Make default configuration easier to run
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2018-04-16  Jonas PfefferleMove copyright notice to NOTICE file.
2018-04-13  Jonas PfefferleAdd missing license headers
2018-02-26  Patrick StuediApplications can now choose on a per node basis (files...
2018-01-18  Patrick StuediAdjusting license and configuration (Apache)
2018-01-18  Patrick StuediRenaming artifacts (Apache)
2018-01-18  Patrick StuediApache package renaming
2017-11-22  Patrick StuediSupport for key/value files and tables
2017-11-06  Patrick StuediSupport for persisting namenode
2017-11-06  Patrick StuediSupporting restart of datanodes
2017-09-08  Animesh TrivediMerge branch 'master' of
2017-09-06  Patrick StuediCleaning up Storage and RPC interfaces
2017-09-06  Patrick Stuedi(a) Fixing hash function when dispatching multiple...
2017-09-05  Patrick StuediSupport for multiple namenodes
2017-08-14  Patrick StuediSupport for storage classes and location classes
2017-04-10  Patrick StuediAdding header/copyright
2017-04-06  Patrick StuediMerge branch 'master' of
2017-04-06  Patrick StuediRpc interface cleanup, separation of client and server...