2019-04-09  Jermy Lireader: improve some error messages (#52)
2019-04-09  Jermy Liremove unused code (#53)
2019-04-09  Jermy Liadd serial id to XxException class (#54)
2019-04-09  浩宇天罡The import Unmodifiable is never used (#51)
2019-04-09  LinaryExample problem fix (#57)
2019-03-27  LinaryUpgrade and temporarily comment vulnerable dependency...
2019-03-22  LinaryAdd an option 'token' for authentication (#46)
2019-03-20  zhoneyimprove url regex regex (#47)
2019-03-18  LinarySupport config regex to skip specified line (#43)
2019-03-18  LinarySupport load data from HDFS and relational database...
2019-03-06  imbajinsupport list/set when load TEXT file (#38)
2019-02-27  liningruiSupport customized date format
2019-02-18  liningruiSupport load with a specified directory
2018-11-29  liningruiSupport to skip the line start with specified symbols
2018-11-29  liningruiFix edge parser error checking property key when custom...
2018-11-28  liningruiIgnore last redudant column and null value columns...
2018-11-23  liningruiFix bug vertices has joint primary keys load error
2018-11-23  liningruiFix two bug about single tasks and executor
2018-11-23  liningruiImprove exception message about check file
2018-11-23  liningruiAdd travis test
2018-11-05  zhangyi51hugegraph-1410 add ignore mechanism to data source...
2018-10-29  liningruiSupport load data with set cardinality property
2018-10-29  liningruiFix bug vertices with CUSTOMIZE_NUMBER id load error
2018-10-11  liningruiFix error in statistical insertion result
2018-08-16  liningruiHugeGraph-1389: Implement load data from file v0.7.0
2018-08-16  liningruiFirst commit for Loader