descriptionApache AriaTosca (Incubating)
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeFri, 29 Dec 2017 23:16:36 +0000 (18:16 -0500)
2017-12-29  John AmentUse a single command to move release master
2017-12-29  John AmentOutput file name should now be sha512
2017-12-06  max-orlovARIA-422 Parsing CSARs is broken
2017-12-06  Maxim OrlovARIA-425 Make process executor extension loading config...
2017-12-04  max-orlovARIA-416 Providing handlers to logging_handlers only...
2017-12-04  max-orlovARIA-417 Encoding models to json is too strict
2017-12-04  max-orlovARIA-414 Current events handler mechanism relies on...
2017-12-04  Tal LironARIA-1 Parser test suite 207/head
2017-11-22  max-orlovARIA-408 remove execution creation from workflow runner 208/head
2017-11-08  max-orlovARIA-392 Failing to load ruamel.yaml 199/head
2017-11-07  max-orlovARIA-393 Enable configuration of extension loading... 200/head
2017-10-30  Tal LironARIA-405 Remove support for Python 2.6 206/head
2017-10-30  Tal LironARIA-395 Fix AppVeyor failures due to use of SSL
2017-10-30  Thomas NadeauARIA-389 Apache Code of Conduct and minor spacing corre...
2017-10-24  Vishwanath... ARIA-396 Added a link that points to revisions released 204/head
2017-09-19  max-orlovARIA-385 Limit wheel version for python 2.6 support 195/head
6 months ago 0.1.1 ARIA 0.1.1
6 months ago 0.1.0 ARIA 0.1.0
3 weeks ago master
6 weeks ago ARIA-425-Make-process-executor-extension-loading-configurable
7 weeks ago generic_storage_update_serialization_logger_handler
2 months ago rest_client_work
4 months ago ARIA-358-restrict-substitution-mapping-types