[HIVEMALL-317] Update documentation about Amazon EMR
[incubator-hivemall.git] / src /
2021-04-28  Makoto Yui[HIVEMALL-310] Remove old release artifacts and unlink...
2019-12-19  Makoto YuiReplaced http with https and added verification procedure
2019-12-19  Makoto YuiFixed links in doc
2019-12-19  Makoto YuiUpdated download page
2019-12-19  Makoto YuiMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/v0.6.0'
2019-11-28  Makoto YuiFixed release guide
2019-10-04  Makoto Yui[HIVEMALL-267] Drop Spark Dataframe support (SparkSQL...
2019-03-18  Makoto YuiFixed links
2019-03-18  Makoto Yuiworkaround for maven-project-info-reports-plugin erros...
2019-03-18  Makoto Yui[HIVEMALL-242][HIVEMALL-241] Drop support for Spark...
2019-01-08  Makoto YuiMoved git repos to Gitbox
2018-12-04  Makoto YuiFixed ANN message and download page
2018-12-03  Makoto YuiUpdate the project top page
2018-12-03  Makoto YuiUpdated release history
2018-12-03  Makoto YuiMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/v0.5.2'
2018-11-21  Makoto Yui[DOC] Added workaround for a Surefire error
2018-11-19  Makoto Yui[HIVEMALL-227-2] Updated release guide to use SHA-512
2018-11-15  Makoto Yui[HIVEMALL-227][DOC] Removed md5 and replace sha1 with...
2018-11-07  Makoto YuiFixed release guide for MAVEN_OPT
2018-11-05  Makoto YuiUpdated release guide for SSL related workaround
2018-04-26  Takuya KitazawaMake size of incubator logo smaller
2018-04-26  Takuya KitazawaFix incubator logo at the bottom of site
2018-04-20  Takuya Kitazawa[HIVEMALL-197] Update Apache incubator logo
2018-03-13  Makoto YuiUpdated the project site
2018-03-13  Makoto YuiUpdated the project site for v0.5.0 release
2018-03-06  Makoto YuiUpdate release guide
2018-03-06  Makoto YuiFixed LICENSE file
2018-02-20  Makoto YuiClose #131: [v0.5.0-rc3] Merge v0.5.0 branch
2018-02-14  Makoto YuiRenamed a file
2018-02-14  Makoto YuiUpdate release guide
2018-01-25  Makoto YuiUpdated release guide
2018-01-25  Makoto YuiUpdated release guide and added artifact verification...
2018-01-15  Makoto YuiUpdated to install md5sha1sum
2018-01-12  Tsuyoshi OzawaClose #133: Updating mailing lists for announcing new...
2018-01-05  Makoto YuiUpdated release guide
2018-01-04  Makoto YuiUpdated release setup guide
2017-12-26  Makoto YuiClose #127: [HIVEMALL-2] Change Maven release scheme...
2017-04-24  myuiFixed gitbook index
2016-12-05  Kai SasakiUpdated the news feed of the top page. This closes #10
2016-11-19  Kai Sasaki[HIVEMALL-4] Implement contribution guideline (#382)
2016-11-12  Makoto YUIMerge pull request #380 from myui/jira/HIVEMALL-12
2016-11-12  myuiMerge branch 'master' into jira/HIVEMALL-12
2016-11-07  myuiUpdated license headers of src/site/markdown/*.md
2016-10-30  Kai SasakiHIVEMALL-14: Build instruction including xgboost librar...
2016-10-24  myuiAdded learn more button
2016-10-22  myuiUpdated links
2016-10-22  Makoto YUIMerge pull request #376 from myui/gitbook
2016-10-22  myuiAdded a gitbook userguide
2016-10-22  myuiAdded a gitbook userguide
2016-10-19  myuiMerged asfsite branch
2016-10-19  myuiUpdate site contents
2016-10-19  myuiUpdated site contents
2016-10-11  myuiMerge branch 'Lewuathe-fluido-skin-site' into fluido...
2016-10-11  myuiresolved conflicts
2016-10-11  myuiFixed top page
2016-10-06  LewuatheAlign with ASF conventions
2016-10-06  LewuatheHIVEMALL-1: Align ASF conventions
2016-09-29  Kai Sasaki[HIVEMALL-1] Attach Carousel design (#364)
2016-09-29  lewuathe[HIVEMALL-1] Attach Carousel design
2016-09-29  myuiAdded initial working draft of `mvn site`
2015-11-06  Makoto YUIMerge pull request #225 from myui/dev/modularize
2015-11-05  myuiMoved GuessAttributesUDF to core module
2015-11-05  myuiMerge branch 'maropu-MakeMixServModule' into develop
2015-11-04  Takeshi YAMAMUROMake two modules (core and mixserv) to remove the depen...
2015-11-04  myuiUpdated hivemall version from v0.4.0-1 to v0.4.0-2
2015-11-04  myuiChanged behavior of convert_label
2015-11-04  myuiChanged behaviors for empty string
2015-10-30  myuiApplied small refactoring
2015-10-30  Makoto YUIMerge pull request #224 from myui/hotfix/fix_fm_predict_bug
2015-10-29  myuiUpdated hivemall version from 0.4.0 to 0.4.0-1
2015-10-29  myuiFixed a corner case bug in fm_predict
2015-10-29  myuiFixed `mf_predict` bug caused in TD env where null...
2015-10-28  Makoto YUIMerge pull request #223 from myui/dev/hotfix_v0.4.0
2015-10-28  myuiFixed a packaging bug related to smile and replaced...
2015-10-28  Makoto YUIMerge pull request #222 from myui/dev/hotfix_v0.4
2015-10-28  myuiUpdated hivemall version to 0.4
2015-10-28  myuiAdded guess_attribute_types UDF
2015-10-27  Makoto YUIMerge pull request #220 from myui/hotfix/fix_mix_diffcl...
2015-10-27  myuiChanged assertion comments
2015-10-27  myuiMerge branch 'hotfix/mixserv_fix_diffclock'
2015-10-27  myuiFixed result checks for a single client
2015-10-27  myuiChanged JUnit imports
2015-10-27  myuiFixed getNumMixed to return long
2015-10-27  myuiFixed not to call deprecated methods
2015-10-26  myuiFixed a bug in sigmoid(null). PLT-4718
2015-10-26  Makoto YUIMerge pull request #219 from myui/dev/merge_smile_no_squash
2015-10-26  myuiMerge branch 'dev/smile'
2015-10-25  Makoto YUIMerge pull request #214 from maropu/LogFix
2015-10-25  Takeshi YAMAMUROAdd a dependency for hivemall-fat.jar
2015-10-25  Takeshi YAMAMUROFix incorrect configurations in test/resources/log4j...
2015-10-24  myuiFixed imports
2015-10-24  myuiChanged the `diffClock` logic
2015-10-24  Makoto YUIMerge pull request #210 from maropu/AddHivemallTest
2015-10-23  Takeshi YAMAMUROApply comments
2015-10-23  Makoto YUIMerge pull request #212 from myui/hotfix/add_num_worker...
2015-10-23  myuiAdded `-workers` option
2015-10-23  Makoto YUIMerge pull request #211 from myui/hotfix/disable_verbos...
2015-10-23  myuiAdded EOL
2015-10-23  myuiSet logging level to ERROR in tests
2015-10-23  Takeshi YAMAMUROAdd a base class for output log readability