3 hours ago  mccheahAdd pluggable file I/O submodule in TableOperations... master
26 hours ago  Ryan BlueAdd Javadoc link.
26 hours ago  Ryan BlueUpdate to Spark 2.4 (#30)
26 hours ago  Ryan BlueUpdate community doc with repo location.
27 hours ago  Ryan BlueAdd doc about hidden partitioning.
5 days ago  Ratandeep RattiReturn FileAppender from Avro.WriteBuilder, not a packa...
5 days ago  Ryan BlueUpdate ExpireSnapshots to avoid commit when no snapshot...
5 days ago  Ryan BlueAdd manifest listing files (#21)
6 days ago  Ryan BlueStore multiple partition specs in table metadata. (#3)
6 days ago  mccheahSet derby log system property earlier (#19)
6 days ago  Ryan BlueFix Javadoc link in README.
12 days ago  Ryan BlueRemove filter and iterable methods from Snapshot. ...
12 days ago  Ryan BlueSupport dateCreated expressions in ScanSummary. (#2)
2018-11-27  mccheahAllow custom FileSystem logic in HadoopTableOperations...
2018-11-26  mccheahFix gitignore for IDEA project files. (#5)
2018-11-26  Ryan BlueAllow Tables implementations to override table paths...
2018-11-20  Ryan BlueDocs: Update mailing lists and add Travis CI badge...
2018-11-19  Ryan BlueUpdate README for Apache.
2018-11-19  Ryan BlueUpdate headers and licensing for Apache.
2018-11-19  Ryan BlueAdd Apache site.
2018-11-13  Ryan BlueAdd snapshot timestamp filtering to ScanSummary.
2018-11-13  Ryan BlueAdd accessor for data timestamp to ScanSummary.Partitio...
2018-11-13  Ryan BlueAdd task dependency on shadowJar to install.
2018-11-12  Ryan BlueUpdate to select data columns, not...
2018-11-12  mccheahApply the idea plugin for all projects. (#70)
2018-11-10  Ryan BlueAdd ScanEvent and Listeners.
2018-11-09  Ryan BlueAdd optional number of retries when refreshing metadata.
2018-11-09  Ryan BlueAdd exception trace when logging a task retry.
2018-11-08  Ryan BlueCache results in schema and partition spec parsers...
2018-11-08  Ryan BlueAdd ignoreDeleted to ManifestGroup.
2018-11-08  Ryan BlueDo not filter data files if filter is null or always...
2018-11-07  Ryan BlueFix NPE in ScanSummary.
2018-11-07  Ryan BlueAdd ManifestGroup to scan a set of manifests.
2018-11-07  Ryan BlueAdd FilteredManifest.entries to get filtered manifest...
2018-11-07  Ryan BlueAdd factory method withNoopClose to CloseableIterable.
2018-11-07  Ryan BlueUse a concurrent queue when parallelizing manifest...
2018-11-07  Ryan BlueImplement StructLike in GenericDataFile.
2018-11-06  Ryan BlueUpdate partition metrics toString.
2018-11-05  Ryan BlueRemove Closeable from TableScan interface. (#87)
2018-11-05  Ryan BlueAdd system property to turn off parallel scan planning...
2018-11-05  Ryan BlueAdd total partition size to ScanSummary.
2018-11-05  Ryan BlueAvoid projecting all manifest columns in ScanSummary.
2018-11-05  Ryan BlueAdd hard limit to ScanSummary.
2018-11-05  Ryan BlueClose scans in ScanSummary.
2018-11-05  Ryan BlueFix default value for parent snapshot ID in SnapshotUpdate.
2018-11-02  Ryan BlueDo not refresh tables in commit.
2018-11-02  Ryan BlueAdd snapshot ID and operation info log.
2018-11-02  Ryan BlueFix GenericDataFile when partition is not projected.
2018-11-02  Ryan BlueFix snapshot log order check causing flaky tests.
2018-11-02  Ryan BlueAdd FileHistory helper.
2018-11-02  Ryan BlueRemove mapred exception from catch in HadoopOutputFile.
2018-10-31  Ryan BlueAdd parent ID to snapshots. (#85)
2018-10-31  Ryan BlueUpdate ReplaceFiles to use MergingSnapshotUpdate. ...
2018-10-30  Parth BrahmbhattAdd metadata file compression. (#79)
2018-10-25  Daniel WeeksUpdate the runtime jar dependencies to not pull in...
2018-10-22  Omer van KloetenAdd gitter link to README (#74)
2018-10-18  mccheahUse nebula publishing and git version (#69)
2018-10-18  Ryan BlueSpark: Fix NPE in PartitionKey accessors. (#73)
2018-10-18  Atul Felix... Fix iceberg-spark and iceberg-pig descriptions in READM...
2018-10-04  Parth BrahmbhattUpdating ReplaceFiles implementation so it will allow...
2018-10-03  Ryan BlueUpdate version to 0.3.1 for iceberg-presto-runtime.
2018-10-03  Ryan BlueUpdate README module descriptions.
2018-10-03  Parth BrahmbhattAdding description about both iceberg-hive and iceberg...
2018-10-03  Parth BrahmbhattMoving off of guava emptyIterator to collections.emptyI...
2018-10-03  Parth BrahmbhattPresto runtime jar that shades dependencies that confli...
2018-10-02  Ryan BlueFix Spark literal conversion in In expressions.
2018-09-30  Ryan BlueAllow IcebergSource subclasses to access SparkSession.
2018-09-30  Ryan BlueRemove public constructor for Expressions.
2018-09-30  Ryan BlueUpdate LICENSE.
2018-09-30  Parth BrahmbhattAdd iceberg-hive to track Iceberg tables in the Hive...
2018-09-28  Ryan BlueUse filtered manifests from cache in snapshot updates.
2018-09-28  Ryan BlueFix float to double promotion in Parquet readers.
2018-09-26  Ryan BlueUpdate for 0.3.0.
2018-09-26  Ryan BlueUpdate Javadoc for 0.3.0.
2018-09-26  Ryan BlueFix nebula plugin and Travis CI.
2018-09-26  Ryan BlueBump version to 0.3.0.
2018-09-26  Owen O'MalleyUpdate Spark dependency to 2.3.2. (#62)
2018-09-26  Daniel WeeksExclude Hadoop from iceberg-runtime dependencies. ...
2018-09-26  Ryan BlueAdd toString to ScanSummary.PartitionMetrics.
2018-09-26  Ryan BlueAdd tests for replace partitions with unpartitioned...
2018-09-24  Ryan BlueFix delete operation bug.
2018-09-24  Ryan BlueFix TableScanIterable next when called without hasNext.
2018-09-24  Ryan BlueAdd ScanSummary.
2018-09-24  Ryan BlueLazily load file status to avoid remote calls.
2018-09-24  Ryan BlueFix SparkExpressions.convert recursion with nulls.
2018-09-19  Ryan BlueFix manifest file names correctness bug.
2018-09-19  Ryan BlueImplement replace table transaction. (#61)
2018-09-11  Ryan BlueAdd Parquet file support to iceberg-data.
2018-09-10  Ryan BlueAdd Iceberg generic object model for local reads. ...
2018-09-10  Ryan BlueAdd HasTableOperations to expose operations for creatin...
2018-09-10  Ryan BlueFix HadoopTables default constructor.
2018-09-10  Ryan BlueFix overwrite test file metrics.
2018-09-09  Ryan BlueAdd ReplacePartitions implementation.
2018-09-09  Ryan BlueAdd StructLikeWrapper to compare partition tuples.
2018-09-09  Ryan BlueAdd Overwrite operation.
2018-09-09  Ryan BlueAdd OverwriteFiles and ReplacePartitions APIs.
2018-09-09  Ryan BlueFix metrics evaluator in streaming delete.
2018-09-09  Ryan BlueAdd table properties to table creation methods.
2018-09-09  Ryan BlueRevert "Hive Table implementation."
2018-09-09  Ryan BlueRevert "Bugfixes:create would write to correct metadata...