2 days ago  Josh AdamsDon't require binaryNumberRep for hexBinary master
2 days ago  Josh AdamsAdded test to verify correct behavior for non-existant...
3 days ago  Steve LawrenceAllow lengthUnits to different for element and its...
4 days ago  Michael BeckerleMake daffodil-test tests more portable.
4 days ago  Steve LawrenceAdd a distinction between how expressions and literals...
4 days ago  Josh AdamsAdd tunables for textBidi and floating properties
4 days ago  Michael BeckerleRemoved use of ThreadLocal for DFA Register Pool.
5 days ago  Michael BeckerleEclipse setup changes to facilitate cross testing.
5 days ago  Michael BeckerleAll ibm-provided tests run, or are specific to other...
5 days ago  Steve LawrenceFix hexBinary with non-byte lengths or non-byte boundaries
5 days ago  Steve LawrenceSupport dfdl:length="prefixed"
6 days ago  Steve LawrenceBump SBT version to 1.2.7
6 days ago  Steve LawrenceRemove Java 7 support
2018-11-30  Michael BeckerleAnother tweak to eclipse classpath/project settings.
2018-11-30  Michael BeckerleMissing terminator was reporting itself as a missing...
2018-11-30  Michael BeckerleFixed eclipse classpath files due to tdml to tdml-lib...
2018-11-30  Michael BeckerleFixed infinite loop due to not gathering the error...
2018-11-30  Josh AdamsRefactored TDML Runner for Cross Validation with IBM.
2018-11-26  Beth FahlUpdating to set encoding of CLI output to UTF-8
2018-11-16  Beth FahlAdding error when a property is "%" or ends in "%"
2018-11-16  Beth FahlChanging to ignore attributeFormDefault
2018-11-14  Josh AdamsUpdated broken tests to check for error message
2018-11-14  Josh AdamsShow different error message for OOM
2018-11-09  Josh AdamsAdd SDE for missing closing tag
2018-11-05  Steve LawrenceRemove Java 10 from TravisCI build configuration
2018-11-05  Josh AdamsAdded max/minValidYear tunable
2018-11-01  Josh AdamsDo not allow ' ' at the start or end of delimiters
2018-10-29  Josh AdamsIgnore minLength when lengthKind=explicit
2018-10-18  Josh AdamsOnly output milliseconds in infoset when necessary
2018-10-16  Josh AdamsAdd default value for binaryCalendarEpoch
2018-10-16  Josh AdamsFixed typo in "charaters"
2018-10-15  Steve LawrenceCheck for available data before trying to parse binaryS...
2018-10-15  Steve LawrenceUse --binary flag when generating release checksums
2018-09-25  Steve LawrenceAllow DFDL expressions in the message attribute of...
2018-09-25  Steve LawrenceRemove sha1 generation from release candidate script
2018-09-20  Steve LawrenceSupport more versions of Java
2018-09-20  Steve LawrenceFix OGF typo in LICENSE
2018-09-20  Steve LawrenceUpdate the
2018-09-07  Steve LawrenceFix comparison of calendars that do not have timezones
2018-09-07  Michael BeckerleQuick fixes, and moving tests that work from scala...
2018-08-22  Michael BeckerleSmall improvements. Offers to delete directories that... rel/v2.2.0 v2.2.0-rc2
2018-08-21  Steve LawrenceClean up scaladoc
2018-08-21  Steve LawrenceFix logic related to lengthKind="pattern" matching
2018-08-21  Steve LawrenceUpdates to release-candidate script
2018-08-16  Michael Beckerlechange permissions +x on script. v2.2.0-rc1
2018-08-16  Steve LawrenceAdd missing -u option to specify the key to sign releas...
2018-08-16  Michael BeckerleAdded release candidate script to repo.
2018-08-16  Michael BeckerleFixed refs to 2.1.0 to 2.2.0 in CLI bin.LICENSE
2018-08-16  Michael BeckerleRemove SNAPSHOT suffix.
2018-08-16  Michael BeckerleAdded signing key.
2018-08-16  Steve LawrenceEnable tests that roundtrip with new ICU version
2018-08-16  Steve LawrenceEnsure that buckets with no references are released
2018-08-16  Michael BeckerleModified general format to have calendarTimeZone="...
2018-08-15  Steve LawrenceMake maxOccursBounds limit a fatal error
2018-08-15  Michael BeckerleAdded tests that exercise ambiguous separator/terminato...
2018-08-15  Michael BeckerleChange occursCountKind to 'implicit' in general format.
2018-08-15  Michael BeckerleMoved pushDiscriminator to fix separators bug.
2018-08-15  Steve LawrenceFix binaryCalendarRep regression
2018-08-14  Beth FahlAdding binaryCalendarRep='packed'
2018-08-14  Beth FahlAdding binaryCalendarRep="ibm4690Packed"
2018-08-14  Steve LawrenceUpdate sbt and sbt-native-packager plugin to make jar...
2018-08-13  Michael BeckerleUpdate Runtime to only use Vector.
2018-08-13  Michael BeckerleFix eclipse paths.
2018-08-13  Steve LawrenceUpdate dependencies to their latest versions
2018-08-13  Michael BeckerleSubstantial refactoring to support sequence separators...
2018-08-13  Steve LawrenceFix "recieve" misspelling
2018-08-13  Michael BeckerleFix utf-8 3-byte and 4-byte overlong detection.
2018-08-06  Steve LawrenceFix bugs associated with truncateSpecifiedLengthString...
2018-07-30  Josh AdamsAllow same character for escapeBlockEnd and escapeEscap...
2018-07-27  Beth FahlAdding value of 'bcd' to binaryCalendarRep
2018-07-17  Marshall MillerAdded a layer transform that swaps bytes within an...
2018-07-17  Steve LawrenceSupport the --stream option with the unparse subcommand
2018-07-17  Steve LawrenceReduce memory usage regressions in commit 07ee2434bb
2018-07-13  Steve LawrenceModifications to IO layer to support streaming input...
2018-07-13  Michael BeckerleTDMLRunner explicit roundTrip="twoPass" feature.
2018-07-10  Nick SmithAllow Daffodil to build against Scala 2.12
2018-07-09  Steve LawrenceEnable the sbt-rat plugin to perform Apache Rat checks
2018-07-09  Josh AdamsImplemented Zoned Decimal formats
2018-07-09  Steve LawrenceConfigure the Travis CI build environment for more...
2018-06-04  Beth FahlAdding property binaryCalendarRep with values "binarySe...
2018-05-25  Russ WilliamsFix modulus problem with ULong
2018-05-25  Russ WilliamsDisable failing calendar tests
2018-05-15  Steve LawrenceBump version to 2.2.0-SNAPSHOT for development
2018-05-08  Steve LawrenceExplicitly use the Xerces factories that use our custom...
2018-05-07  Michael BeckerleFix so trace works even when layering is being used.
2018-05-07  Michael BeckerleAdded AISPayloadArmoring layer with tests.
2018-05-04  Steve LawrenceFix performance regression in layering feature
2018-05-04  Dave ThompsonAdded tests to verify processing of escapeBlock escapeS...
2018-05-03  Steve LawrenceRemove Category X test files
2018-05-03  Michael BeckerleAll properties for Base64/layering implemented.
2018-04-05  Michael BeckerleImproved toString of grammar and parser/unparser objects. rel/v2.1.0 v2.1.0-rc3
2018-04-05  Steve LawrenceAdd new tunable (errorOnUnsupportedJavaVersion) to...
2018-04-05  Steve LawrenceUpdates to LICENSE/NOTICE
2018-04-05  Josh AdamsRevert "Fixes some issues with separated empty optional...
2018-03-29  Josh AdamsFixes some issues with separated empty optional element...
2018-03-09  Michael BeckerleAdds missing properties to DFDLGeneralFormat.dfdl.xsd
2018-03-08  Michael BeckerleChange val and lazy val to def - multi-threading bug...
2018-03-06  Michael BeckerleFix eclipse project files for daffodil-cli module.
2018-03-05  Steve LawrenceMove CLI tests to sbt integration
2018-03-01  Steve LawrenceCorrectly check if an element is required