adding deprecation badge and notices
[incubator-flagon-stout.git] / .gitignore
2015-11-05  Dan TravigliaMerge branch 'achievements' into testing
2015-09-28  Kyle FinleyAdded /static/results/* to gitignore. Updated expPortal...
2015-09-25  Kyle FinleyMerge branch 'testing' of
2015-09-22  Kyle FinleyMerge branch 'email' of
2015-09-21  Dan Travigliaprior to merge with dashboard branch
2015-09-18  Dan Travigliaupload file to a specific directory built; probably...
2015-09-14  Dan Travigliaupdate gitignore
2015-09-14  Dan Travigliaupdate for email
2015-03-18  Dan Travigliadebugged user registration refactor
2014-07-30  Dan Travigliatest merge into development
2014-07-24  Dan Travigliafixed static ip
2014-07-18  David ReedVagrant for OpenStack is working nicely
2014-07-17  David Reedvagrant changes and changes to task list and op task...
2014-07-14  David ReedUpdate README
2014-07-11  David ReedInitial commit