Scoped babel packages and stricter proposals
[incubator-annotator.git] / .eslintrc.yml
2017-11-12  Randall LeedsScoped babel packages and stricter proposals
2017-10-31  BigBlueHatMerge pull request #15 from tilgovi/pasta
2017-10-17  Randall LeedsRemove eslint-config-google
2017-10-16  Randall LeedsSet es6 environment for eslint
2017-10-15  Randall LeedsConsolidate eslint configurations
2017-08-29  Randall LeedsAdd eslint-plugin-node and keep simplifying
2017-08-28  Randall LeedsMerge pull request #12 from apache/clarify-language...
2017-08-25  Randall LeedsClarify language and engine support 12/head
2017-08-20  Randall LeedsMerge pull request #10 from apache/packaging-refresh
2017-08-20  Randall LeedsRefresh the build system 10/head