fixes typo in asf.yaml file
[incubator-flagon-distill.git] / setup.cfg
2017-06-22  msbeard#SENSSOFT-193: Updated documentation and test runners
2017-06-22  msbeardDeleted old ELK dockerfiles and updated version number...
2016-10-13  mooshu1x2Producing coverage reports and implemented pylint output.
2016-10-11  mooshu1x2setup.cfg updated.
2016-09-30  mooshu1x2Updated pytest configurations. v0.1.3
2016-09-19  mooshu1x2Added Apache License headers and cleaned up documentation.
2016-05-17  mooshu1x2Basic sphinx documentation to handle Distill's document...
2016-04-05  Michelle BeardInitial Python project setup