2018-06-11  Ge JunMerge pull request #364 from DatongLi/master
2018-06-09  osdanielleeupdate doc to add new support protocols 364/head
2018-06-07  zhujiashunsearch openssl in brew installed path under macos
2018-06-07  Ge JunMerge pull request #361 from gydong/master
2018-06-07  gydongfix the display of gflag default values of builtin 361/head
2018-05-29  zhujiashunadd mac performance remind in build docs
2018-05-25  Ge JunMake UT on redis/memcached work when redis/mc are installed
2018-05-25  Ge JunRemove code for unused FilePathWatcher and fix a warnin...
2018-05-25  Ge JunRemove unused src/butil/memory/ref_counted_delete_on_me...
2018-05-25  Ge Junadd mutual links in
2018-05-25  Ge JunMerge pull request #342 from kenshinxf/kenshinxf
2018-05-25  wangxuefengMove RegisterThriftProtocol out of brpc 342/head
2018-05-24  wangxuefengRemove useless code in thrift example
2018-05-24  wangxuefengUpdate thrift example
2018-05-24  wangxuefengFix register thrift protocol issue
2018-05-24  Ge Junfix docs
2018-05-24  Ge JunUpdate
2018-05-24  Ge JunPolish thrift related docs
2018-05-24  Ge JunUpdate
2018-05-24  Ge JunAdd entries for thrift in Client/Server sections
2018-05-24  Ge JunUpdate
2018-05-24  Ge JunUpdate
2018-05-24  Ge JunModify according to new in chinese
2018-05-24  Ge JunPolish again
2018-05-24  Ge JunPolish docs/cn/
2018-05-24  Ge JunMerge pull request #324 from kenshinxf/kenshinxf
2018-05-24  wangxuefengFix Connection Type issue 324/head
2018-05-22  Zhangyi ChenMerge pull request #338 from renzhong/master
2018-05-22  wangxuefengFix as comments
2018-05-22  Zhangyi ChenMerge pull request #339 from renzhong/wrong_word
2018-05-22  Jiashun ZhuMerge pull request #329 from smartczy/patch-1
2018-05-22  wangxuefengMerge branch 'master' of
2018-05-22  wangxuefengFix native server issue
2018-05-21  renzhong修改错别字 339/head
2018-05-21  renzhong915... use GFLAGS_NS instead of google 338/head
2018-05-21  Zhangyi ChenFix bug in StreamingRpcTest where undefined StreamIds...
2018-05-21  Ge JunMerge pull request #332 from zyearn/cuepoint
2018-05-17  zhujiashunMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into... 332/head
2018-05-17  zhujiashunadd CuePoint support in RTMP
2018-05-16  zhujiashunadd weak symbols _RegisterThriftProtocol compile option...
2018-05-16  smartadd deps when install on MacOS 329/head
2018-05-15  zyearnremove lrt in mac environment
2018-05-14  zyearnupdate docs about installing deps in mac
2018-05-14  zyearnFix problem related with echo in /bin/sh
2018-05-14  zhujiashunfix macro indentation
2018-05-14  zhujiashunadd boost/make_shared.hpp to thrift_utils.h
2018-05-14  Ge Junfix a comment
2018-05-14  wangxuefengMerge branch 'kenshinxf' of
2018-05-14  jamesgeRenamed ThriftMessage to ThriftFramedMessage, ThriftTem...
2018-05-14  wangxuefengFix typo
2018-05-14  wangxuefengFix some typo
2018-05-14  wangxuefengAdd thrift documents
2018-05-09  Ge JunUpdate
2018-05-09  Ge JunUpdate
2018-05-08  Ge JunMerge pull request #98 from kenshinxf/kenshinxf
2018-05-08  wangxuefengMerge branch 'master' of 98/head
2018-05-08  wangxuefengFix
2018-05-08  wangxuefengTrigger ci test
2018-05-07  wangxuefengFix travis.yml
2018-05-06  wangxuefengUpdate thrift example README
2018-05-06  wangxuefengParallel build thrift
2018-05-06  wangxuefengParallel make
2018-05-03  Ge JunMerge pull request #314 from zyearn/master
2018-05-03  zhujiashunupdate 314/head
2018-05-03  zhujiashunMinor change in docs
2018-05-03  zhujiashunUpdate
2018-05-03  zhujiashunAdd build docs for macos
2018-05-03  wangxuefengSync from master
2018-05-03  wangxuefengUpdate as comments
2018-04-30  James Genot require gperftools by default in echo_c++ and deriv...
2018-04-30  James Geremove unused bold quotation
2018-04-30  Ge JunMerge pull request #223 from brpc/cmake_support
2018-04-30  Ge JunMerge pull request #312 from brpc/jiangrujie-dev
2018-04-30  zyearnfix static linking in ex 223/head
2018-04-30  zyearnMake Makefile work as well in MacOs
2018-04-29  old-bear+ Remove unnecessary loading of openssl.cnf 312/head
2018-04-29  zyearnMerge branch 'cmake_support' of
2018-04-28  Ge JunMerge pull request #311 from cg82616424/patch-1
2018-04-28  zhujiashunimprove profiler document
2018-04-28  cg82616424Update 311/head
2018-04-28  zhujiashunUpdate example/*/CMakeLists.txt as well
2018-04-28  zhujiashunPut Impl of get_clocktime into butil/time.cpp
2018-04-28  wangxuefengUpdate as comments.
2018-04-26  zyearnMerge branch 'master' of into...
2018-04-26  zhujiashunImplement clock_gettime using mach_absolute_time
2018-04-26  zhujiashunuse gettimeofday implement realtime
2018-04-26  zhujiashununify clock_gettime in test/bthread_timer_thread_unitte...
2018-04-26  Ge JunMerge pull request #307 from brpc/jiangrujie-dev
2018-04-24  old-bear+ Fix a bug that socket options must be set before... 307/head
2018-04-24  wangxuefengSync with baidu master
2018-04-24  wangxuefengSeperate libbrpc and librpc_thrift
2018-04-24  old-bear+ Add some temporary debug
2018-04-24  old-bear+ Minor fixes
2018-04-24  old-bear+ Minor fix and guard on SSL
2018-04-24  old-bear+ Rename typo
2018-04-24  old-bear+ Update PPTs
2018-04-23  Zhangyi ChenMerge pull request #305 from zyearn/master
2018-04-23  Ge JunMerge pull request #303 from AlexiaChen/master
2018-04-22  zyearn- use native clock_gettime after macos 10.12
2018-04-22  zyearnMerge branch 'cmake_support' of