descriptionApache Airflow (Incubating)
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeWed, 17 Oct 2018 13:49:41 +0000 (14:49 +0100)
2 hours ago  Fokko Driesprong[AIRFLOW-3222] Remove bql keyword from BigQueryOperator... master
2 hours ago  Kaxil Naik[AIRFLOW-XXX] Add `BigQueryGetDataOperator` to Integrat...
21 hours ago  Jonathan Jin[AIRFLOW-3121] Define closed property on StreamLogWrite...
31 hours ago  Scott Kruger[AIRFLOW-843] Exception availabe in context for on_fail...
47 hours ago  phanindhra[AIRFLOW-1945] Add Autoscale config for Celery workers...
2 days ago  Joshua Carp[AIRFLOW-3141] Handle duration for missing dag. (#3984)
2 days ago  Brandon Kvarda[AIRFLOW-3155] Add ability to filter by a last modified...
2 days ago  Kaxil Naik[AIRFLOW-XXX] Fix GCS Operator docstrings (#4054)
2 days ago  Szymon Biliński[AIRFLOW-3069] Log all output of the S3 file transform...
2 days ago  Fokko Driesprong[AIRFLOW-3190] Make flake8 compliant
2 days ago  Fokko DriesprongRevert "[AIRFLOW-XXX] Add Grab to companies list (...
2 days ago  Kaxil Naik[AIRFLOW-XXX] Add missing docstring in GCS Hook & Opera...
2 days ago  Kaxil Naik[AIRFLOW-XXX] Fix BashOperator Docstring (#4052)
3 days ago  Ash Berlin... [AIRFLOW-3064] Show logs/output from operators in ...
4 days ago  Siddharth Gupta[AIRFLOW-3202] add missing documentation for AWS hooks...
4 days ago  Fokko Driesprong[AIRFLOW-3190] Make flake8 compliant
2 months ago 1.10.0rc4
2 months ago 1.10.0
2 months ago 1.10.0rc3
3 months ago 1.10.0rc2
3 months ago 1.10.0rc1
10 months ago 1.9.0rc8
10 months ago 1.9.0
10 months ago 1.9.0rc7
10 months ago 1.9.0rc6
10 months ago 1.9.0rc5
10 months ago 1.9.0rc4
10 months ago 1.9.0rc3
11 months ago 1.9.0rc2
11 months ago 1.9.0rc1
12 months ago 1.9.0alpha1
12 months ago 1.9.0alpha0
2 hours ago master
2 hours ago bq-getdata
4 days ago v1-10-test
4 days ago dont-bake-env-into-tmp-config
2 months ago v1-10-stable
9 months ago v1-9-stable
9 months ago v1-8-stable
9 months ago v1-8-test
9 months ago v1-9-test