Make default configuration easier to run
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2018-06-19  Patrick StuediMake default configuration easier to run
2018-04-16  Jonas PfefferleMove copyright notice to NOTICE file.
2018-04-13  Jonas PfefferleAdd missing license headers
2018-04-10  Jonas PfefferleCrail internal version to 3100
2018-04-04  Jonas PfefferleCrailStore: refactor alloc/free buffer interface
2018-04-03  Jonas PfefferleBufferCache: use new interface in buffer cache
2018-03-29  Jonas PfefferleStorageClient: provide statistics and buffer cache
2018-03-28  Jonas PfefferleBufferedOutputStream: align CoreStream position
2018-03-02  Radu StoicaConfiguration: environment variable expansion
2018-02-28  Patrick StuediFixes issue with local short circuit (memcpy) path...
2018-02-26  Patrick StuediApplications can now choose on a per node basis (files...
2018-02-23  Patrick StuediDataNodeInfo.key() was not updated when the object...
2018-02-21  Animesh TrivediFixing CRAIL-4 JIRA ticket
2018-01-18  Patrick StuediSupport configuration with cachelimit=0
2018-01-18  Patrick StuediAdjusting license and configuration (Apache)
2018-01-18  Patrick StuediRenaming artifacts (Apache)
2018-01-18  Patrick StuediApache package renaming
2018-01-09  Patrick StuediTCP based RPC and storage backend
2017-12-20  Patrick StuediFixing bug with invalid flag not passed when writing...
2017-11-22  Patrick StuediSupport for key/value files and tables
2017-11-06  Patrick StuediSupport for persisting namenode
2017-11-06  Patrick StuediSupporting restart of datanodes
2017-11-06  Patrick StuediAdding logical block address information
2017-10-25  Patrick StuediMerge pull request #22 from animeshtrivedi/master
2017-09-15  Patrick StuediMake sure storage properties are set when initializing...
2017-09-13  Patrick StuediFix bug in random read benchmark when switching between...
2017-09-13  Animesh Trivediwrong returned data type for float
2017-09-08  Animesh TrivediMerge branch 'master' of
2017-09-06  Patrick StuediCleaning up Storage and RPC interfaces
2017-09-06  Patrick Stuedi(a) Fixing hash function when dispatching multiple...
2017-09-06  Animesh TrivediMerge branch 'master' of
2017-09-06  Animesh TrivediAdding missing the get/putFloat functions
2017-09-06  Patrick StuediKey/Value API init
2017-09-05  Patrick StuediSupport for multiple namenodes
2017-08-14  Patrick StuediSupport for storage classes and location classes
2017-07-30  Patrick StuediTemporarily rolling back to blocking multistream due...
2017-07-21  Patrick StuediMake sure size parameter is used in getKey benchmark
2017-06-27  Patrick StuediCrail fsck (a) support large file sizes (b) supporting...
2017-05-25  Patrick StuediSkip missing files when reading a Multifile container
2017-05-25  Patrick StuediNon-blocking multistream
2017-05-25  Patrick StuediRandomize warmup file names
2017-05-18  Jonas Pfefferlefix ClientTest to not use cache fs provided buffers...
2017-05-17  Patrick StuediLocationMap: Support mapping of hostnames in configurat...
2017-05-13  Patrick StuediBuffer allocation: try using cache (huge pages) if...
2017-05-13  Patrick StuediCrailBenchmark buffer allocation
2017-05-13  Patrick StuedigetBlockLocation fix: return hostnames instead of IP...
2017-05-11  Patrick StuediMerging FileBufferedInputStream and MultiFileBufferedIn...
2017-05-11  Patrick Stuedisize function in RingBuffer has to return the actual...
2017-05-10  Patrick StuediAvoiding LinkedBlockingQueue if thread safety is not...
2017-05-10  Patrick StuediTesting collection performance
2017-05-10  Patrick StuediUse custom RingBuffer, Java collections either come...
2017-05-10  Patrick StuediAvoiding locks on slice and stream queues in buffer...
2017-05-08  Patrick StuediFixing compatibility issue with spark-io (MultiStream)
2017-05-08  Patrick StuediThrowing EOF execption in buffered stream readInt etc
2017-05-07  Patrick StuediFix typo in Multistream
2017-05-07  Patrick StuediNew Multistream Non-blocking implementation
2017-05-05  Patrick StuediBufferCache: allocate Java offheap memory once hitting...
2017-05-05  Patrick Stuedi(1) New Buffered Streams implemented using Slices
2017-04-21  Patrick StuediCleaning up the pom files, disni darpc dependencies...
2017-04-20  Jonas PfefferleMerge branch 'master' of
2017-04-20  Patrick StuediFixing old property value
2017-04-19  Patrick StuediFixing issue with purge call
2017-04-19  Patrick StuediBenchmark: use purge() not flush()
2017-04-18  Patrick StuediMake sure file nodes are closed prior to container...
2017-04-18  Patrick StuediVersion
2017-04-18  Patrick StuediBenchmark cleanup
2017-04-18  Jonas PfefferleMerge branch 'master' of
2017-04-18  Patrick StuediLeverage isSynchronous method to determine whether...
2017-04-18  Jonas PfefferleMerge branch 'master' of
2017-04-18  Patrick StuediCleaning up unused imports, make sure rpc client init...
2017-04-18  Jonas PfefferleMerge branch 'master' of
2017-04-18  Patrick StuediClean prefetching through fake asynchronous memory...
2017-04-18  Jonas PfefferleMerge branch 'master' of
2017-04-18  Jonas PfefferleNvmfStorageTier: SPDK now supports zero-copy IO with...
2017-04-18  Patrick StuediSupport for pluggable BufferCache implementation
2017-04-17  Patrick StuediRPC interleaving: avoid holes if buffers > blocksize
2017-04-16  Patrick StuediAdaptive interleaving of RPC and data operation
2017-04-14  Patrick StuediMake sure RPC properties are configured at the namenode
2017-04-13  Patrick StuediMoving DaRPC specific constants to the DaRPC module
2017-04-10  Patrick StuediAdding header/copyright
2017-04-06  Patrick StuediFix issue with template conf using wrong class name...
2017-04-06  Patrick StuediMerge branch 'master' of
2017-04-06  Patrick StuediRpc interface cleanup, separation of client and server...
2017-04-06  Patrick StuediRe-ordering properties
2017-04-05  Patrick StuediUse fully qualified hostname to compute hosthash
2017-04-05  Patrick Stuedinew Storage interface
2017-03-31  Patrick Stuedimaven build, dependency management
2017-03-31  Patrick StuediCrail tests
2017-03-30  Patrick StuediIncrement version number
2017-03-29  Patrick StuediMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/dev'
2017-03-27  Patrick StuediChanging name of storage properties from datanode to...
2017-03-23  Patrick StuedibrowseDir
2017-03-23  Patrick StuedibrowseDir
2017-03-10  Patrick StuediEarly draft
2017-03-10  Patrick StuediEarly draft
2017-03-10  Patrick StuediEarly file draft
2017-03-09  Patrick StuediVersion
2017-02-20  Patrick Stuedidefault tier
2017-02-20  Patrick StuediCoreSyncOperation
2017-02-17  Patrick StuediStorageTier