7 days ago  Josh InnisFix Bug in WHERE clause and property contraints master
7 days ago  John GemignaniFix bug in aggregate function collect()
11 days ago  Alex KwakAdd access operator (`->`, `->>`) to Agtype (#212)
11 days ago  Josh InnisImprove Where clause performance and supoort Index...
13 days ago  John GemignaniVLE path variable integration performance patch
13 days ago  Dehowe FengAdd CALL [YIELD] grammar rules
2022-04-28  Josh InnisModify Docker url
2022-04-25  Josh InnisSupport for Agtype Containment Ops and GIN Indices
2022-04-22  John GemignaniCache AGTYPE and GRAPHID Oids
2022-04-21  Josh InnisAllow lists and maps to be used in the SET clause
2022-04-21  Nick SorrellUpdates to 1.0.0 (#197)
2022-04-19  John GemignaniFix global graph hashtable insert messaging
2022-04-11  Nick Sorrellchore: (Docker) Removing upstream clone and unneeded...
2022-04-07  John GemignaniAdd chained comparisons to openCypher
2022-04-06  Josh InnisImprove Performance of MATCH and support Indices in...
2022-04-01  Dehowe FengFix chained unions returning unexpected results
2022-04-01  John GemignaniVLE memory usage bug fixes
2022-03-25  Josh InnisImprove performance of VLE cases
2022-03-23  Josh InnisFix Simple Undirected MATCH Case
2022-03-22  John GemignaniFix small memory leak in VLE
2022-03-15  John GemignaniAdd VLE performance enhancements
2022-03-08  John GemignaniAdd ASF license to upgrade scripts
2022-03-08  Quoc Viet VuongAdding a upgrading SQL script file from 0.5.0 to 0...
2022-03-04  Quoc Viet VuongAdd upgrading file age--0.7.0--1.0.0.sql (#191)
2022-03-03  John GemignaniRefactor function get_agtype_value_object_value
2022-03-02  Josh InnisChange version from 0.7.0 to 1.0.0
2022-03-02  ShoaibAge load issue (#188)
2022-02-28  John GemignaniRefactor agtype_access_operator
2022-02-10  Josh InnisBugfix - Remove INLINE from function delcaration
2022-02-10  John GemignaniRebase VLE code
2022-02-10  Josh InnisImplement Merge Clause
2022-02-03  Dehowe Fengbug-fix: chained union logic
2022-01-27  John GemignaniAllow a path of one vertex
2022-01-26  ShoaibCreated functions for load graph from csv files (#155)
2022-01-26  John Gemignanihotfix: A C99 compliant declaration was used
2022-01-26  Alex Kwakfeat: Implement `OPTIONAL MATCH` (#175)
2022-01-26  Dehowe FengAdd UNION into EXPLAIN grammar rule
2022-01-26  Alex Kwakfeat: Implement `UNWIND` clause. (#173)
2022-01-24  Dehowe FengImplement UNION clause
2022-01-24  0xflotusfix: small error
2022-01-21  Pieterjan De... Remove old docs
2022-01-21  Alex Kwakfix: (nodejs) Corrects parsing for independence value...
2022-01-14  Dehowe FengMerge branch 'master' of 174/head v.0.7.0-rc0 v0.7.0
2022-01-14  Dehowe FengUpdate AGE from 0.6.0 to 0.7.0
2022-01-14  Dehowe FengUpdate from 0.6.0 to 0.7.0
2022-01-11  John GemignaniFix is_array_path to accept a single vertex.
2022-01-08  John GemignaniAdd fix for VLE zero boundary case in path
2022-01-06  RhizomeAdding ASF License header to Python and Golang Drivers...
2022-01-06  John GemignaniAdd zero boundary case [*0..x] to VLE
2022-01-04  joefaganCreate Dockerfile (#164)
2021-12-30  Shoaibupdated documentation link (#170)
2021-12-29  John GemignaniFix Travis CI build warning messages
2021-12-28  John GemignaniExpose private function integer_to_agtype_value
2021-12-23  Pieterjan De... Fix typo in Github issue templates (#169)
2021-12-22  Pieterjan De... Add test for handling incorrect variable in Set Clause...
2021-12-22  Alex Kwakfeat: implement type casting, Agtype to int4[] (#107)
2021-12-22  Alex KwakCorrects abnormal termination due to incorrect variable...
2021-12-22  Quoc Viet VuongAdd to age_round function so that it accepts 2 paramete...
2021-12-21  John GemignaniAdd AGTYPE and GRAPHID send and receive functions
2021-12-20  John GemignaniRefactor VLE edge uniqueness check
2021-12-10  Josh InnisFix Licensing Issues in Master (#157)
2021-12-09  John GemignaniIntegrate the VLE core into the MATCH clause
2021-11-30  Alex KwakFix wrong parse tree when use EXISTS PATTERN (#141)
2021-11-30  RhizomeAdding AGType parsers and driver supports for Python...
2021-11-30  ShoaibUpdated code for create vertex and edge labels (#136)
2021-11-30  Quoc Viet VuongAdd to age_reverse function so that it can reverse...
2021-11-30  Alex Kwakfix: (driver/nodejs) fix problems that occur when an...
2021-11-30  Alex Kwakchore: create issue templates (#90)
2021-11-08  Dmitriy Dorofeev fix to allow compilation on mac os x (#82)
2021-10-28  Pieterjan De... Fix documentation link in readme (fixes #133) (#134)
2021-10-23  Dehowe FengImplement XOR Operator
2021-10-12  Dehowe FengAdd openCypher nodes() function AGE2-421
2021-10-08  John GemignaniAdd openCypher labels() function AGE2-420
2021-10-08  Andy KohUpdate (#128)
2021-10-07  Dehowe FengAdd openCypher keys() function AGE2-419
2021-10-06  John GemignaniAdd openCypher range() function AGE2-422
2021-10-05  John GemignaniAdd openCypher relationships() function AGE2-423
2021-10-01  John GemignaniAdd regular expression comparisons `=~` with expressions
2021-10-01  Quoc Viet VuongFor primitive types like int, abandon using add_agtype...
2021-09-28  John GemignaniPatch SET's usage of currentCommandId during locking
2021-09-28  ShoaibLabels creation functions (#115)
2021-09-22  John GemignaniDELETE refactor and bug fix
2021-09-17  John GemignaniSET refactor and feature upgrade
2021-09-15  Pieterjan De... Make badges on the README page dynamic (#116)
2021-09-09  Josh InnisUpdate version from 0.5.0 to 0.6.0
2021-09-09  Alex Kwakfix: (drivers) add ASF license on drivers. (#114)
2021-09-09  John GemignaniFix compiler messages on Travis CI
2021-09-08  Josh InnisUpdate package.json
2021-09-08  Josh InnisUpdate tsconfig.json
2021-09-08  Josh InnisUpdate jest.config.js
2021-09-07  John GemignaniMerge branch 'master' of
2021-09-07  John GemignaniAdd ASF license
2021-09-07  Eya BadalUpdate .asf.yaml
2021-09-04  Dan Carondocs (#96)
2021-09-02  John GemignaniAdd VLE SRF (Set Returning Function) age_vle
2021-08-31  Quoc Viet Vuongupdate overview in readme (#111)
2021-08-19  John GemignaniFix bug in openCypher CREATE AGE2-345
2021-08-18  John GemignaniFix bug in openCypher CREATE AGE2-337
2021-08-03  Alex Kwakchore: (driver/jdbc) update copyright header (#99)
2021-08-03  Alex Kwakfix: Fix errors that occur during parallel builds ...