary Logistic Regression based on
2018-04-16  Turik CampbellIGNITE-8242: Remove method GAGridUtils.getGenesForChrom...
2018-04-16  zaleslawIGNITE-8169:
2018-04-13  YuriBabakIGNITE-8232: ML package cleanup for 2.5 release
2018-04-13  dmitrievanthonyIGNITE-8232: ML package cleanup for 2.5 release
2018-04-13  dmitrievanthonyIGNITE-8233: KNN and SVM algorithms don't work when...
2018-04-13  zaleslawIGNITE-7829: Adopt kNN regression example to the new...
2018-04-12  dmitrievanthonyIGNITE-8176: Integrate gradient descent linear regressi...
2018-04-12  Alexey KuznetsovIGNITE-7996 Merge with master.
2018-04-11  zaleslawIGNITE-7830: Knn Lin Reg with new datasets
2018-04-10  dmitrievanthonyIGNITE-8059: Integrate decision tree with partition...
2018-04-09  YuriBabakIGNITE-8181: Broken javadoc in GA Grid
2018-04-08  Turik CampbellIGNITE-7877: Improve code style in GA part
2018-04-02  zaleslawIGNITE-7702: Adopt kNN classifcation to the new datasets
2018-03-29  dmitrievanthonyIGNITE-7990: Integrate MLP with partition based dataset
2018-03-21  zaleslawIGNITE-8005: Added example
2018-03-20  zaleslawIGNITE-7887: Adopt SVM Linear Multi-Class Classificatio...
2018-03-20  Valentin KulichenkoMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2018-03-12  zaleslawIGNITE-7876: Adopt SVM Linear Binary Classification...
2018-03-04  Turik CampbellIGNITE-6899: Adding GA Grid to Apache Ignite ML module.
2018-02-20  artemmalykhIGNITE-7768: Added missed package-info.
2018-02-12  zaleslawIGNITE-7451: Make Linear SVM for multi-classification
2018-02-09  dmitrievanthonyIGNITE-7438: LSQR solver for Linear Regression
2018-02-06  Artem MalykhIGNITE-7375: Right cleanup after training.
2018-02-05  dmitrievanthonyIGNITE-7437: Fix javadoc in partition based dataset
2018-02-04  dmitrievanthonyIGNITE-7437: Partition based dataset implementation
2018-01-25  zaleslawIGNITE-7316: Make Linear SVM for binary classification
2018-01-25  sunnychanworkMerge branch 'master' into fix-cassandrasessionimpltest... 3420/head
2018-01-23  YuriBabakIGNITE-7397: Fix cache configuration and reduced traini...
2018-01-16  artemmalykhIGNITE-7397: Fix wrong cache configuration for MLP...
2018-01-16  artemmalykhIGNITE-7350: Distributed MLP cleanup/refactoring
2018-01-12  dmitrievanthonyIGNITE-7332: Add test suite for ML tests
2018-01-09  artemmalykhIGNITE-7322: Return authorship of 7322 and 6783, step 2.
2018-01-09  Yury BabakIGNITE-7322: Return authorship of 7322 and 6783, step 1.
2018-01-04  Yury BabakIGNITE-7322: Distributed MLP training.
2017-12-30  Yury BabakIGNITE-6783: Create common mechanism for group training.
2017-12-29  Denis MagdaMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2017-12-29  Oleg IgnatenkoIGNITE-7214: performance measurement for FCM and KNN...
2017-12-29  Oleg IgnatenkoIGNITE-7097: performance measurement for SparseDistribu...
2017-12-28  dmitrievanthonyIGNITE-5217: Gradient descent for OLS lin reg
2017-12-28  zaleslawIGNITE-7205: Dataset API
2017-12-26  Valentin KulichenkoMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2017-12-26  samaitraMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into...
2017-12-25  devozerovMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2017-12-25  Yury BabakIGNITE-7297: Javadoc warning for RProp in MLP
2017-12-22  artemmalykhIGNITE-7174: Local MLP
2017-12-19  YuriBabakIGNITE-7242: Broken javadoc for KNN
2017-12-15  YuriBabakIGNITE-7213: Empty class descriptions for KNNModelFormat
2017-12-14  zaleslawIGNITE-7079: Add examples for kNN classification and...
2017-12-12  Yury BabakIGNITE-7169: Missed javadoc for IgniteToDoubleFunction
2017-12-11  zaleslawIGNITE-6880: KNN(k nearest neighbor) algorithm
2017-12-07  YuriBabakIGNITE-7110: Javadoc package descriptions missed for ML
2017-12-07  Oleg IgnatenkoIGNITE-6872: Linear regression should implement Model API
2017-12-03  Ilya NozhkinIGNITE-5246: Fuzzy c-means (FCM)
2017-12-02  YuriBabakIgnite-7094: Javadoc warnings in ml module
2017-12-01  artemmalykhIGNITE-7007: Decision tree code cleanup
2017-11-23  zaleslawIGNITE-6949: Cleanup OLS code. This closes #3063.
2017-11-17  devozerovMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2017-11-17  YuriBabakIGNITE-5846 Add support of distributed matrices for...
2017-11-11  Artem MalykhIGNITE-5218: Added missed licenses headers.
2017-11-10  Artem MalykhIGNITE-5218: First version of decision trees.
2017-11-09  Yury BabakIGNITE-6762: Fixed SparseDistributedMatrixExample faile...
2017-11-09  Artem MalykhIGNITE-6849: Fix of failing tests of K-Means distribute...
2017-11-07  Yury BabakIGNITE-6805: Fixed bugs in BlockMatrixStorage.
2017-11-02  Yury BabakIGNITE-6640: Introduction of models import/export.
2017-11-01  Yury BabakIGNITE-6640: Introduction of models import/export.
2017-10-31  Yury BabakIGNITE-6761: Change block numeration in SparseBlockMatr...
2017-10-27  mcherkasovIGNITE-6774 Java doc is broken: "LUDecomposition.java...
2017-09-15  YuriBabakIGNITE-6394: Fixed creation of off-heap matrix with...
2017-09-11  YuriBabakIGNITE-6328: Fixed compilation of ML examples.
2017-08-28  Anton VinogradovMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/ignite...
2017-08-23  Yury Babakignite-5280 SparseDistributedMatrix refactoring
2017-08-18  Yury BabakIGNITE-5925: Implemented get row/col for matrices.
2017-08-10  Alexey GoncharukMerge remote-tracking branch 'community/ignite-2.1.3'
2017-08-07  Yury BabakIGNITE-5880: BLAS integration phase 2
2017-08-07  Alexey KuznetsovMerge branches 'ignite-2.1.3' and 'master'.
2017-08-03  Alexey KuznetsovMerge branches 'ignite-2.1.3' and 'master'.
2017-08-01  Alexey GoncharukMerge branch ignite-2.1.3 into master
2017-07-31  Yury BabakIGNITE-5777: BLAS integration phase 1.
2017-07-25  Yury BabakIGNITE-5278: BLAS implemented.
2017-07-25  Yury BabakIGNITE-5802: Fix all wrong TODO comments in ML component
2017-07-25  sboikovMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/community/ignite...
2017-07-21  Pavel TupitsynMerge branch 'ignite-2.1.3'
2017-07-21  Anton VinogradovMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2017-07-21  Yury BabakIGNITE-5791 Block matrix introduction
2017-07-11  devozerovMerge branch 'ignite-2.1'