2018-10-30  gejunAdd newlines to bug/feature templates 0.9.5
2018-10-30  gejunfix an issue that thrift_done->Run() does nothing
2018-10-29  Ge JunMerge pull request #545 from choleraehyq/patch-1
2018-10-29  Ge JunMerge pull request #549 from zyearn/fix_warnings
2018-10-29  Ge JunMerge pull request #551 from TousakaRin/circuit_breaker...
2018-10-26  TousakaRinbug fix: In short/pooled mode, the data feedback for... 551/head
2018-10-26  zhujiashunadd virtual dtor to interface class 549/head
2018-10-26  Ge JunUpdate
2018-10-26  Ge JunUpdate
2018-10-25  Cholerae HuMakefile: fix for high version protobuf 545/head
2018-10-25  Ge JunMerge pull request #541 from yichenluan/master
2018-10-24  huuunnnterFix typo in socket.h 541/head
2018-10-12  Ge JunMerge pull request #523 from brpc/http2_goaway
2018-10-12  Ge JunMerge pull request #525 from zyearn/discovery
2018-10-12  zhujiashunadd parameter comment to str2endpoint in discovery... 525/head
2018-10-12  zhujiashunremove todo
2018-10-12  zhujiashunreplase const BUTIL_RAPIDJSON_NAMESPACE::Value with...
2018-10-11  zhujiashunReplace HasMember with FindMember of RapidJson in consu...
2018-10-11  zhujiashunadd more ut of discovery
2018-10-11  zhujiashunmake json string in NamingServiceTest.discovery_parse_f...
2018-10-11  zhujiashunadd discovery naming service
2018-10-11  zhujiashunFix brpc_h2_unsent_message_unittest 523/head
2018-10-11  zhujiashunRemove _goaway_sent
2018-10-11  zhujiashunfix conflict when rebase master
2018-10-11  zhujiashunremove _goaway_received and use _goaway_stream_id
2018-10-11  zhujiashunFix issues in GOAWAY impl and add replated ut
2018-10-11  Ge JunMerge pull request #530 from zyearn/h2unsent_throughput
2018-10-11  zhujiashunmake running time of brpc_h2_unsent_message_unittest... 530/head
2018-10-10  zhujiashunDirectly allocate unsent message instead of preparing...
2018-10-10  Ge JunMerge pull request #529 from zyearn/h2unsent_throughput
2018-10-10  zhujiashunadd H2UnsentReq profiler 529/head
2018-10-10  Ge JunMerge pull request #528 from zyearn/h2unsent_throughput
2018-10-10  zhujiashunadd data throughput test 528/head
2018-10-10  zhujiashunadd brpc_h2_unsent_message_unittest.cpp
2018-10-10  gejunRename EndRemoteStream to OnEndStream
2018-10-10  gejunRevert time.cpp and use monotonic-time to implement...
2018-10-10  gejunSimplify socket writing in h2 with WriteAck
2018-10-10  gejunmove all DeferWindowUpdate into RemoveStream
2018-10-10  Ge JunMerge pull request #515 from brpc/http2
2018-10-10  Ge JunMerge branch 'master' into http2 515/head
2018-10-09  gejunChange the new-issue links
2018-10-09  gejunMove contribution related info into
2018-10-09  gejunChange some slashes to brackets
2018-10-09  gejunSimplify the template for issues and features
2018-10-09  Ge JunAdd issue/feature templates
2018-10-09  Ge JunCreate
2018-10-09  zhujiashun* improve grpc status to error code conversion
2018-10-09  zhujiashunfix typo
2018-10-09  gejunFix parsing of /proc/PID/statm and removed process_memo...
2018-10-01  zhujiashunfix indentation
2018-10-01  zhujiashunmove the place of RemoveStream
2018-09-30  zhujiashunImplement GrpcStatusToErrorCode
2018-09-30  gejunfix default protocol in example/grpc_c++/client.cpp
2018-09-30  Ge Junpolish
2018-09-30  gejunFix some copyrights
2018-09-30  Ge JunMerge pull request #522 from brpc/h2_docs
2018-09-30  Ge JunMerge pull request #521 from brpc/h2_docs
2018-09-30  Ge Junminor changes 522/head
2018-09-30  Ge JunFix a minor spelling
2018-09-30  Ge Junfix inconsistency between README and 521/head
2018-09-30  Ge Junrename grpc to gRPC
2018-09-30  Ge Junfix links to grpc section according to github
2018-09-30  Ge JunChange the grpc link on README
2018-09-30  Ge JunAdd h2/grpc docs
2018-09-30  gejunRename PROTOCOL_HTTP2 to PROTOCOL_H2 and replace http2...
2018-09-30  gejunfix UT warning on clang
2018-09-30  gejunOnly remove from _header_index when value is non-empty
2018-09-30  gejunOnly turn on O2 for baidu_time_test.cpp to speed up...
2018-09-30  gejunFix warnings
2018-09-29  Ge JunMerge pull request #491 from fankux/master
2018-09-29  Ge JunMerge pull request #510 from brpc/grpc-support
2018-09-29  gejunminor changes to hpack 510/head
2018-09-29  gejunFix a bug in hpack
2018-09-29  gejunChange protocol name from h2c to h2
2018-09-29  gejunFix http_verbose related issues
2018-09-29  zhujiashunRemove connection-level flow control check
2018-09-29  gejunRename BinaryPrinter to ToPrintable & fix PrintMessage...
2018-09-29  zhujiashunadd max_concurrent_streams check in receiver
2018-09-29  gejunFix removed ControllerPrivateAccessor.connection_type()
2018-09-29  gejunFix changed function name in UT
2018-09-29  gejunset default content-type by protocol-param
2018-09-29  gejunSuppress warnings in UT
2018-09-29  gejunadd UT for AdaptiveProtocolType
2018-09-29  gejunReplace InternalReset/DeleteStuff with ResetPods/NonPod...
2018-09-29  gejunSet http_body_compress_threshold to 0 on gzip & not...
2018-09-29  gejunAdaptiveProtocolType saves unknown name and supports...
2018-09-29  zhujiashunadd flow control check in data receiver
2018-09-29  zhujiashunPolish h2 log description
2018-09-29  gejunNot set content-length in h2 & change default content...
2018-09-29  Ge JunMerge pull request #497 from PeterRK/bug-fix
2018-09-28  zhujiashunmove some remote_side info to the end of logs
2018-09-28  gejunFix many issues around impl. of grpc
2018-09-28  gejunMove BinaryPrinter into separate files and make it...
2018-09-28  zhujiashunAdd more info to h2 log
2018-09-28  zhujiashunadd grpc example Makefile
2018-09-28  zhujiashunadd HttpTest.http2_header_after_data
2018-09-27  zhujiashunAdd a case in ErrorCodeToGrpcStatus
2018-09-27  zhujiashunFix PercentEncode
2018-09-27  zhujiashunRemove unnecessary condition judgement
2018-09-27  zhujiashun* Do not expose grpc_status and grpc_message to user