fixes typo in asf.yaml file
[incubator-flagon-distill.git] / distill /
2017-12-14  msbeardUpdated elasticsearch params
2017-09-19  msbeardFixed bug
2017-09-19  msbeardmerged
2017-09-19  msbeardfixed bug. forgot to check if path is defined
2017-09-11  msbeardFixed bugs in sankey and validated request args output
2017-08-30  msbeardAdded type filter to sankey
2017-08-29  msbeardfix merge conflicts
2017-08-29  msbeardFixed src and target id generation bug and folded in...
2017-08-08  Michelle BeardFixed bug in sankey
2017-08-07  msbeardRemoved self-loops in sankey results.
2017-08-07  msbeardFixed bug in sankey
2017-08-07  msbeardUsing default docker endpoints
2017-08-07  msbeardUpdated requirements. Fixed bug in sankey endpoint. elk5.4-upgrade
2017-08-07  msbeardUpgraded to elasticsearch 5.x. Added sankey endpoint.
2017-06-22  msbeard#SENSSOFT-193: Updated documentation and test runners
2017-06-22  msbeard#SENSSOFT-193: Cleaning up directory structure includin...
2017-06-22  msbeard#SENSSOFT-193: Cleanup tests
2017-06-22  msbeardDeleted old ELK dockerfiles and updated version number...
2016-10-19  mooshu1x2Applied linter to code
2016-10-11  mooshu1x2Cleaned up tests directory.
2016-09-21  Lewis John McGibbneySENSSOFT-62 Add ALv2.0 License Headers to DISTILL
2016-09-19  mooshu1x2Removed deploy folder. Deployment is now dockerized.
2016-09-19  mooshu1x2SENSSOFT-55 #Added Docker support.
2016-09-19  mooshu1x2Added Apache License headers and cleaned up documentation.
2016-07-22  Michelle BeardAdded support for size and multiple fields in segmentation.
2016-07-22  mooshu1x2Updated distill api and fixed bugs.
2016-06-23  mooshu1x2Moved CRUD operations from userale model to new brew...
2016-06-22  mooshu1x2Updated documentation and cleaned up tree structure.
2016-06-22  mooshu1x2Clean up algoriths/stats package for documentation...
2016-06-21  mooshu1x2Updated documentation, specifically Distill's restful...
2016-06-20  mooshu1x2Pushing the rest to support ghpages.
2016-06-20  mooshu1x2Add sphinx requirement for documentation. Updated untes...
2016-06-17  mooshu1x2Added new status message for Distill. Includes all...
2016-06-17  mooshu1x2Support for STOUT ingestion of records complete
2016-06-14  mooshu1x2Completed index route for Distill status which lists...
2016-06-14  mooshu1x2Removed defaults bug due to confusion of its use. Curre...
2016-06-14  mooshu1x2renamed folders
2016-06-09  mooshu1x2Deploy Flask Application Distill with Gunicorn and...
2016-06-09  mooshu1x2Userale and Stout classes. Currently buggy.
2016-06-09  mooshu1x2Updated requirements packages for deployment
2016-06-08  mooshu1x2Added comments to run_server
2016-06-02  mooshu1x2Renamed routes to be <verb>/<id> format and not vice...
2016-05-12  mooshu1x2Added license info
2016-05-12  mooshu1x2Added support for parsing query parameters. General...
2016-05-12  mooshu1x2Added denoise RESTful endpoint. General cleanup of...
2016-05-12  mooshu1x2Added license header
2016-05-12  mooshu1x2Added es connection to root init script
2016-05-12  mooshu1x2Added validation library
2016-05-12  mooshu1x2Added exception library
2016-05-11  mooshu1x2Implemented create and partial read method
2016-04-20  mooshu1x2Added graphs and stats directory
2016-04-19  mooshu1x2Forgot to add files
2016-04-19  mooshu1x2Distill setuptools is configured correctly now. Updated...
2016-04-11  Michelle Beardsmall changes
2016-04-06  mooshu1x2Test for distill frontend api
2016-04-05  Michelle BeardInitial Python project setup