2015-11-15  Dan Travigliaupdate registration to specific experiment
2015-11-15  Dan Travigliaupdated with consent form and new experiment text"
2015-11-12  Dan Travigliaupdated settings with secret secret key
2015-11-06  Dan Travigliaadded developer portal back
2015-11-06  Dan Travigliadisabled activity count retrieval from ALE endpoint
2015-11-06  Dan Travigliaupdate ALE endpoing in javascript
2015-11-06  Dan Travigliaadded ALE endpoint to and referenced in...
2015-11-06  Dan Travigliamoved email authorization to allow registration emails
2015-11-05  Dan TravigliaMerge branch 'security' into testing
2015-11-05  Dan Travigliadelete conflicts from merge with achievements; mostly...
2015-11-05  Dan TravigliaMerge branch 'achievements' into testing
2015-11-05  Dan Travigliaadded authorization to all exp_portal and upload pages
2015-11-05  Dan TravigliaMerge branch 'dashboard' into testing
2015-11-05  Dan Traviglia- added authentication to developer page
2015-11-04  Ubuntu- updated models with 255 length strings for url
2015-10-13  Ubuntuencryption functions and logging in; AXES...
2015-10-13  Dan Travigliaadd authorization to tasks views in exp_portal
2015-10-13  Dan Travigliaupdated achievements tests
2015-10-13  Dan Travigliaadd tests for achievements. achievements mostly functional
2015-10-02  Kyle FinleyAdded row shading to dashboard tray even <li>s to incre...
2015-10-02  Dan TravigliaMerge branch 'dashboard' into testing
2015-10-02  Dan Travigliaupdate login required on uploads
2015-10-02  Kyle FinleyMade a more thorough comment to django template code...
2015-10-02  Dan Traviglialogin required added to multiple pages
2015-09-30  Kyle FinleyChanged the variable names to select the correct master...
2015-09-29  Kyle FinleyUpdated the url and any instance of 'list' in the uploa...
2015-09-29  Dan Travigliaupdate achievements
2015-09-29  Kyle FinleyChanged logic so that the D3 charts show up on initial...
2015-09-28  Kyle FinleyAdded /static/results/* to gitignore. Updated expPortal...
2015-09-28  Dan Travigliapilot test achievements model
2015-09-25  Kyle FinleyMerge branch 'testing' of
2015-09-25  Kyle FinleyAdded a js file for uploads module. Added ipython noteb...
2015-09-22  Dan TravigliaMerge ... email branch (also includes some dashboard...
2015-09-22  Kyle FinleyMerge branch 'email' of
2015-09-22  Kyle FinleyAdded if-else statements in to display differe...
2015-09-22  Dan Travigliaadd example code for retrieving filename and path
2015-09-22  Dan Travigliamark function location for results parse code addition
2015-09-21  Dan Travigliaimplement password reset function
2015-09-21  Dan Travigliaprior to merge with dashboard branch
2015-09-21  Dan Travigliapilot testing password reset forms
2015-09-18  Dan Travigliaupload file to a specific directory built; probably...
2015-09-17  Kyle FinleyUpdated the border color of the email message textarea...
2015-09-17  Kyle FinleyUpdated the HTML structure and CSS styles for the email...
2015-09-17  Dan Travigliafunctional email subsystem with custom messages and...
2015-09-15  Kyle FinleyCommitting the migration for the change to the DB for...
2015-09-15  Kyle FinleyMore changes to make the file upload path dynamic....
2015-09-15  Dan Travigliabuild base email form on exp_portal
2015-09-14  Kyle FinleyModified uploads files to support loading of a file.
2015-09-14  Dan Travigliaupdate for secrets
2015-09-14  Dan Travigliaupdate gitignore
2015-09-14  Dan Travigliaupdate for email
2015-09-03  Kyle FinleyAdded a new module 'uploads' to add a page where a...
2015-08-25  Kyle FinleyStarted working on filtering CSV master answer sheet.
2015-08-19  Kyle FinleyAdded all user template callouts in status.html.
2015-08-19  Kyle FinleyAdded status.html template calls for user.
2015-08-19  Kyle FinleyResolved issue in with imports.
2015-08-19  Kyle FinleyResolved issue in
2015-08-19  Kyle FinleyReworked status.html view to return experiment info...
2015-08-18  Dan Travigliaadd user_hash export function to REST API in exp portal
2015-08-11  Dan Travigliamove view functions for exp portal into separate files...
2015-08-07  Kyle FinleyGave expTray lis a bottom margin. Still working on...
2015-08-06  Kyle FinleyMerge branch 'testing' of
2015-08-06  Kyle FinleyExpTray toggles based on clicking on expShelf.
2015-08-06  Kyle FinleyAdded for loop for experiments. Hid the trays. Added...
2015-08-06  Kyle FinleyChanged the for loop for tasks.
2015-08-06  Kyle FinleyRemoved tables from users, products, and tasks.
2015-08-06  Kyle FinleyAdded experiment variable to status view.
2015-07-31  Kyle FinleyCorrected the default display on the metrics sections.
2015-07-31  Kyle FinleyAdded dashboard tray and D3 bar charts.
2015-07-30  Kyle FinleyAdded graphics for exp portal dashboard. Started buildi...
2015-07-20  Dan Travigliaadd sessionID info to user task page on experiment...
2015-07-08  Dan Travigliaupate index page text for user testing
2015-07-08  Dan Travigliaupdate portal instructions
2015-07-07  Dan Travigliadisable product button in task launch until product...
2015-07-07  Dan Travigliaupdate task list in exp portal text
2015-07-07  Dan Travigliaupdate task list in exp portal to sort by dataset
2015-07-07  Dan Travigliamove product instructions to task splash page with...
2015-07-07  Dan Traviglia+ update text for sequential task in add experiment
2015-06-29  Dan Travigliaupdate to path user through instructions before tasks
2015-06-29  Dan Travigliaclose product tab on task quit
2015-06-29  Dan Traviglia+ change user experiment
2015-06-28  Dan Travigliafix add product to save dataset
2015-06-28  Dan Travigliafix exit url when adding product
2015-06-28  Dan Traviglia+ updates for user testing rebuilt
2015-06-24  Dan Traviglia+ update references to tasklistitems in task_list
2015-06-20  Dan Travigliafix bug on task splash page that redirects back on...
2015-06-19  Dan Traviglia+ change product from iframe to new tab
2015-06-18  Dan Travigliastub product launch in new tab capability
2015-06-17  Dan Travigliaupdate exceptions in op_tasks
2015-06-16  Dan Travigliaupdate activity log server address to v3
2015-06-16  Dan Travigliaupdate task menu so only chevron is active
2015-06-11  Dan Travigliafix bug in task label on experiment portal
2015-06-11  Dan Travigliashow all users regardless of status
2015-06-11  Dan Travigliamodify task iframe settings
2015-06-11  Dan Traviglia+ update modal dialog css
2015-06-10  Dan Travigliaupdate product content div to remove scrollbar
2015-06-10  Dan Traviglia+ add capabilites to experiment portal for managing...
2015-06-07  Dan Travigliaremove Experiment from title page
2015-06-07  Dan Travigliaupdate task list links with product names
2015-06-05  Dan Travigliaremove experiment references