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2021-06-24  poorejcfixing merge for UserALE.js 2.2.0 site updates
2021-06-24  poorejcupdating site for UserALE.js 2.2.0 release
2021-06-03  Lewis John McGibbneyFLAGON-488 Add JSDELIVR documentation to UserALE JS 22/head
2021-04-17  poorejcadding feed.xml for 2.1.1 release
2021-04-17  poorejcsite updates for 2.1.1 release
2020-03-29  poorejcmerging 2.1.0 release site updates into asf-site
2020-03-29  poorejcupdating feed.xml
2020-03-29  poorejcMerge branch 'master' into asf-site
2020-03-29  poorejcupdating _site for Release
2019-09-09  poorejcupdate site with ASF compliant download page
2019-09-09  poorejcUpdate download page for ASF compliance
2019-09-05  poorejcpulling v2.0.2 site updates to live site
2019-09-05  poorejcv2.0.2 release updates to _site
2019-07-14  poorejc[FLAGON-382, 347, 406] merging Flagon name change updat...
2019-07-13  poorejcminor updates for test branch
2019-07-09  poorejc[FLAGON-415] pushing data scaling formatting live
2019-07-09  poorejc[FLAGON-415] a few more formating updates to scaling...
2019-07-09  poorejcMerge branch 'master' into asf-site
2019-07-09  poorejc[FLAGON-415] Fixes broken scaling page
2019-07-03  poorejcmerging mods for v2.0.0 release links
2019-07-03  poorejcupdating Releases links for v2.0.0
2019-06-29  poorejcmerging with master
2019-06-29  poorejccopying over _site to content
2019-06-29  poorejcpre-merge push to catch up with master
2019-06-28  poorejc[FLAGON-344] updates to website to reflect Flagon namec...
2019-06-27  poorejccopied rebuilt site from docker container
2019-06-27  poorejcminor updates to pages
2019-04-28  poorejc[FLAGON-379] added images for scaling guide in site...
2019-01-21  poorejcPull Request #3--Improved footer fo comply with Whimsy
2019-01-13  Roy LenferinkMerge branch 'master' of
2018-11-17  Roy LenferinkGenerated site
2018-04-18  Lewis John McGibbneyMerge branch 'SENSSOFT-287'
2018-03-13  Lewis John McGibbneySENSSOFT-288 Download page must not link to 5/head
2018-03-12  Lewis John McGibbneyPush updates from site to deploy
2018-03-12  Lewis John McGibbneyMerge branch 'master' into asf-site
2018-03-09  Lewis John McGibbneyUpdate Website for UserALE.js 1.0.0 release
2018-01-26  msbeardMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2017-12-01  Rob FoleyMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2017-12-01  Rob FoleyUpdated copyright attribution
2017-05-25  msb3399Added dockerignore file.
2017-05-25  msb3399Updated README to show how to update build site content...
2017-03-20  Arthi VezhavendanSENSSOFT-158: Added links to repositories in Releases
2017-03-20  Arthi VezhavendanSENSSOFT-159: Fixed email link to user-subscribe@sensso...
2017-01-26  Arthi VezhavendanRevert "Modifying file structure again to test if site...
2017-01-26  Arthi VezhavendanModifying file structure again to test if site builds
2017-01-23  Clay GimenezModify file structure for http hosting config
2017-01-18  Lewis John McGibbneyPush site to top level and create new branch
2017-01-12  Clay GimenezUpdated image colors and added inverted versions
2017-01-12  Clay GimenezInitial commit - Website 1.0