descriptionApache Dubbo (Incubating)
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeWed, 23 May 2018 02:10:46 +0000 (10:10 +0800)
27 hours ago  Ian Luo #1830: dbindex support in redis (#1831) master
46 hours ago  Ian Luo #1597: CacheFilter,when value is null,it will throw...
2 days ago  beiwei30 #1816: dubbo schema compatibility
3 days ago  Huxing ZhangRemove .orig file and update gitigonre.
5 days ago  hengyunabcMerge pull request #1643, ChannelState branch predictio...
6 days ago  Huxing ZhangEnsure merger is specified to true to demonstrate the...
6 days ago  Huxing ZhangRemove unnecessary null check.
6 days ago  Huxing ZhangSimplify code, no function change.
6 days ago  Lei WeiMerge pull request #1808, fix URL parsing problem when...
6 days ago  Huxing ZhangMerge branch 'ralf0131-graceful-shutdown-in-tomcat'
6 days ago  Huxing ZhangMerge branch 'graceful-shutdown-in-tomcat' of https...
6 days ago  Huxing ZhangMerge pull request #1811, fix unstable hessian protocol...
6 days ago  Huxing ZhangFix UT failure. 1763/head
6 days ago  Huxing ZhangCorrect pom version.
6 days ago  Huxing ZhangUsing ExecutorUtil#gracefulShutdown instead of create...
6 days ago  Huxing ZhangAdd dependency.
2 months ago dubbo-2.6.1 First release after structure changed
2 months ago dubbo-2.5.10 release dubbo version 2.5.10
3 months ago dubbo-2.5.9 release dubbo version 2.5.9
4 months ago dubbo-2.6.0 release dubbo version 2.6.0
5 months ago dubbo-2.5.8 release dubbo version 2.5.8
6 months ago dubbo-2.5.7 release dubbo version 2.5.7
7 months ago dubbo-2.5.6 release dubbo version 2.5.6
8 months ago dubbo-2.5.5 2.5.4基础上修复不兼容1.7及以下版本的问题
8 months ago dubbo-2.5.4 恢复维护后第一个版本:2.5.4,主要是解决issues和依赖升级
3 years ago dubbo-2.4.11 release dubbo-2.4.11
5 years ago dubbo-2.4.10 release dubbo version 2.4.10
5 years ago dubbo-2.4.9
5 years ago dubbo-2.5.3
5 years ago dubbo-2.4.8
5 years ago dubbo-2.4.7
5 years ago dubbo-2.5.2
27 hours ago master
2 days ago 2.6.2-release
2 weeks ago 2.5.x
3 weeks ago 2.6.2-release-preparation