2016-01-15  Aled SageThis closes #1136
2016-01-15  Aled SageThis closes #1150
2016-01-15  Aled SageBROOKLYN-215: fix NPE when SshMachineLocation.port... 1150/head
2016-01-14  Alex HeneveldThis closes #1145
2016-01-14  Alex HeneveldThis closes #1146
2016-01-14  Alex HeneveldThis closes #1149
2016-01-14  Alex HeneveldThis closes #1143
2016-01-14  John McCabeturn off sticky sessions to allow easy balancing validation 1149/head
2016-01-14  Alex Heneveldfix transformation of values which are Sets 1143/head
2016-01-14  Alex Heneveldunwrap type being extended as soon as it is loaded
2016-01-14  Aled SageThis closes #1125
2016-01-14  Aled SageThis closes #1147
2016-01-14  Alex Heneveldadd release notes mention of location changes
2016-01-14  Alex Heneveldparameter-inheritance now marked with TODO, and prev...
2016-01-14  Alex HeneveldWIP - change semantics of parameter addition
2016-01-14  Alex Heneveldrevise tests for new semantics of inheriting locations
2016-01-14  Svetoslav NeykovTest catalog item tags serialization 1147/head
2016-01-14  Svetoslav NeykovFix catalog XML deserializing
2016-01-14  Alex Heneveldin AbstractApplication, don't infer locations to pass...
2016-01-14  Alex Heneveldallow locations to be overridden when referring to...
2016-01-14  Alex Heneveldbetter logging and rendering of errors
2016-01-14  Graeme-Millermoved new QA classes to correct location 1146/head
2016-01-14  Martin HarrisAdds all interfaces to proxy if deploying concrete... 1145/head
2016-01-14  Aled SageBROOKLYN-212: more improvements 1136/head
2016-01-14  Aled SageAutoScaler test: remove unnecessary timeout config
2016-01-14  Aled SageBROOKLYN-212: AutoScaling doesn’t retry if Insufficient...
2016-01-14  Aled SageAsserts: expectedFailureOfType checks caused-by as...
2016-01-13  Alex Heneveldenable and fix test for yaml source being set correctly
2016-01-13  Alex HeneveldMerge branch 'master' into blueprint-for-app-spec
2016-01-13  Alex HeneveldThis closes #1115
2016-01-13  Alex Heneveldfix tests related to app/entity wrapping/unwrapping
2016-01-13  Alex Heneveldtidy up of entity/app unwrapping
2016-01-13  Alex HeneveldMerge branch 'master' into blueprint-for-app-spec
2016-01-13  Alex HeneveldThis closes #1138
2016-01-13  Alex Heneveldtest (failing) for setting the plan yaml on a spec...
2016-01-13  Sam CorbettThis closes #1139
2016-01-13  Sam CorbettThis closes #1137
2016-01-13  Sam CorbettThis closes #1133
2016-01-12  Ciprian Ciubotariu[BROOKLYN-183] Remove dangling file 1139/head
2016-01-12  Ciprian Ciubotariu[BROOKLYN-183] Remove karaf dependencies.xml from git
2016-01-12  Aled SageYAML: don’t wrap sub-entities in BasicApplication 1138/head
2016-01-12  Aled SageBROOKLYN-214: fix cancelling of AttributeWhenReady... 1137/head
2016-01-11  Sam CorbettUpdate commons-lang3 to 3.3.2 1125/head
2016-01-08  Aled SageThis closes #1134
2016-01-08  Sam CorbettExpose BrooklynFeatureEnablement.setDefault 1134/head
2016-01-08  Graeme-Milleradd LoopOverGroupMembersTestCase & TargetableTestCompon... 1115/head
2016-01-08  Matt ChampionRemove discontinued IP lookup service - BROOKLYN-213 1133/head
2016-01-08  Matt ChampionFix LocalhostExternalIpLoader blocking - BROOKLYN-213
2016-01-07  Graeme-Millerfixes for restructured directory
2016-01-07  Graeme-MillerAdded new components to documentation
2016-01-07  Graeme-MillerAdded LoopOverGroupMembersTestCase. Removed some target...
2016-01-07  Aled SageThis closes #1120
2016-01-07  Sam CorbettThis closes #1129
2016-01-07  Sam CorbettThis closes #1126
2016-01-06  Sam CorbettFix getRequiredOpenPorts in SameServerDriverLifecycleEf... 1129/head
2016-01-06  SvetFix docs typo 1126/head
2016-01-05  Sam CorbettThis closes #1116
2015-12-30  Guglielmo NigriMerge pull request #2 from aledsage/googlielmo/feature... 1120/head
2015-12-29  Aled SageMore yaml AttributeWhenReady tests
2015-12-29  Guglielmo NigriAddress comments
2015-12-29  Aled SageThis closes #1121
2015-12-29  Aled SageThis closes #1122
2015-12-29  Guglielmo NigriTest AWR value is not leaked in the persistent state
2015-12-29  Guglielmo NigriAdd new test for attributeWhenReady in EntitySpec
2015-12-29  Guglielmo NigriAddress comments
2015-12-29  Guglielmo NigriTest correct persistence of attributeWhenReady
2015-12-23  lloyddaveUpdate for using a file for complex / multi-line invoke... 1122/head
2015-12-23  Geoff MacartneyUpdate command to examine policy to be more succinct... 1116/head
2015-12-23  Geoff MacartneyUpdate documentation notes on cluster size.
2015-12-23  Geoff MacartneySome fixes to quotation style.
2015-12-23  Geoff MacartneyUpdated to remove catalog related remarks.
2015-12-23  Valentin AitkenFix `VaultAppIdExternalConfigSupplier` dynamic constructor 1121/head
2015-12-23  Geoff MacartneyRemoving previous "Getting Started" pages.
2015-12-23  Geoff MacartneyUpdates following Scott's comments.
2015-12-23  Geoff MacartneyPolicy updates.
2015-12-23  Geoff MacartneyUpdated blueprint-cli and managing-cli.
2015-12-23  Geoff MacartneyInitial copy of cli docs.
2015-12-23  Alex Heneveldmove cli docs from #1118 to reorg structure
2015-12-23  Alex HeneveldThis closes #1118
2015-12-23  Alex HeneveldThis closes #1119
2015-12-22  Alex Heneveld[DIST] fix url in readme 1119/head
2015-12-22  Alex Heneveld[ALL] keep version properties in one place
2015-12-22  Alex Heneveld[DIST] put a minimal README in the dist (instead of...
2015-12-22  Alex Heneveld[JCLOUDS] fix unit test so it uses empty context and...
2015-12-22  Alex Heneveld[ALL] comment about relativePath in pom
2015-12-22  Alex Heneveld[SERVER] fix load of JS UI in BrooklynJavascriptGuiLauncher
2015-12-22  Alex Heneveld[ALL] pom hints for eclipse to exclude certain maven...
2015-12-22  lloyddaveAdd CLI documentation to the Operations Guide 1118/head
2015-12-21  Alex Heneveld[SPLITPREP] apply version reversion in missed places...
2015-12-21  Alex Heneveld[SPLITPREP] revert version to 0.9.0-SNAPSHOT
2015-12-21  Alex Heneveld[DIST] reparent the downstream project so it doesn...
2015-12-21  John McCabe[DIST] revert parent updates and move archetype to...
2015-12-21  John McCabe[LIBRARY] move camp webapp related tests from software...
2015-12-21  John McCabe[LIBRARY] add database dependency for camp tests
2015-12-21  John McCabe[SERVER] use catalog entities from software-base in...
2015-12-21  John McCabe[UI] fix jasmine tests
2015-12-21  John McCabe[SERVER] [LIBRARY] fix/move rest-server and camp-brookl...
2015-12-21  Alex Heneveld[ALL] update README file in each repo to be appropriat...
2015-12-21  Alex Heneveld[UBER] add pom in brooklyn uber project subdir to...
2015-12-21  Alex Heneveld[SERVER] fix rat violations