initial rebranding
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2015-11-23  unknowninitial rebranding rebranding
2015-11-15  Dan Travigliaupdated with consent form and new experiment text"
2015-11-12  Dan Travigliaupdated settings with secret secret key
2015-11-06  Dan Travigliaadded developer portal back
2015-11-06  Dan Travigliaadded ALE endpoint to and referenced in...
2015-11-06  Dan Travigliamoved email authorization to allow registration emails
2015-11-05  Dan TravigliaMerge branch 'security' into testing
2015-11-05  Dan Travigliadelete conflicts from merge with achievements; mostly...
2015-11-05  Dan TravigliaMerge branch 'achievements' into testing
2015-11-05  Dan Travigliaadded authorization to all exp_portal and upload pages
2015-11-05  Dan TravigliaMerge branch 'dashboard' into testing
2015-11-04  Ubuntu- updated models with 255 length strings for url
2015-10-13  Ubuntuencryption functions and logging in; AXES...
2015-10-13  Dan Travigliaadd authorization to tasks views in exp_portal
2015-10-02  Dan TravigliaMerge branch 'dashboard' into testing
2015-10-02  Dan Traviglialogin required added to multiple pages
2015-09-25  Kyle FinleyMerge branch 'testing' of
2015-09-21  Dan Travigliaprior to merge with dashboard branch
2015-09-15  Dan Travigliabuild base email form on exp_portal
2015-09-14  Dan Travigliaupdate for secrets
2015-09-14  Dan Travigliaupdate for email
2015-09-03  Kyle FinleyAdded a new module 'uploads' to add a page where a...
2015-08-19  Kyle FinleyResolved issue in
2015-08-06  Kyle FinleyMerge branch 'testing' of
2015-07-31  Kyle FinleyAdded dashboard tray and D3 bar charts.
2015-07-30  Kyle FinleyAdded graphics for exp portal dashboard. Started buildi...
2015-07-08  Dan Travigliaupate index page text for user testing
2015-06-11  Dan Travigliafix bug in task label on experiment portal
2015-06-10  Dan Traviglia+ add capabilites to experiment portal for managing...
2015-06-07  Dan Travigliaremove Experiment from title page
2015-06-05  Dan Travigliaremove experiment references
2015-06-05  Dan Travigliaadd logic for task buffett; stub new admin capabilities...
2015-06-04  Dan Travigliaadd timed parameter to experiment model and logic to...
2015-06-03  Dan Travigliaadd user feedback intro page
2015-06-03  Dan Travigliastub new experiment features for tasking during user...
2015-04-28  Dan Travigliaupdate hardcoded urls; add task management
2015-04-17  Dan Travigliamove db outside of source in
2015-04-15  Dan Travigliamove db and static files outside of main source tree
2015-04-14  Dan TravigliaUpdated templates with individual sidebars for experime...
2015-04-02  Dan Travigliaexperiment, developer, user portal updated
2015-03-23  Dan Travigliaupdated navigation through tasks to require instruction...
2015-03-20  Dan Travigliaadded functional test for registration
2015-03-20  Dan Travigliaadded tracking for instruction completion
2015-03-18  Dan Travigliadebugged user registration refactor
2015-03-17  Dan Travigliarefactored user authentication with builtin django...
2015-03-12  Dan Travigliastubbed out new user registration
2015-03-05  Dan Travigliaadded developer portal; updated experiment admin portal
2015-03-04  Dan Travigliachanged url for experiment dashboard
2015-02-26  Dan Travigliaadded prototype product page for experiment admin
2015-02-25  Dan Travigliaprototype experiment portal
2015-02-18  Dan TravigliaMerge branch 'unit_tests' into testing
2015-02-13  Dan Travigliatesting debug mode release
2015-02-13  Dan Travigliaupdated for collecting static files
2015-02-12  Dan Travigliaupdated instruction redirection
2014-08-27  Dan Travigliafixed debug status
2014-08-27  Dan TravigliaMerge branch 'release' of
2014-08-27  Dan Travigliafixed debug status
2014-08-21  Dan Travigliaremoved old files
2014-08-21  Dan Travigliacleaned code, updated readme, added logging
2014-08-19  Dan Travigliatesting again
2014-08-19  Dan Travigliatest
2014-07-30  Dan Travigliatest merge into development
2014-07-30  Dan Travigliamerge test
2014-07-24  Dan Travigliafixed static ip
2014-07-18  David ReedVagrant fully up and running with VirtualBox Provider...
2014-07-18  David Reedfixed issue #3
2014-07-17  David Reedvagrant changes and changes to task list and op task...
2014-07-14  David ReedUpdate README
2014-07-11  David ReedInitial commit