adding deprecation badge and notices
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2015-12-16  Alex FordXDATA-107 added several of the achievements to STOUT...
2015-12-03  Alex FordMerge branch 'testing' of
2015-12-03  Alex FordMerge branch 'rebranding' into testing
2015-11-23  unknowninitial rebranding rebranding
2015-08-19  Kyle FinleyResolved issue in
2015-08-19  Kyle FinleyReworked status.html view to return experiment info...
2015-08-07  Kyle FinleyGave expTray lis a bottom margin. Still working on...
2015-08-06  Kyle FinleyMerge branch 'testing' of
2015-08-06  Kyle FinleyAdded experiment variable to status view.
2015-07-31  Kyle FinleyAdded dashboard tray and D3 bar charts.
2015-07-30  Kyle FinleyAdded graphics for exp portal dashboard. Started buildi...
2015-03-20  Dan Travigliaadded functional test for registration
2014-07-11  David ReedInitial commit