2016-08-01  mooshu1x2elapsed time for drag operations are being recorded...
2016-07-29  mooshu1x2quick fix to changelog
2016-07-29  mooshu1x2Updated to version 1.0.1
2016-07-29  mooshu1x2Changed keylogging parameter to not confuse with the... keylogging
2016-07-29  mooshu1x2Added support to remove specific events from being...
2016-07-28  mooshu1x2Fixed double emits on same events.
2016-07-28  mooshu1x2Removed svn tag in setup.cfg
2016-07-28  mooshu1x2Added contributing document information.
2016-07-26  mooshu1x2Fixing documentation.
2016-07-26  mooshu1x2Logging to a file is supported.
2016-07-26  mooshu1x2Added support for path generation.
2016-07-26  mooshu1x2Added more examples
2016-07-26  mooshu1x2version handling
2016-07-26  mooshu1x2Updated documentation.
2016-07-15  mooshu1x2Added examples tests instrumented with userale.
2016-07-15  mooshu1x2Userale.pyqt beta version. Tracks mouse, keyboard,...
2016-07-15  mooshu1x2Updated requirements and added version file.
2016-07-15  mooshu1x2Updated documentation. Included brief instrumentation...
2016-06-24  mooshu1x2Added documentation template.
2016-06-24  mooshu1x2Initial commit. Project setup.