2018-11-19  A. SorokaChange wiki link target master
2018-11-19  A. SorokaChange issue tracker link
2018-10-17  Randall LeedsMerge pull request #43 from apache/validation-test...
2018-10-15  Randall LeedsAdd top-level tests in .eslintrc.yml 43/head
2018-10-14  Randall LeedsRemove uses of require from validation tests
2018-10-14  Randall LeedsRemove package-lock.json
2018-10-13  Randall LeedsAdd missing license headers
2018-10-12  Juan CoronaUpdate validation script info and add examples
2018-10-12  Juan CoronaAdd remote URL fetching to `yarn validate --url`
2018-10-05  Benjamin YoungAdd `yarn validate` for JSON testing
2018-10-03  BigBlueHatAdd Travis badge to readme
2018-10-03  Benjamin YoungAdd Apache License preamble to demo/index
2018-10-02  BigBlueHatAdd Travis-CI for test running (#37)
2018-06-12  Benjamin YoungImprove readme; Add JSON test info
2018-06-12  Benjamin YoungUpdate readme for simplicity & demo mention
2018-06-12  BigBlueHatInitial incorporation of Annotation Schema MUSTs (#32)
2018-06-11  Randall LeedsRemove commented-out code
2018-06-11  Randall LeedsRe-enable strict CJS interop
2018-06-09  Randall LeedsFold refinedBy and any into core selector package
2018-06-09  Randall LeedsRemove empty package.json section
2018-06-09  Benjamin YoungFix #29; Use NOTICE file for W3C license reference
2018-06-09  Benjamin YoungUpdate readme for simplicity & demo mention
2018-06-09  Randall LeedsMerge pull request #30 from Treora/remove-reselect
2018-06-09  GerbenRemove reselect/memoisation. 30/head
2018-06-09  Benjamin YoungUpdate readme for simplicity & demo mention
2018-06-08  Randall LeedsFix eslint nit
2018-06-08  Randall LeedsFix whitespace in demo
2018-06-08  Randall LeedsCombine eslint overrides for scripts
2018-06-08  Randall LeedsMake everything run without building again
2018-06-08  Randall LeedsUpdate dependencies
2018-06-08  Randall LeedsUpdate ESLint config
2018-06-08  Randall LeedsUpgrade dependencies
2018-03-28  Benjamin YoungBump NOTICE copyright end year to 2018
2018-03-28  Benjamin YoungAdd NOTICE files to all packages
2018-03-28  Benjamin YoungAdd NOTICE to fragment-identifier package
2018-03-28  Benjamin YoungAdd Apache License 2.0 LICENSE file to packages
2018-03-28  Benjamin YoungFix #26 by explaining it is local only content
2018-03-13  Randall LeedsFix fragment grammar license text
2018-03-12  Randall LeedsAdd preserve-comment-header Babel plugin
2018-03-12  Randall LeedsInclude all tests in webpack test bundle
2018-03-12  Randall LeedsExtract cartesian test into test file
2018-03-12  Randall LeedsUse lib imports in tests
2018-03-12  Randall LeedsUpgrade @babel/runtime dependencies
2018-03-12  Randall LeedsChase the ecosystem
2018-03-11  Randall LeedsUpgrade dependencies
2018-01-19  Randall LeedsMove preload modules from nyc to mocha
2018-01-19  Randall LeedsUpgrade dependencies
2018-01-10  Randall LeedsUse babel resolver instead of webpack
2018-01-10  Randall LeedsClean up .babelrc.js with constants
2018-01-10  Randall LeedsUpgrade dependencies
2018-01-10  Randall LeedsUpgrade to webpack@next
2018-01-10  Randall LeedsStandardize on BABEL_ENV over NODE_ENV
2018-01-10  Randall LeedsBuild infrastructure
2018-01-10  Randall LeedsAccept all module reloads in demo
2018-01-07  Randall LeedsRe-introduce coverage with nyc
2018-01-06  Randall LeedsUpgrade dependencies
2017-12-02  Randall LeedsAdd @babel/polyfill to the test runner
2017-12-02  Randall LeedsRemove coverage for now
2017-12-02  Randall LeedsUpgrade dependencies
2017-11-25  Randall LeedsMove babel runtime dependency into packages
2017-11-25  Randall LeedsChange up how BABEL_ENV and NODE_ENV are used
2017-11-24  Randall LeedsFix some demo styles
2017-11-24  Randall LeedsMerge pull request #17 from apache/demo-tweaks
2017-11-24  Randall LeedsAdd missing license headers
2017-11-23  Randall LeedsMove some package config out of package.json
2017-11-23  Randall LeedsUse ES modules for babel helpers.
2017-11-23  Randall LeedsUpgrade @std/esm to 0.17
2017-11-19  Randall LeedsUpdate README
2017-11-19  Randall LeedsAdd stub test suite for selector
2017-11-19  Randall LeedsAdd browser test suite
2017-11-19  Randall LeedsSet up coverage
2017-11-19  Randall LeedsSet up testing
2017-11-19  Randall LeedsSet module outputs based on BABEL_ENV
2017-11-19  Randall LeedsBump eslint ecmaVersion
2017-11-19  Randall LeedsUpdates for new @std/esm version
2017-11-19  Randall LeedsBump dependencies
2017-11-19  Randall LeedsUse .babelrc.js instead of .babelrc
2017-11-19  Randall LeedsFix selector package.json indentation
2017-11-13  Benjamin YoungRemove contenteditable magic...for now 17/head
2017-11-13  Benjamin YoungLink to Selectors section specifically
2017-11-13  Benjamin YoungStyle #selector() links wiith 📌 prefix
2017-11-13  Benjamin YoungMake all external links open in new tab
2017-11-13  Benjamin YoungFix encoding of complex highlighting example
2017-11-13  Randall LeedsClean up crusty pasta
2017-11-12  Randall LeedsClean up package.json files
2017-11-12  Randall LeedsMove DOM concerns from text into dom/text
2017-11-12  Randall LeedsBreak babelrc out of webpack config
2017-11-12  Randall LeedsAdd comments to @babel/preset-env configuration
2017-11-12  Randall LeedsDo not polyfill library transformations
2017-11-12  Randall LeedsAdd node target for preset-env for good measure
2017-11-12  Randall LeedsUpgrade dependencies
2017-11-12  Randall LeedsScoped babel packages and stricter proposals
2017-10-31  BigBlueHatMerge pull request #15 from tilgovi/pasta
2017-10-28  Gerbenfix trailing comma.. 15/head
2017-10-27  GerbenMove dependency into sub-package.
2017-10-26  GerbenAdd examples: multi-match, deep nesting.
2017-10-25  GerbenAdd package.json to any, range & refinedBy.
2017-10-24  GerbenRemove search query.
2017-10-24  GerbenElaborate demo page.
2017-10-23  GerbenUse prefix&suffix when searching.