2017-11-12  Randall LeedsScoped babel packages and stricter proposals
2017-10-31  BigBlueHatMerge pull request #15 from tilgovi/pasta
2017-10-28  Gerbenfix trailing comma.. 15/head
2017-10-27  GerbenMove dependency into sub-package.
2017-10-26  GerbenAdd examples: multi-match, deep nesting.
2017-10-25  GerbenAdd package.json to any, range & refinedBy.
2017-10-24  GerbenRemove search query.
2017-10-24  GerbenElaborate demo page.
2017-10-23  GerbenUse prefix&suffix when searching.
2017-10-23  GerbenOptimise for minimal prefix+suffix.
2017-10-23  GerbenAdd prefix or suffix if needed.
2017-10-23  GerbenFirst steps to creating descriptors.
2017-10-23  GerbenSmall refactor of cartesian.
2017-10-23  GerbenMake cartesian faster.
2017-10-23  GerbenRename selectSelector function.
2017-10-23  GerbenSupport refinedBy.
2017-10-23  GerbenFix match.descriptor in packages/text
2017-10-23  GerbenTiny refactor.
2017-10-23  GerbenTry support RangeSelector.
2017-10-23  GerbenLog matches to console.
2017-10-23  GerbenTry use dom-highlight-range for marking.
2017-10-23  GerbenTry highlight all matches.
2017-10-23  GerbenFix name in dom/package.json
2017-10-23  GerbenMemoize selector function in anySelector.
2017-10-21  GerbenRename selector to descriptor where appropriate.
2017-10-21  GerbenPass { selectors, context } as 'keyword' args.
2017-10-21  GerbenUncurry createSelector(selectors)(context).
2017-10-21  GerbenRemove unused vararg.
2017-10-19  GerbenShow selector json / debug info.
2017-10-19  GerbenSmall refactor and comment.
2017-10-17  GerbenUse AnySelector in demo/search.js
2017-10-17  GerbenUpdate example to use AnySelector.
2017-10-17  GerbenAdd AnySelector that reads selector.type.
2017-10-17  Randall LeedsMove dom selectors to their own package
2017-10-17  Randall LeedsFix dom selector creator
2017-10-17  Randall LeedsMake the context selector implicit
2017-10-17  Randall LeedsAdd TextQuoteSelector example
2017-10-17  Randall LeedsImplement a TextQuoteSelector
2017-10-17  Jake HartnellAdd onchange listener for content editable.
2017-10-17  Jake HartnellAdd contenteditable.
2017-10-17  Randall LeedsAdd @annotator/selector to @annotator/text
2017-10-17  Randall LeedsAdd @annotator/text package
2017-10-17  Randall LeedsAdd @annotator/selector package
2017-10-17  Randall LeedsAdd @annotator/tee package
2017-10-17  Randall LeedsRemove eslint-config-google
2017-10-16  Randall LeedsSet es6 environment for eslint
2017-10-15  Randall LeedsUpdate yarn engines specifier
2017-10-15  Randall LeedsBump yarn dependency recommendation
2017-10-15  Randall LeedsFlatten fragment-identifier package
2017-10-15  Randall LeedsRemove bin/start.mjs script
2017-10-15  Randall LeedsConsolidate eslint configurations
2017-10-15  Randall LeedsUpgrade all dependencies
2017-10-15  Randall LeedsFix typo in fragment-identifier package.json
2017-09-08  Randall LeedsUpgrade @std/esm to v0.8.1
2017-09-08  Randall LeedsSwitch to yarn
2017-09-08  Randall LeedsPin pegjs version using pegjs-dev
2017-09-08  Randall LeedsSwitch fragment-identifier prepublish to prepare
2017-08-29  Randall LeedsUpdate the package.json git references to gitbox
2017-08-29  Randall LeedsAdd eslint-plugin-node and keep simplifying
2017-08-29  Randall LeedsAllow fragment-identifier to be published
2017-08-29  Randall Leedslint the demo, fixing a trailing comma
2017-08-29  Randall LeedsSimplify eslint config
2017-08-29  Randall LeedsUse babel-plugin-env browser default config
2017-08-29  Randall LeedsApply sort-package-json
2017-08-29  Randall LeedsRemove unnecessary @std/esm option
2017-08-29  Randall LeedsUpgrade @std/esm to 0.6.0
2017-08-28  Randall LeedsMerge pull request #12 from apache/clarify-language...
2017-08-25  Randall LeedsClarify language and engine support 12/head
2017-08-20  Randall LeedsMerge pull request #10 from apache/packaging-refresh
2017-08-20  Randall LeedsRefresh the build system 10/head
2017-05-15  Randall LeedsMerge pull request #6 from apache/fix-hot-reload-paths
2017-05-15  Randall LeedsMerge pull request #5 from apache/dev-no-babel
2017-05-15  BigBlueHatMerge pull request #4 from apache/fix-package-finding...
2017-05-15  Randall LeedsUse absolute source map and index.js bundle paths 6/head
2017-05-15  Randall LeedsDon't use babel in dev server 5/head
2017-05-12  BigBlueHatHard code packages/* paths 4/head
2017-05-10  Randall LeedsRemove empty script tag
2017-05-10  Randall LeedsUpgrade yarn lockfile
2017-05-10  Randall LeedsAdd husky and lint-staged
2017-05-10  Randall LeedsUse more recommended eslint rules
2017-05-09  Randall LeedsFix prettier lint errors
2017-05-09  Randall LeedsUpgrade yarn lockfile
2017-05-09  Randall LeedsAdd prettier
2017-05-08  Randall LeedsImplement fragment stringify 2/head
2017-05-08  Randall LeedsAdd fragment-parser package 1/head
2017-05-08  BigBlueHatAdd initial readme
2017-05-08  Randall LeedsRender the HTML import
2017-05-08  Randall LeedsUse URL and realpath for windows support
2017-05-07  Randall LeedsRemove bogus function reference
2017-05-07  Randall LeedsAdd a stub demo package.json
2017-05-07  Randall LeedsAdd webcomponents for broader dev support
2017-05-07  Randall LeedsTweak serve bundle names and paths
2017-05-07  Randall LeedsAdd bootstrap to scripts
2017-05-07  Randall LeedsUpdate lerna
2017-05-06  Randall LeedsFix babel rollup plugin exclude andenable babelrc
2017-05-06  Randall LeedsCommit yarn lock file
2017-05-06  Randall LeedsAdd monorepo boilerplate and dev server
2017-05-06  Randall LeedsAdd flow
2017-05-06  Randall LeedsAdd editor config
2017-05-06  Randall LeedsAdd eslint