adding deprecation badge
[incubator-flagon-tap.git] / tap /
2016-12-16  Arthi VezhavendanAdded remaining apache license headers refactor 3/head
2016-12-16  Arthi VezhavendanCSRF disabling middleware added
2016-11-22  Arthi VezhavendanFixing merge conflicts for docker and master branches
2016-11-21  Clay GimenezTap v0.2 front end simplification
2016-11-20  Arthi VezhavendanInitial containerized docker build for tap+es+distill
2016-11-19  Arthi VezhavendanUpdated distill connection links
2016-11-17  Arthi VezhavendanWildcard routing added to TAP urls
2016-11-08  mooshu1x2Cleaning up for production/docker build.
2016-10-21  Arthi VezhavendanEndpoint for app results fixed
2016-10-11  Arthi VezhavendanEndpoints updates for front end connections
2016-10-11  Arthi Vezhavendanjquery switched
2016-10-11  Clay GimenezCherry pick front end bundle
2016-10-11  Arthi VezhavendanMerge branch 'endpoints'
2016-09-21  Lewis John McGibbneySENSSOFT-63 Add ALv2.0 License Headers to TAP 1/head
2016-07-20  Arthi VezhavendanFixed bug for signing out then logging in urls
2016-06-30  Stephen YorkMerge branch 'master' into vagrant_appmgr
2016-06-30  Stephen YorkRevert "Fix index URL so anything else can be served"
2016-06-30  Stephen YorkFix index URL so anything else can be served
2016-06-29  Fei SunMerge master endpoint code in vagrant
2016-06-27  Ubuntuchanging AppMgr to app_mgr
2016-06-27  Ubuntuchanging AppMgr to app_mgr
2016-06-24  UbuntuToken Authentication - it works!
2016-06-24  Ubuntumore basic auth
2016-06-22  Alex FordInitial Endpoints
2016-06-22  Alex Fordadmin that actually works
2016-06-20  Alex Fordlots of new files to get authentication up and running
2016-06-20  Alex Fordlots of stuff to get authentication up
2016-06-17  Alex Fordupgrading django version for JSONField
2016-06-15  Alex Fordchanged settings location
2016-06-15  Alex Fordsplitting dev and prod settings
2016-06-15  Alex Ford1st syncdb version
2016-06-14  Alex Fordchanging db backend to postgres
2016-06-14  Alex Fordadding django application for managing applications
2016-06-14  Alex Fordadding email user authentication
2016-06-14  Alex Fordchanging to django 1.18
2016-06-10  Alex Fordstarting tap project