2018-06-14  Makoto YuiFixed to include relocated HCatalog in hivemall-all.jar
2018-06-11  Makoto Yui[HIVEMALL-203] Relocated org.codehaus.jackson to hivema...
2018-06-06  Makoto Yui[HIVEMALL-145] Merge Brickhouse functions
2018-05-24  nonoupdate conv.awk location
2018-05-24  Takuya KitazawaUpdate GitHub PR template for code formatter
2018-05-16  Takuya KitazawaRequest contributers to use ./bin/
2018-05-16  Takuya KitazawaUpdate README according to the change of formatter
2018-04-28  Makoto YuiRemoved unnessesary entry
2018-04-28  Makoto YuiRefactored to remove IDE warnings
2018-04-27  Makoto YuiApplied formatter
2018-04-27  Makoto YuiChanged to use spotless-maven-plugin for the formatter
2018-04-27  Makoto YuiReverted formatter-maven-plugin version to 0.5.2
2018-04-27  Makoto YuiRemoved warnings about duplicate entry
2018-04-27  Makoto YuiFixed formatting scheme for multi-module project
2018-04-26  Makoto YuiApplied refactoring for #145
2018-04-26  Makoto YuiRenamed a unit test class name
2018-04-26  Takuya KitazawaMake size of incubator logo smaller
2018-04-26  Takuya KitazawaFix incubator logo at the bottom of site
2018-04-25  Takuya Kitazawa[HIVEMALL-191] Add Kryo serialization test to existing...
2018-04-25  Takuya Kitazawa[HIVEMALL-193] Implement a tool for generating a list...
2018-04-20  Takuya Kitazawa[HIVEMALL-197] Update Apache incubator logo
2018-04-19  Makoto YuiApplied refactoring
2018-04-18  Takuya Kitazawa[HIVEMALL-192] Fix typos: graphvis -> graphviz
2018-04-17  Takuya KitazawaFormat
2018-04-17  Makoto YuiUpdated randomforest hyperparameter description
2018-04-17  Makoto YuiUpdated description of RandomForest classifier option
2018-04-17  Takuya KitazawaFix typo in documentation: Whether, wheather -> weather
2018-04-16  Makoto YuiRemoved a link in user guide
2018-04-16  Takuya Kitazawa[HIVEMALL-189] Create a list of all functions
2018-04-13  Makoto YuiMoved a file used in a test to test/resources
2018-04-13  Makoto YuiClose #144: [HIVEMALL-190][HOTFIX] Fixed a bug in tree_...
2018-04-13  Takuya KitazawaFix typos
2018-04-12  Makoto YuiFixed array_concat to return List<Writable>
2018-04-12  Takuya KitazawaRemove deprecated sha1 UDF from
2018-04-11  Makoto YuiFixed a Kryo serialization error in select_k_best UDF
2018-04-10  Takuya KitazawaFix typo in
2018-04-10  Takuya Kitazawa[HIVEMALL-188] Avoid KryoException: java.lang.NullPoint...
2018-04-09  Makoto YuiMerged brickhouse functions #135
2018-04-05  Takeshi Yamamuro[HIVEMALL-117][SPARK] Update the installation guide...
2018-04-02  Takeshi Yamamuro[HIVEMALL-180][SPARK] Drop the Spark-2.0 support
2018-04-02  Kento NOZAWAChange the organization of nzw
2018-03-28  Takeshi YamamuroClose #137: [HIVEMALL-179][SPARK] Support spark-v2.3
2018-03-13  Makoto YuiUpdated the project site
2018-03-13  Makoto YuiUpdated the project site for v0.5.0 release
2018-03-13  Makoto Yui[HIVEMALL-174][DOC] Update RandomForest document to...
2018-03-07  Makoto YuiUpdated Mentor information becuase Markus resigned
2018-03-06  Makoto YuiUpdate release guide
2018-03-06  Makoto YuiFixed LICENSE file
2018-02-28  Takuya KitazawaFix typo: multipler -> multiplier
2018-02-21  Takuya KitazawaFix typo: propcess -> process
2018-02-21  Makoto Yuimvn validate and compile-xgboost is no more used
2018-02-21  Takuya KitazawaFix CI failure
2018-02-20  Takuya KitazawaFix typo: Statefull -> Stateful
2018-02-20  Makoto YuiClose #131: [v0.5.0-rc3] Merge v0.5.0 branch
2018-02-14  Makoto YuiRenamed a file
2018-02-14  Makoto YuiUpdate release guide
2018-01-25  Makoto YuiUpdated release guide
2018-01-25  Makoto YuiUpdated release guide and added artifact verification...
2018-01-15  Makoto YuiUpdated to install md5sha1sum
2018-01-12  Tsuyoshi OzawaClose #133: Updating mailing lists for announcing new...
2018-01-12  Tsuyoshi OzawaClose #132: Update Tsuyoshi's organization
2018-01-05  Makoto YuiUpdated release guide
2018-01-05  Makoto YuiAdded --version option
2018-01-05  Makoto YuiAdded -pom option
2018-01-04  Makoto YuiFixed pom to avoid git push by maven-release-plugin
2018-01-04  Makoto YuiUpdated release setup guide
2017-12-27  Makoto YuiAdded and pom.xml.tag to gitignore
2017-12-27  Makoto YuiAdded gitignore entry
2017-12-27  Akira Ajisaka[HIVEMALL-164] Fixed pom for appending proper NOTICE...
2017-12-27  Makoto YuiClose #119: [HIVEMALL-148] Add a script for merging...
2017-12-26  Makoto YuiFixed to include DISCLAIMER in jars
2017-12-26  Makoto YuiPrepare for the next snapshot release
2017-12-26  Makoto YuiFixed pom.xml for release versioning
2017-12-26  Makoto YuiClose #127: [HIVEMALL-2] Change Maven release scheme...
2017-12-19  Takuya Kitazawa[HIVEMALL-162] Support L1 normalization
2017-12-18  Makoto Yui[Hotfix] Fixed CI error due to depending roaringbitmap...
2017-12-18  Takuya KitazawaApply formatter
2017-11-27  Takuya KitazawaFix typo
2017-11-21  Makoto YuiClose #125: [HIVEMALL-18] approx_distinct_count UDAF...
2017-11-02  Takuya Kitazawa[HIVEMALL-157] Avoid Null Pointer Exception caused...
2017-10-26  Makoto Yui[HOTFIX] Reverted to support Java 7
2017-10-24  Makoto YuiClose #123: [HIVEMALL-154] Refactor Field-aware Factori...
2017-10-19  Makoto YuiUpdated eclipse style file for Java 8
2017-10-18  Makoto YuiApplied source code formatter
2017-10-18  Makoto YuiAdded a FFM unit test
2017-10-16  Makoto YuiFixed assertion conditions
2017-10-16  Makoto YuiFixed typos
2017-10-16  Takeshi YamamuroClose #122: [HIVEMALL-147][Spark] Support all Hivemall...
2017-10-16  Makoto YuiClose #121: [HIVEMALL-151] Support Matrix conversion...
2017-10-04  Takuya Kitazawa[HIVEMALL-149] Add tiny script for updating resources...
2017-10-04  Takuya Kitazawa[HIVEMALL-146] Yet another UDF to generate n-grams
2017-09-28  Makoto YuiUpdated PR template
2017-09-28  Makoto YuiFixed rendering errors in SLIM doc
2017-09-28  Makoto YuiFixed a link on SLIM documentation
2017-09-28  Kento NOZAWAClose #117, Close #111: [HIVEMALL-17] Support SLIM...
2017-09-15  Makoto YuiClose #115: [HIVEMALL-124][BUGFIX] Fixed bugs in Binary...
2017-09-14  Makoto YuiFixed CI error about f1score in Spark again
2017-09-14  Makoto YuiFixed CI error about f1score in Spark
2017-09-13  Makoto YuiMinor refactoring of FMeasureUDAF
2017-09-13  Makoto YuiDocumentation fixes for Evaluation