2018-02-14  Christofer... - Replaced the code for rounding double values to a... develop
2017-12-15  Dale LaBossiereadd hint about utilizing uber jar minimizeJar 7/head
2017-12-05  Dale typos 6/head
2017-12-05  Dale LaBossierefix IDE clone template doc
2017-12-05  Dale LaBossierefix IDE clone template doc
2017-12-05  Dale LaBossieredoc updates for getting started etc
2017-11-22  Dale LaBossiereUpdate info about building against a different runtime... 4/head
2017-11-22  Dale LaBossiereignore maven wrapper jar in template 3/head
2017-11-21  Dale LaBossiereadd CONTRIBUTORS and .mailmap 2/head
2017-11-21  Dale LaBossiereadd 1/head
2017-11-21  Dale LaBossiereadd
2017-11-21  Dale LaBossiereupdate with download info
2017-11-21  Dale LaBossiereremove commented out parent decl in pom.xml.template...
2017-11-21  Dale LaBossieremake the samples build against the (latest) released...
2017-11-21  Dale LaBossierefix warning in sample
2017-11-21  Dale LaBossierereset samples version to match current (1.2.0-SNAPSHOT...
2017-11-21  Dale LaBossiereadd doc for edgent runtime version override
2017-11-21  Dale LaBossiereupdate to match some changes in website/site/docs/appli...
2017-11-07  Dale LaBossiereComplete the 1.2.0-SNAPSHOT to 1.3.0-SNAPSHOT changes
2017-11-06  Dale LaBossiereUpdate sample poms for 1.2.0-SNAPSHOT to 1.3.0-SNAPSHOT
2017-11-06  Dale LaBossiereMerge pull request #317
2017-11-06  Dale LaBossiereupdate doc: RELEASE_NOTES, samples/
2017-11-05  Christofer... - Disabled the "Cleanup" step of the build.
2017-11-01  Dale LaBossieregetting started updates
2017-11-01  Dale LaBossieredoc tweaks
2017-10-31  Dale LaBossiereuse "<ver>-incubating" order in bundle names
2017-10-30  Dale LaBossiereremove all gradle tooling artifacts and "exclusions...
2017-10-23  Dale LaBossiereAdditional pom transformations: increase pom commonalit...
2017-10-18  Dale LaBossiereswitch to groupId-per-platform
2017-10-18  Dale LaBossiereminor doc stuff
2017-10-17  Dale LaBossieremore doc work
2017-10-17  Dale LaBossiererework, add get-edgent-jars-project
2017-10-16  Dale LaBossierefix (finally?) samples and j7
2017-10-11  Dale LaBossieremore samples build tweaking
2017-10-11  Dale LaBossiererototill samples poms for j7 support
2017-10-11  Dale LaBossierefix get-edgent-jars for j7 and android
2017-10-10  Dale LaBossieretweaks to
2017-10-10  Dale LaBossiereadd commented out edgent-android deps to sample template
2017-10-09  Dale LaBossieresource bundle README updates
2017-10-09  Dale LaBossieremore samples doc work
2017-10-09  Dale LaBossieremore distribution & samples doc tweaks
2017-10-04  Christofer... - Adjusted the distribution to include required licensi...
2017-10-04  Dale LaBossiereadd samples/template NOTICE
2017-10-04  Dale LaBossierefix NOTICE initial copyright dates
2017-10-04  Christofer... - Removed the "DEPENDENCIES" generation (not needed)
2017-10-02  Dale LaBossiereadd correct NOTICE to samples
2017-10-02  Dale LaBossiereadd DISCLAIMER to samples source bundle
2017-10-02  Dale LaBossieresync samples mvn wrapper with changes in parent
2017-09-26  Dale LaBossieremerge from origin/feature/maven
2017-09-26  Dale tweaks
2017-09-26  Christofer... - Make the java7 version of the samples build
2017-09-26  Christofer... Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/feature/maven...
2017-09-26  Christofer... - Fixed an invalid groupId
2017-09-26  Dale LaBossiereAdjust javadoc overview.html for getting started and...
2017-09-26  Dale LaBossierecleanup and tweak samples poms and doc for android
2017-09-25  Christofer... - Added IBM contrib NOTICE versions to all modules...
2017-09-19  Dale LaBossieretweak
2017-09-18  Dale LaBossiereAdd sample list to samples/, couple of other doc...
2017-09-12  Dale LaBossiereremove
2017-09-12  Dale LaBossiereremove maven-wrapper.jar from repo
2017-09-12  Dale LaBossieremore and README cleanup
2017-09-06  Dale LaBossieresquelch eclipse warnings on samples/pom.xml
2017-09-06  Dale LaBossiereadd .mvn to samples to make mvnw work
2017-09-06  Dale LaBossierecleanup/fix some sample README and scripts
2017-08-30  Dale LaBossieretweak samples/
2017-08-16  Christofer... - Fixed all the remaining errors and warnings in Eclipse
2017-08-15  Christofer... - Fixed JDBCTests not working with usernames containing...
2017-08-14  Christofer... - Added the config to make the servlet.war available...
2017-08-09  Dale LaBossiereupdate JAVA_SUPPORT, RELEASE_NOTES, and remove building...
2017-08-09  Dale LaBossieretweak samples template
2017-08-09  Dale LaBossiereadd application template sample
2017-08-09  Dale LaBossiererefactor the test/svt project
2017-08-08  Dale LaBossiereflesh out samples run scripts and doc
2017-08-07  Dale LaBossierefirst pass of changes to create separate samples bundle...
2017-07-12  Christofer... - Renamed "runtimes" back to "runtime" (singular)
2017-07-11  Christofer... - Fixed typo in artifact name
2017-07-10  Christofer... - Removed the shade plugin execution from the examples.
2017-06-25  Christofer... - Made the build for the exmaples create uber-jars...
2017-06-25  Christofer... - Moved a resource from the source to the resource...
2017-06-20  Christofer... - Moved the android modules to the android platform
2017-06-19  Christofer... - Added pom-only versions of all artifacts that build...
2017-06-18  Christofer... - Removed the java8 and java7 profiles
2017-06-15  Christofer... - Deleted the checked-in eclipse settings files
2017-06-14  Christofer... - Fine tuned the java7 build
2017-06-09  Christofer... Refactored the project to be able to produce 1.2.0...
2017-06-07  Christofer... Prefixed all artifacts with "edgent-"
2017-06-02  Christofer... Finished the Maven migration (Enabled all test)
2017-05-30  Christofer... Merge branch 'master' of
2017-05-28  Christofer... Maven migration
2017-05-25  Dale LaBossiere[Edgent-417] cleanup old ant-build cruft
2017-02-28  Dale LaBossiere[Edgent-387] fix usage msg for useGW
2017-02-27  Dale LaBossiere[Edgent-387] update iotp sample javadoc
2017-02-26  Dale LaBossieretidy up things
2017-02-25  Dale LaBossiereclarify limitations with IotProvider and PublishSubscri...
2017-02-25  Dale LaBossiereInitial IotpGateway implementation
2017-02-20  Dale LaBossiere[Edgent-375] Add IotpDevice.httpEvents(...)
2017-02-17  Dale LaBossiere[Edgent-379] upgrade to WIoTP iot-java 0.2.2
2017-02-07  Dale LaBossierefix samples classpath for eclipse
2017-02-07  Dale LaBossiere[Edgent-376] Support use in WIoTP Managed Device context
2017-02-03  Dale LaBossieremore cleanup