41 hours ago  Randall LeedsMove preload modules from nyc to mocha master
41 hours ago  Randall LeedsUpgrade dependencies
10 days ago  Randall LeedsUse babel resolver instead of webpack
10 days ago  Randall LeedsClean up .babelrc.js with constants
10 days ago  Randall LeedsUpgrade dependencies
10 days ago  Randall LeedsUpgrade to webpack@next
10 days ago  Randall LeedsStandardize on BABEL_ENV over NODE_ENV
10 days ago  Randall LeedsBuild infrastructure
10 days ago  Randall LeedsAccept all module reloads in demo
13 days ago  Randall LeedsRe-introduce coverage with nyc
13 days ago  Randall LeedsUpgrade dependencies
2017-12-02  Randall LeedsAdd @babel/polyfill to the test runner
2017-12-02  Randall LeedsRemove coverage for now
2017-12-02  Randall LeedsUpgrade dependencies
2017-11-25  Randall LeedsMove babel runtime dependency into packages
2017-11-25  Randall LeedsChange up how BABEL_ENV and NODE_ENV are used
2017-11-24  Randall LeedsFix some demo styles
2017-11-24  Randall LeedsMerge pull request #17 from apache/demo-tweaks
2017-11-24  Randall LeedsAdd missing license headers
2017-11-23  Randall LeedsMove some package config out of package.json
2017-11-23  Randall LeedsUse ES modules for babel helpers.
2017-11-23  Randall LeedsUpgrade @std/esm to 0.17
2017-11-19  Randall LeedsUpdate README
2017-11-19  Randall LeedsAdd stub test suite for selector
2017-11-19  Randall LeedsAdd browser test suite
2017-11-19  Randall LeedsSet up coverage
2017-11-19  Randall LeedsSet up testing
2017-11-19  Randall LeedsSet module outputs based on BABEL_ENV
2017-11-19  Randall LeedsBump eslint ecmaVersion
2017-11-19  Randall LeedsUpdates for new @std/esm version
2017-11-19  Randall LeedsBump dependencies
2017-11-19  Randall LeedsUse .babelrc.js instead of .babelrc
2017-11-19  Randall LeedsFix selector package.json indentation
2017-11-13  Benjamin YoungRemove contenteditable magic...for now 17/head
2017-11-13  Benjamin YoungLink to Selectors section specifically
2017-11-13  Benjamin YoungStyle #selector() links wiith 📌 prefix
2017-11-13  Benjamin YoungMake all external links open in new tab
2017-11-13  Benjamin YoungFix encoding of complex highlighting example
2017-11-13  Randall LeedsClean up crusty pasta
2017-11-12  Randall LeedsClean up package.json files
2017-11-12  Randall LeedsMove DOM concerns from text into dom/text
2017-11-12  Randall LeedsBreak babelrc out of webpack config
2017-11-12  Randall LeedsAdd comments to @babel/preset-env configuration
2017-11-12  Randall LeedsDo not polyfill library transformations
2017-11-12  Randall LeedsAdd node target for preset-env for good measure
2017-11-12  Randall LeedsUpgrade dependencies
2017-11-12  Randall LeedsScoped babel packages and stricter proposals
2017-10-31  BigBlueHatMerge pull request #15 from tilgovi/pasta
2017-10-28  Gerbenfix trailing comma.. 15/head
2017-10-27  GerbenMove dependency into sub-package.
2017-10-26  GerbenAdd examples: multi-match, deep nesting.
2017-10-25  GerbenAdd package.json to any, range & refinedBy.
2017-10-24  GerbenRemove search query.
2017-10-24  GerbenElaborate demo page.
2017-10-23  GerbenUse prefix&suffix when searching.
2017-10-23  GerbenOptimise for minimal prefix+suffix.
2017-10-23  GerbenAdd prefix or suffix if needed.
2017-10-23  GerbenFirst steps to creating descriptors.
2017-10-23  GerbenSmall refactor of cartesian.
2017-10-23  GerbenMake cartesian faster.
2017-10-23  GerbenRename selectSelector function.
2017-10-23  GerbenSupport refinedBy.
2017-10-23  GerbenFix match.descriptor in packages/text
2017-10-23  GerbenTiny refactor.
2017-10-23  GerbenTry support RangeSelector.
2017-10-23  GerbenLog matches to console.
2017-10-23  GerbenTry use dom-highlight-range for marking.
2017-10-23  GerbenTry highlight all matches.
2017-10-23  GerbenFix name in dom/package.json
2017-10-23  GerbenMemoize selector function in anySelector.
2017-10-21  GerbenRename selector to descriptor where appropriate.
2017-10-21  GerbenPass { selectors, context } as 'keyword' args.
2017-10-21  GerbenUncurry createSelector(selectors)(context).
2017-10-21  GerbenRemove unused vararg.
2017-10-19  GerbenShow selector json / debug info.
2017-10-19  GerbenSmall refactor and comment.
2017-10-17  GerbenUse AnySelector in demo/search.js
2017-10-17  GerbenUpdate example to use AnySelector.
2017-10-17  GerbenAdd AnySelector that reads selector.type.
2017-10-17  Randall LeedsMove dom selectors to their own package
2017-10-17  Randall LeedsFix dom selector creator
2017-10-17  Randall LeedsMake the context selector implicit
2017-10-17  Randall LeedsAdd TextQuoteSelector example
2017-10-17  Randall LeedsImplement a TextQuoteSelector
2017-10-17  Jake HartnellAdd onchange listener for content editable.
2017-10-17  Jake HartnellAdd contenteditable.
2017-10-17  Randall LeedsAdd @annotator/selector to @annotator/text
2017-10-17  Randall LeedsAdd @annotator/text package
2017-10-17  Randall LeedsAdd @annotator/selector package
2017-10-17  Randall LeedsAdd @annotator/tee package
2017-10-17  Randall LeedsRemove eslint-config-google
2017-10-16  Randall LeedsSet es6 environment for eslint
2017-10-15  Randall LeedsUpdate yarn engines specifier
2017-10-15  Randall LeedsBump yarn dependency recommendation
2017-10-15  Randall LeedsFlatten fragment-identifier package
2017-10-15  Randall LeedsRemove bin/start.mjs script
2017-10-15  Randall LeedsConsolidate eslint configurations
2017-10-15  Randall LeedsUpgrade all dependencies
2017-10-15  Randall LeedsFix typo in fragment-identifier package.json
2017-09-08  Randall LeedsUpgrade @std/esm to v0.8.1