2017-12-18  Dale LaBossiereadd Samples to github-repos pulldown master 100/head
2017-12-18  Dale LaBossiereupdate sidebar ver to 1.2.0 99/head
2017-12-18  Dale LaBossiereMerge pull request #98
2017-12-18  Dale LaBossierefix adding release 1.2.0 javadoc 98/head
2017-12-18  Dale LaBossiereadd r1.2.0 javadoc
2017-12-14  Dale LaBossiereadd date for 1.2.0 on downloads page 97/head
2017-12-14  Dale LaBossieretweak 1.2.0 download urls
2017-12-13  Dale LaBossiereaddress review comments
2017-12-05  Dale LaBossieredoc updates dealing with Samples repo
2017-11-06  Dale LaBossierefix filter use case type in power-of-edgent
2017-11-06  Dale LaBossiereupdate faq and power-of-edgent with info on Elasticsearch
2017-11-06  Dale LaBossierefaq & power-of-edgent tweaks
2017-11-06  Dale LaBossiereadd The Power of Edgent
2017-11-02  Dale LaBossierelink Edgent Overview into the sidebar
2017-11-02  Dale LaBossiere[WIP] changes for Edgent PR-309 (maven)
2017-05-15  Queenie MaAdd ApacheCon 2017 talks to front page 96/head
2017-04-25  Queenie Ma[EDGENT-410] Update Apache Incubator logo 95/head
2017-03-24  Dale LaBossieredirectly download relnotes 94/head
2017-03-20  Dale LaBossiereupdate website sidebar version 93/head
2017-03-20  Dale LaBossiereupdate changes to latest for release 1.1.0
2017-03-20  Dale LaBossiereupdate downloads info for release 1.1.0
2017-03-20  Dale LaBossiereEDGENT[334] update website for release 1.1.0
2017-02-02  Queenie MaMerge branch 'pr-92'
2017-01-27  kathyssaundersUpdate 92/head
2017-01-27  Queenie Ma[EDGENT-371] Use HTTPS to load D3.js for streaming... 91/head
2017-01-23  Queenie Ma[EDGENT-364] Update Eclipse build path instructions 90/head
2017-01-23  Queenie Ma[EDGENT-364] Update instructions on how to use release...
2017-01-17  Will MarshallAdded meetup to front page
2017-01-10  Queenie Ma[EDGENT-327] Improve regex expressions in 89/head
2017-01-09  Queenie Ma[EDGENT-327] Remove unnecessary comments in _config.yml
2017-01-09  Queenie Ma[EDGENT-327] Add comment to
2017-01-09  Queenie Ma[EDGENT-327] Use local Javadoc URLs
2017-01-05  William C.... Revert "Added Google analytics tracking info to header...
2017-01-04  Will MarshallAdded Google analytics tracking info to header template. 87/head
2016-12-23  Dale LaBossiere[Edgent-328] Add connector recipe 85/head
2016-12-22  Dale LaBossierefix Home button to stay within site - e.g., when runnin... 84/head
2016-12-22  Dale LaBossierefix About Edgent -> License
2016-12-22  Dale LaBossierefix new External References -> link
2016-12-22  Dale LaBossiere[Edgent-326] more website cleanup
2016-12-22  Cazen Leechange some links setting 83/head
2016-12-21  Cazen LeeAdd changes for a downloads page 82/head
2016-12-17  Cazen LeeChange download links(github) to newly create download...
2016-12-17  Cazen LeeAdd download html page
2016-12-17  Cazen LeeAdd license header and align
2016-12-17  Cazen LeeMerge branch 'pr-81'
2016-12-17  Cazen Leechange Edgent version config from 0.3.0 to 1.0.0 81/head
2016-12-17  Cazen LeeMerge branch 'pr-80'
2016-12-06  Cazen Leeremove 'is migrating' text and change Apache release... 80/head
2016-11-19  Cazen Leereflect Apache Edgent 1.0.0 javadoc 79/head
2016-10-28  Cazen Lee0.4.0 ver of javadoc should be Edgent not Quarks 78/head
2016-10-24  Cazen LeeAdd dropdown menu per Javadoc version in Doc-site
2016-10-24  Cazen LeeCreate Edgent 1.0.0 Javadoc Snapshot
2016-10-12  Queenie MaFix broken Javadoc link on homepage 77/head
2016-09-06  Queenie Ma[EDGENT-37] Visual aids to help understand streaming... 75/head
2016-09-06  Queenie Ma[EDGENT-233] Fix broken Javadoc and GitHub links 76/head
2016-08-24  Queenie Ma[EDGENT-233] Update Edgent logo 74/head
2016-08-15  Queenie Ma[EDGENT-233] Complete renaming changes 73/head
2016-08-11  Queenie Ma[EDGENT-233] Update Git, JIRA, mailing list, website... 72/head
2016-08-04  Queenie Ma[QUARKS-233] Update header message 70/head
2016-08-02  Queenie Ma[QUARKS-233] Update Quarks references on home page 69/head
2016-07-26  Queenie Ma[QUARKS-233] Rename Quarks to Edgent 67/head
2016-07-21  Queenie MaMerge branch 'asf-site' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2016-07-19  Queenie Ma[QUARKS-233] Add announcement about name change 68/head
2016-06-29  kathyssaundersUpdate 66/head
2016-06-03  kathyssaundersfrom 4f9f1001b78d08e036f3b30b094cbde913395695
2016-06-03  kathyssaundersMerge branch 'pr-65' into asf-site
2016-06-03  kathyssaundersMerge branch 'pr-65'
2016-06-03  kathyssaundersMerge branch 'asf-site' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2016-06-03  kathyssaunders[QUARKS-56] Updated broken link kathy-branch 65/head
2016-05-23  kathyssaundersfrom ac5b23632143fef533adf87c7faf51b85327039b
2016-05-23  kathyssaundersMerge branch 'pr-63'
2016-05-23  kathyssaundersMerge branch 'asf-site' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2016-05-23  kathyssaundersUpdate 63/head
2016-05-20  cazencommit for refresh
2016-05-20  cazenfrom dac21e90179a34a13e3c0c6216bf6350016c7a44
2016-05-20  cazenMerge pull request #62
2016-05-18  cazen.leeusing pre-defined properties(site.docsurl) instead... 62/head
2016-05-18  cazen.leeMerge branch 'QUARKS-48' of
2016-05-17  Dale LaBossierefrom ba1e3300024b1b4b1c5fb37e534d8f85c43b4d58
2016-05-17  cazen.leereplace quarks-edge javadoc location to apache location
2016-05-17  cazen.leereplace javadoc location
2016-05-17  Cazen LeeAdd javadoc init for "lastest", "0.4"
2016-05-17  cazen.leereplace quarks-edge javadoc location to apache location
2016-05-17  cazen.leereplace javadoc location
2016-05-17  Cazen LeeAdd javadoc init for 0.5, 0.4
2016-05-13  Alex-Cook4Fixed to PDT from PST 61/head
2016-05-13  Alex-Cook4Update Pi Hangout to have correct videos
2016-05-13  Alex-Cook4Merge pull request #6 from apache/master
2016-05-09  Dale LaBossierefrom d6bf448218acb1170c389acf694a138eb049f141
2016-05-09  Dale LaBossiere[QUARKS-173] add load balanced parallel recipe 60/head
2016-05-09  Dale LaBossierefrom 93f231df84054592b1740dc23fb61e83a5e1c30e
2016-05-09  Dale LaBossiereMerge pull request #59
2016-05-04  kathyssaundersAdded Wiki to menu 59/head
2016-05-04  Dale LaBossiereMerge pull request #57
2016-05-04  Dale LaBossierefrom 2306c25f81bccbcc43b8ff799d2608d1c2b00490
2016-05-03  Dale LaBossiereaddress feedback 58/head
2016-05-03  Dale LaBossiere[QUARKS-165] [AWAIT-CODE-MERGE] parallel analytics...
2016-05-03  Dale LaBossierefrom 59922d4e26431ce3bfa60720edca500b6ba895c6
2016-05-03  cazen.leeremove "Closes the Responsive Menu on Menu Item Click... 57/head
2016-05-03  Dale LaBossiere[QUARKS-156] concurrent analytics recipe 56/head