Add `yarn validate` for JSON testing
[incubator-annotator.git] / test / mocha.opts
2018-10-05  Benjamin YoungAdd `yarn validate` for JSON testing
2018-06-12  BigBlueHatInitial incorporation of Annotation Schema MUSTs (#32)
2018-03-12  Randall LeedsExtract cartesian test into test file
2018-03-12  Randall LeedsChase the ecosystem
2018-01-19  Randall LeedsMove preload modules from nyc to mocha
2018-01-07  Randall LeedsRe-introduce coverage with nyc
2017-12-02  Randall LeedsAdd @babel/polyfill to the test runner
2017-11-24  Randall LeedsMerge pull request #17 from apache/demo-tweaks
2017-11-19  Randall LeedsSet up testing