2019-10-31  Makoto YuiAdded SparseDMatrixBuilder 211/head
2019-10-31  Makoto YuiRenamed XGBoostUDTF as XGBoostBaseUDTF
2019-10-31  Aki Ariga[HIVEMALL-274] Fix wrong column name of train_regressor...
2019-10-30  Makoto YuiAdded document about xgboost_version() UDF
2019-10-30  Makoto Yui[HIVEMALL-273] Support xgboost v0.90
2019-10-29  Makoto Yui[HIVEMALL-260] Remove dependencies to Scala library...
2019-10-23  Makoto YuiRemove rand_gid/rand_gid2 macro
2019-10-23  Makoto Yui[HIVEMALL-261][HIVEMALL-262] argmin/argmax/argsort UDF
2019-10-21  Makoto Yui[HIVEMALL-244] Support Java9, Java11(LTS)
2019-10-18  Makoto Yui[HIVEMALL-269] Modified to use matrix4j for matrix...
2019-10-08  Makoto YuiFixed annotations
2019-10-07  Makoto YuiMoved matrix/random package to utils/random
2019-10-07  Makoto YuiMerged ArrayUtilsTest
2019-10-04  Makoto Yui[HIVEMALL-267] Drop Spark Dataframe support (SparkSQL...
2019-10-03  Makoto Yui[HIVEMALL-268] Fix the default vInit, eta initializatio...
2019-09-27  Makoto Yui[HIVEMALL-171] Tracing functionality for prediction...
2019-09-13  Makoto Yui[HIVEMALL-245] Refactor RandomForest for Sparse Data...
2019-07-26  Makoto YuiFixed a documentation bug
2019-07-18  Makoto YuiAdd test of sparse input for randomforest classifier
2019-07-13  Makoto YuiFixed a minor typo in doc
2019-07-10  Makoto YuiAdded sanity checks for training data in RandomForest
2019-07-10  Makoto YuiRefactor Matrix module for NNZ and zero value handling
2019-06-28  Makoto YuiFixed ToC
2019-06-28  Makoto YuiAdded usage for feature_binning UDF
2019-06-28  Makoto YuiFixed a doc
2019-06-28  Makoto YuiFixed feature binning documentation
2019-06-27  Makoto Yui[HIVEMALL-259][DOC] Refactor feature_binning UDF
2019-06-25  Makoto YuiFixed imports
2019-06-25  Solodye[HIVEMALL-253-2] map_roulette UDF
2019-06-20  Makoto Yui[HIVEMALL-258] Add UDF to convert feature/label in...
2019-06-20  Makoto YuiFixed a bug in document
2019-06-19  Makoto YuiFixed the usage of min-max scaling and zscore
2019-06-12  Makoto YuiIncreased write buffer from 1MB to 2MB
2019-04-19  Makoto YuiUpdate doc
2019-04-19  Makoto Yui[HIVEMALL-251] Add option to return PartOfSpeech inform...
2019-04-13  Makoto Yui[HIVEMALL-246] Add feature name validation in feature UDF
2019-04-13  Makoto Yui[HIVEMALL-237-1] Add usage in ML function reference...
2019-04-13  Makoto Yui[HIVEMALL-248] UDF for Kuromoji stoptags
2019-04-12  Makoto Yui[HIVEMALL-247][DOC] Recommend hive.optimize.cte.materia...
2019-04-12  Makoto Yui[HIVEMALL-250][DOC] Add tutorial for binarize_label
2019-03-25  Makoto YuiAdded a unit test for PA regression
2019-03-18  Makoto YuiFixed links
2019-03-18  Makoto Yuiworkaround for maven-project-info-reports-plugin erros...
2019-03-18  Makoto YuiUpdated scm tag
2019-03-18  Makoto YuiExcluded JDK's tools.jar from Bytecode Version enforcer
2019-03-18  Makoto YuiAdded Java API compatibility checks
2019-03-18  Makoto Yui[HIVEMALL-242][HIVEMALL-241] Drop support for Spark...
2019-03-13  Makoto Yui[HIVEMALL-243] Fix nominal variable handling in Decisio...
2019-02-21  Makoto YuiApplied refactoring
2019-02-21  Makoto YuiApplied formatter
2019-02-21  Makoto Yui[HIVEMALL-238] Fixed from_json UDF to support top-level...
2019-02-15  Makoto YuiFixed scala test errors
2019-02-14  Makoto YuiFixed CI error due to a bug in unit test
2019-02-08  Makoto YuiRefined tutorial documents
2019-02-08  Makoto YuiApplied refactoring and documentation improvement
2019-02-07  Makoto YuiRenamed map_index UDF to map_get
2019-02-06  Makoto YuiAdded usages
2019-02-06  Makoto YuiModified to_string_array to be a generic UDF
2019-02-05  Makoto Yui[HIVEMALL-236] to_json/from_json cause KryoException...
2019-02-05  Takuya Kitazawa[HIVEMALL-233-2] RandomForest regressor accepts sparse...
2019-01-30  Takuya Kitazawa[HIVEMALL-234] Define `EtaEstimator` default values...
2019-01-30  Makoto Yui[HIVEMALL-235] Fix a bug in expansion of array where...
2019-01-10  Kengo Seki[HIVEMALL-232][DOC] Fix typo in the Top-K document
2019-01-09  Makoto YuiFixed to update properly
2019-01-08  Makoto Yui[HIVEMALL-231] Replaced subarray UDF implementation...
2019-01-08  Makoto YuiMoved git repos to Gitbox
2018-12-26  Makoto Yui[HIVEMALL-214][DOC] Update userguide for General Classi...
2018-12-26  Makoto Yui[HIVEMALL-230] Revise Optimizer Implementation
2018-12-04  Makoto YuiFixed ANN message and download page
2018-12-03  Makoto YuiUpdate the project top page
2018-12-03  Makoto YuiUpdated release history
2018-12-03  Makoto YuiMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/v0.5.2'
2018-11-21  Makoto Yui[DOC] Added workaround for a Surefire error
2018-11-19  Makoto Yui[HIVEMALL-227-2] Updated release guide to use SHA-512
2018-11-19  Makoto Yui[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development... v0.5.2
2018-11-19  Makoto Yui[maven-release-plugin] prepare release v0.5.2-rc2 v0.5.2 v0.5.2-rc2
2018-11-19  Makoto YuiBumped up ASF parent pom version to 21 to use SHA-512...
2018-11-15  Makoto Yui[HIVEMALL-227][DOC] Removed md5 and replace sha1 with...
2018-11-15  Makoto YuiBumped version string to 0.5.2-incubating
2018-11-15  Makoto YuiPrepare for the next Snapshot release of v0.5.2
2018-11-14  Takeshi Yamamuro[SPARK][HOTFIX] Fix the existing test failures in spark-2.3
2018-11-14  Vladimir KrozFix typo
2018-11-13  Makoto YuiFixed tutorial docs
2018-11-13  Makoto Yui[HIVEMALL-223] Add -kv_map and -vk_map option to to_ord...
2018-11-09  Makoto YuiFixed Travis CI bug [[: not found
2018-11-07  Makoto YuiFixed scalatest version used for Spark 2.3 to avoid...
2018-11-07  Makoto YuiFixed release guide for MAVEN_OPT
2018-11-07  Makoto YuiUpdated Netty version to cope with NoSuchMethodError...
2018-11-07  Makoto YuiFixed a bug introduced in the previous commit
2018-11-07  Makoto YuiRemoved unknown host
2018-11-07  Makoto YuiFixed scala test for subarray UDF misusage
2018-11-07  Makoto YuiFixed GeneralRegressorUDTFTest to cope with behavioral...
2018-11-06  Makoto YuiFixed a bug in ArrayFlattenUDFTest
2018-11-06  Makoto YuiFixed a possible Json deserialize bug caused by illegal...
2018-11-06  Makoto YuiFixed failing test
2018-11-05  Makoto YuiUpdated release guide for SSL related workaround
2018-11-03  Makoto YuiAdded missing license header
2018-11-03  Makoto YuiAdded Koji to the Mentor list
2018-11-03  Makoto YuiFixed term vector space tutorial
2018-11-03  Makoto YuiFixed bm25() UDF for help message