Bump django from 1.7 to 1.11.23
[incubator-flagon-stout.git] / developer /
2016-05-20  Ubuntuchanging "status" URLs so they don't conflict with...
2015-12-03  Alex FordMerge branch 'testing' of https://github.com/draperlabo...
2015-12-03  Alex FordMerge branch 'rebranding' into testing
2015-11-23  unknowninitial rebranding rebranding
2015-11-06  Dan Travigliamoved email authorization to allow registration emails
2015-11-05  Dan TravigliaMerge branch 'security' into testing
2015-11-05  Dan TravigliaMerge branch 'achievements' into testing
2015-11-05  Dan Traviglia- added authentication to developer page
2015-11-04  Ubuntu- updated models with 255 length strings for url
2015-06-05  Dan Travigliaadd logic for task buffett; stub new admin capabilities...
2015-04-14  Dan TravigliaUpdated templates with individual sidebars for experime...
2015-04-02  Dan Travigliaexperiment, developer, user portal updated
2015-03-20  Dan Travigliaadded tracking for instruction completion
2015-03-18  Dan Travigliadebugged user registration refactor
2015-03-17  Dan Travigliarefactored user authentication with builtin django...
2015-03-06  Dan Travigliabug fixes and maintenance
2015-03-05  Dan Travigliaadded developer portal; updated experiment admin portal