Interpret only valid entries of internalBuf of DirectoryInputStream
[incubator-crail.git] / conf /
2018-06-20  Jonas PfefferleScripts: add 26/head
2018-06-19  Patrick StuediMake default configuration easier to run
2018-01-18  Patrick StuediAdjusting license and configuration (Apache)
2017-08-14  Patrick StuediSupport for storage classes and location classes
2017-08-07  Jonas PfefferleFix configuration template storage types
2017-04-06  Patrick StuediFix issue with template conf using wrong class name...
2017-03-29  Patrick StuediAdapt config template to match new storage package
2016-12-05  Patrick StuediFixing typo in config template
2016-10-25  Patrick StuediRealistic example values for
2016-10-11  Patrick Stuedibetter default configuration
2016-10-11  Patrick Stuedia better default configuration
2016-09-19  Patrick Stuediinit