2019-08-01  Ge JunAdd -y to apt-get commands 0.9.6-rc01
2019-08-01  Ge JunSuppress unused-variable warnings (treated as errors...
2019-07-22  Ge JunMerge pull request #849 from zyearn/ignore_flowcontrol_...
2019-07-19  zhujiashunignore_flowcontrol_in_first_req: move comments inside if 849/head
2019-07-19  zhujiashunignore_flowcontrol_in_first_req: refine code
2019-07-19  zhujiashunignore_flowcontrol_in_first_req: make parseh2setting...
2019-07-19  zhujiashunignore_flowcontrol_in_first_req: init stream flow size...
2019-07-19  zhujiashunrevert some log format in H2Context::Describe
2019-07-19  zhujiashunignore flow control in h2 when sending first request
2019-07-13  Ge JunMerge pull request #824 from zyearn/fix_lalb_base_weigh... 0.9.6
2019-07-13  Ge JunMerge pull request #841 from zyearn/remove_dup_inline
2019-07-13  zhujiashunremove duplicate inline def in ssl_compat.h 841/head
2019-07-01  Jiashun ZhuMerge pull request #829 from tanguofu/patch-1
2019-06-30  TanGuofuremove ```#include wire_format_lite_inl.h``` to fix... 829/head
2019-06-27  gejunstill parse body when the http request contains upgrade...
2019-06-27  zhujiashunMake the condition of lalb::Disabled be _base_weight < 0 824/head
2019-06-27  zhujiashunfix lalb be disabled wrongly
2019-06-24  Ge JunMerge pull request #819 from zyearn/adapt_protobuf_3_7
2019-06-21  zhujiashunrefine docs 819/head
2019-06-21  zhujiashunupdate docs
2019-06-21  zhujiashunchange reset_rpc_dump_meta to reset_sampled_request
2019-06-21  gejunFix copyright part of a UT
2019-06-21  zhujiashunMake ~RpcDumpMeta vitrual
2019-06-21  zhujiashunminor change
2019-06-21  zhujiashunrevert changes related to SampleRequest
2019-06-21  zhujiashunuse descriptor of default_instance in base
2019-06-21  zhujiashunFix compilation when thrift is enabled
2019-06-21  Ge JunMerge pull request #816 from wwbmmm/master
2019-06-21  Ge JunMerge pull request #818 from lorinlee/unittest
2019-06-20  LorinLeeAdd object_pool_unittest.cpp to unittest 818/head
2019-06-20  zhujiashunadapt callback.h after pb3.7 & remove unnecessary files
2019-06-20  zhujiashunRemove headers of test proto when 'make clean'
2019-06-20  zhujiashunCompatible with pb 3.8.0
2019-06-20  zhujiashunChange Controller::rpc_dump_meta to Controller::sampled...
2019-06-20  zhujiashunMake the descriptor and reflection of esp_message,...
2019-06-20  zhujiashunMake RpcDumpMeta be member of SampledRequest
2019-06-20  zhujiashunMake RedisRequestBase be member of RedisRequest
2019-06-20  zhujiashunMake RedisRequest derived from RedisRequestBase
2019-06-20  Weibing WangUpdate license header to Apache 816/head
2019-06-20  Ge JunMerge pull request #723 from wenweihu86/master
2019-06-20  Ge JunMerge pull request #803 from zyearn/integrate_lisence
2019-06-20  Ge JunMerge pull request #804 from zyearn/customize_brpc_metr...
2019-06-19  wenweihu86revert README 723/head
2019-06-19  wenweihu86update openssl path
2019-06-19  Ge JunUnify callings of http protocols
2019-06-19  Ge Junminor change to
2019-06-18  zhujiashunAdd g_server_info_prefix 804/head
2019-06-18  zhujiashunminor change
2019-06-18  zhujiashunMake SummaryItem::{latency_avg, count} be int64_t
2019-06-17  Ge JunMerge pull request #701 from TousakaRin/circuit_breaker
2019-06-17  zhujiashunupdate valgrind 803/head
2019-06-17  zhujiashunMake ServerPrivateAccessor::Prefix static
2019-06-17  zhujiashunMake PrometheusMetricsService be global
2019-06-17  zhujiashunupdate docs
2019-06-17  zhujiashunchange /brpc_prometheus_metrics to /brpc_metrics
2019-06-17  zhujiashunadd DumpPrometheusMetricsToIOBuf
2019-06-17  zhujiashunrevert docs
2019-06-17  zhujiashunmake brpc prometheus metrics path fixed
2019-06-17  Ge JunMerge pull request #802 from zyearn/third_party_related
2019-06-17  zhujiashunFix bug in inserting RestfulMap service
2019-06-17  heleidelete useless member of circuit breaker 701/head
2019-06-17  heleirevert last_revived_time of circuit_breaker
2019-06-14  zhujiashunupdate {cn|en}/
2019-06-14  zhujiashuncustomize brpc metrics path
2019-06-14  zhujiashunadjust prometheus UT
2019-06-14  zhujiashunmake the path of PrometheusMetricsService be different...
2019-06-13  zhujiashunremove unnecessary comments & using DISABLE_* to disabl... 802/head
2019-06-13  zhujiashunupdate LICENSE
2019-06-13  zhujiashunremove nspr
2019-06-12  gejunadd a lot of override
2019-06-10  gejunbvar::Status on integrals supports historical series
2019-06-07  wenweihu86update README
2019-06-07  wenweihu86update lib search path to /usr/local for mac os env
2019-06-07  Wenwei HuMerge pull request #2 from apache/master
2019-06-04  Ge JunMerge pull request #795 from zyearn/improve_cmake_test
2019-06-04  zhujiashunimprove the way of running ut in cmake 795/head
2019-06-04  zhujiashunimprove the way of running ut in cmake
2019-06-04  Ge JunMerge pull request #794 from zyearn/separate_cmake_debu...
2019-06-03  zhujiashunseparate_cmake_debug_and_release_obj: make the name... 794/head
2019-06-03  zhujiashunseparate_cmake_debug_and_release_obj: remove UT options...
2019-06-03  zhujiashunseparate_cmake_debug_and_release_obj: done
2019-05-31  Ge JunMerge pull request #792 from zyearn/optimize_server_in_...
2019-05-31  zhujiashunreplace example/partition_echo_c++/server.cpp with... 792/head
2019-05-31  Ge JunMerge pull request #784 from jasonszang/ut_link_shared
2019-05-30  Jason S ZangRevert to obj lib for some tests that rely on differtly... 784/head
2019-05-30  gejunMerge branch 'master' of
2019-05-30  Ge JunMerge pull request #789 from zyearn/fix_make_issue_in_mac
2019-05-30  gejunFix
2019-05-30  Jason S ZangMake unit tests link against the brpc shared library...
2019-05-30  zhujiashunFix make issue in mac 789/head
2019-05-30  gejunFix UT linked with SO
2019-05-29  gejunLink shared libbrpc in UTs built by the Makefile
2019-05-28  Ge JunMerge pull request #781 from zyearn/fix_http_response_a...
2019-05-28  zhujiashunadd UT: http2_handle_goaway_streams 781/head
2019-05-27  zhujiashunfix wrong pointer in processing http response after...
2019-05-27  Ge JunMerge pull request #777 from zyearn/revise_cmake_in_travis
2019-05-27  zhujiashunMake init_make_config in can... 777/head
2019-05-27  zhujiashunpassing --with-thrift as init_make_config argument
2019-05-25  zhujiashuncomment out only the purpose part of mesalink in travis
2019-05-25  zhujiashunremove FORCE_BOOST_SMART_PTR macro when compiling thrift