2017-04-30  Ran ZivARIA-161 Disable end2end tests on Windows 116/head
2017-04-30  Ran ZivARIA-155 Clean models from unused fields 114/head
2017-04-27  max-orlovARIA-158 Restore support for relationship ordering 113/head
2017-04-27  max-orlovARIA-146 Support colorful execution logging 109/head
2017-04-27  Ran ZivARIA-154 Create end-to-end test for the Nodecellar... 112/head
2017-04-27  Ran ZivARIA-153 Write end-to-end tests for ARIA 111/head
2017-04-26  Avia EfratImprove execution cancelling 110/head
2017-04-23  Ran ZivARIA-150 Fixed simple hello-world example 108/head
2017-04-20  max-orlovARIA-138-Make-logging-more-informative 104/head
2017-04-20  Ran ZivARIA-145 deploying CLI config file at installation 106/head
2017-04-20  max-orlovARIA-142-defaults-missing-for-execution-plugin 105/head
2017-04-19  Ran ZivARIA-48 Revamped ARIA CLI 103/head 97/head
2017-04-14  Tal LironARIA-92 Automatic operation task configuration 95/head
2017-04-13  Tal LironARIA-127 Make use of in-memory sqlite more robust 98/head
2017-04-11  Tal LironARIA-128 Make test_engine more robust 99/head
2017-04-05  Tal LironARIA-134 Parser populates service workflows 91/head
2017-04-05  max-orlovARIA-137-Support-for-predicate-based-queries-in-the... 96/head
2017-04-04  max-orlovARIA-132-fixed-support-for-cascading-deletion 94/head
2017-04-04  max-orlovARIA-136-ctx-binary-doesnt-get-installed-via-pip-install 93/head
2017-04-02  max-orlovARIA-125-Filtering-returns-the-wrong-models 92/head
2017-03-30  max-orlovARIA-86-Create-a-basic-Hello-World-blueprint-example 90/head
2017-03-30  max-orlovARIA-135-Add-plugin-field-to-MockTask 88/head
2017-03-28  Avia EfratARIA-133 Add status-related properties to the Execution... 86/head
2017-03-28  max-orlovARIA-132-Models-cascading-deletion-raises-constraint... 84/head
2017-03-28  max-orlovARIA-120-Builtin-workflows-relationship-operations... 77/head
2017-03-27  Avia EfratARIA-126 Add node states 83/head
2017-03-23  Tal LironARIA-83 Support ARIA profile for TOSCA 81/head
2017-03-23  max-orlovARIA-131-Make-demand-for-networkx-more-strict 82/head
2017-03-23  Avia EfratARIA-96 Improve our requirements handling 79/head
2017-03-23  max-orlovARIA-130-Passing-inputs-from-the-workflow-to-the-operat... 80/head
2017-03-21  Tal LironARIA-105 Integrate parser and orchestrator models 72/head
2017-03-13  max-orlovARIA-117-Log-model-should-have-an-Task-field 75/head
2017-03-06  max-orlovARIA-115-Log-model-should-have-an-Execution-field 74/head
2017-03-06  max-orlovARIA-116-Missing-type_hierarchy-in-relationship 73/head
2017-02-23  mxmrlvARIA-106-Create-sqla-logging-handler 69/head
2017-02-18  Ran ZivARIA-108 Add API for deleting a resource for resource... 71/head
2017-02-17  Dan KilmanARIA-79-concurrent-modifications 64/head
2017-02-16  Tal LironARIA-88 Add TOSCA use-case examples 70/head
2017-02-12  mxmrlvARIA-44 Merge parser and storage model
2017-02-09  mxmrlvARIA-42-Generic-ctx-serialization-mechanism 68/head
2017-02-08  Tal LironARIA-99 Straightforward end-to-end tests for parser... 67/head
2017-02-02  Ran ZivARIA-98 Updated two dependencies to support a range... 66/head
2017-02-01  mxmrlvARIA-95-pip-wheel-for-aria-ignores-dependencies 65/head
2017-01-31  mxmrlvARIA-81-Install-execution-plugin-ctx-entry-point-by... 63/head
2017-01-31  mxmrlvARIA-66-Convert-custom-parser-fields-into-sqla-based... 62/head
2017-01-26  Tal LironARIA-61 Initial version of CLI "workflow" command
2017-01-26  Dan KilmanARIA-36 plugin workdir 58/head
2017-01-25  Tal LironARIA-73 Transfer parser's TOSCA model to storage 56/head
2017-01-25  Tal LironARIA-12 New "Runner" class for simple workflow executions 54/head
2017-01-25  Dan KilmanARIA-68 Update runtime properties during operation 55/head
2017-01-24  Tal LironARIA-72 Rework built-in workflows to match TOSCA normat... 53/head
2017-01-23  Dan KilmanARIA-74 Add process executor extension registration... 52/head
2017-01-22  Dan KilmanARIA-70 fix task plugin_name 51/head
2017-01-22  Tal LironARIA-65 Add validation for relationship assignment...
2017-01-19  Dan KilmanARIA-46 Execution plugin 50/head
2017-01-17  Dan KilmanARIA-63 Implement attribute tracking for subprocesses 49/head
2017-01-15  Tal LironARIA-60 Fix use of thread locals in parser context
2017-01-08  Tal LironARIA-59 Inherit default interfaces in relationships
2017-01-08  mxmrlvARIA-52-Support-order-management-in-relationships 46/head
2017-01-05  Dan KilmanARIA-56 Implement ip property on node instance model 42/head
2017-01-05  Dan KilmanARIA-34 Adding get/download resource and render API... 41/head
2017-01-05  Dan KilmanARIA-55 Implement task retry and abort mechanism 40/head
2017-01-05  mxmrlvARIA-58-Storage-model-to_dict-creates-symbolic-links
2017-01-05  mxmrlvARIA-57-Custom executions state transition support 38/head
2017-01-03  Ran ZivARIA-53 Add badges to README file 37/head
2016-12-22  mxmrlvARIA-39-Genericize-storage-models 33/head
2016-12-21  Dan KilmanARIA-41 Provide (initial) means for serializing an... 36/head
2016-12-19  Dan KilmanARIA-26 Implement operation plugin mechanism 34/head
2016-12-11  Dan KilmanARIA-31 Add registry mechanism for extensions 32/head
2016-12-08  mxmrlvARIA-30 SQL based storage implementation 31/head
2016-11-30  Dan KilmanARIA-28 Integrate with appveyor 30/head
2016-11-30  Dan KilmanARIA-23 Add initial CSAR support 29/head
2016-11-29  nirbARIA-27 Verify tosca version string
2016-11-22  Tal LironARIA-24 Add Sphinx documentation 26/head
2016-11-17  Tal LironARIA-22 Add CLI commands for parser 25/head
2016-11-16  Dan KilmanARIA-21 Move general code from parser.utils to top... 24/head
2016-11-16  mxmrlvARIA-21 reorder repository sturcutre 23/head
2016-11-15  Tal LironARIA-18 Migrate DSL parser and TOSCA extension code 22/head
2016-11-15  mxmrlvARIATOSCA-9-API-for-operation-context 20/head
2016-11-14  Dan KilmanARIA-20 Add support for ignoring task failures 21/head
2016-11-14  Dan KilmanARIA-17 Change task max-retries to max-attempts 19/head
2016-11-13  Dan KilmanARIA-11 Add cancel workflow execution support 18/head
2016-11-08  Dan KilmanARIA-10 Implement task retries mechanism 17/head
2016-11-07  Ran ZivARIA-3 Create an api for building workflows 12/head
2016-11-03  Dan KilmanARIA-15 fix tox.ini 16/head
2016-11-03  Dan KilmanARIA-14 Implement initial engine tests 15/head
2016-11-01  Dan KilmanARIA-7 Initial celery based executor implementation 14/head
2016-10-28  Ran ZivARIA-6 Add tox.ini and .travis files for CI 13/head
2016-10-20  Dan KilmanARIA-2 Move initial ARIA workflow code into Apache...