adding deprecation badge and notices
[incubator-flagon-stout.git] / exp_portal /
2016-06-01  UbuntuImproved D3 task selection
2016-05-25  UbuntuAdded D3 Histogram
2015-12-17  Alex FordFixed a bug where if the total tasks was computed as...
2015-12-03  Alex FordMerge branch 'rebranding' into testing
2015-12-02  Alex FordXDATA-431 implementing the ability to set an intake...
2015-11-05  Dan TravigliaMerge branch 'security' into testing
2015-11-05  Dan TravigliaMerge branch 'achievements' into testing
2015-11-05  Dan Travigliaadded authorization to all exp_portal and upload pages
2015-11-05  Dan TravigliaMerge branch 'dashboard' into testing
2015-10-02  Dan TravigliaMerge branch 'dashboard' into testing
2015-10-02  Dan Traviglialogin required added to multiple pages
2015-09-28  Dan Travigliapilot test achievements model
2015-09-25  Kyle FinleyMerge branch 'testing' of
2015-09-21  Dan Travigliaprior to merge with dashboard branch
2015-09-17  Dan Travigliafunctional email subsystem with custom messages and...
2015-09-15  Dan Travigliabuild base email form on exp_portal
2015-09-03  Kyle FinleyAdded a new module 'uploads' to add a page where a...
2015-08-25  Kyle FinleyStarted working on filtering CSV master answer sheet.
2015-08-19  Kyle FinleyResolved issue in with imports.
2015-08-19  Kyle FinleyResolved issue in
2015-08-19  Kyle FinleyReworked status.html view to return experiment info...
2015-08-11  Dan Travigliamove view functions for exp portal into separate files...
2015-08-06  Kyle FinleyMerge branch 'testing' of
2015-08-06  Kyle FinleyAdded experiment variable to status view.
2015-07-07  Dan Travigliaupdate task list in exp portal to sort by dataset
2015-07-07  Dan Travigliamove product instructions to task splash page with...
2015-07-07  Dan Traviglia+ update text for sequential task in add experiment
2015-06-29  Dan Travigliaupdate to path user through instructions before tasks
2015-06-29  Dan Traviglia+ change user experiment
2015-06-28  Dan Travigliafix add product to save dataset
2015-06-28  Dan Travigliafix exit url when adding product
2015-06-28  Dan Traviglia+ updates for user testing rebuilt
2015-06-11  Dan Travigliafix bug in task label on experiment portal
2015-06-11  Dan Traviglia+ update modal dialog css
2015-06-10  Dan Traviglia+ add capabilites to experiment portal for managing...
2015-06-07  Dan Travigliaremove Experiment from title page
2015-06-05  Dan Travigliabuild auto register with all tasks
2015-06-05  Dan Travigliaadd view tasks by user in experiment admin portal
2015-06-05  Dan Travigliaadd logic for task buffett; stub new admin capabilities...
2015-05-28  Dan Travigliaadd new users through experiment portal stubbed
2015-05-19  Dan Travigliaadd experiment model; connect with activity log elastic...
2015-05-11  Dan Travigliaadd activity logging to task menu; add script to connec...
2015-04-28  Dan Travigliaupdate hardcoded urls; add task management
2015-04-27  Dan Travigliacheck for admin, show appropriate links according to...
2015-04-14  Dan TravigliaUpdated templates with individual sidebars for experime...
2015-04-02  Dan Travigliaexperiment, developer, user portal updated
2015-03-20  Dan Travigliaadded tracking for instruction completion
2015-03-17  Dan Travigliarefactored user authentication with builtin django...
2015-03-06  Dan Travigliaadded submit task to experiment admin
2015-03-05  Dan Travigliaadded developer portal; updated experiment admin portal
2015-02-26  Dan Travigliaadded prototype product page for experiment admin
2015-02-25  Dan Travigliaprototype experiment portal