92 min ago  Ring-kFix sanor kyy (#37) master
2 days ago  SolomonAnnFix sonar by Yanzhe An (#38)
2 days ago  BeyyesFix sonar problems by Beyyes (#33)
4 days ago  Xiangdong Huangoptimize JDK version checking in Win OS (#41)
4 days ago  Xiangdong Huangfix: on travis, then environment of openjdk11 + linux11...
4 days ago  Xiangdong Huangadd to skip all UTs: maven integration-test -DskipUTS...
4 days ago  Xiangdong HuangMerge pull request #46 from apache/fix_jdbc_service_can...
4 days ago  XuYiAdd iotdb env script test (#45)
4 days ago  MyXOFadd sync function for jdbc server to close and remove... 46/head
5 days ago  XuYichange start iotdb script using bash instead of sh...
6 days ago  Jialin QiaoMerge pull request #42 from apache/f_delete_hint
6 days ago  qiaojialinupdate delete hint f_delete_hint 42/head
9 days ago  Xiangdong HuangAdd 3 OS platforms and 2 JDK versions on Travis (#40)
9 days ago  Xiangdong HuangMerge pull request #39 from MyXOF/imporve_script_compatible
2019-02-02  Xiangdong HuangMerge pull request #32 from apache/fix_sonar_jt
2019-02-01  jtchange a parameter name to make it more understandable. 32/head
2019-02-01  jtfix a log with value evaluation
2019-02-01  Xiangdong HuangMerge pull request #36 from MyXOF/fix_sonar_cli_xuyi dev
2019-02-01  jtfix some logs
2019-02-01  xuyi556677... remove gc.log for windows on jdk11 39/head
2019-02-01  MyXOFupdate
2019-01-29  jtfix format
2019-01-29  jtFix a problem that will cause IoTDB socket being reset...
2019-01-29  xuyi556677... fix problem discovered by sonar 36/head
2019-01-29  jtFix by comments.
2019-01-28  xiangdong huangMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into fix_s...
2019-01-28  Xiangdong HuangMerge pull request #31 from apache/fix_sonar
2019-01-28  xiangdong huangcode format; change LOGGER to logger; add Priority... fix_sonar 31/head
2019-01-28  kr11change hash code of PriorityMergeReader: 37 --> 31
2019-01-28  kr11fix three hidden bugs
2019-01-28  kr11fix issue comment
2019-01-28  CGFadd comment for PriorityMergeReader.addReaderWithPriori...
2019-01-27  kr11fix jt conversation fix_sonar_liurui
2019-01-26  江天fix other quality problems
2019-01-26  江天fix other problems in FileNodeProcessor
2019-01-26  江天fix other problems in FileNodeManager
2019-01-26  ltafix sonar of postback module
2019-01-26  江天Merge branch 'fix_sonar' into fix_sonar_jt
2019-01-26  江天recover asf headers
2019-01-25  kr11fix some comment by cao gaofei
2019-01-25  ltaMerge branch 'fix_sonar' of
2019-01-25  ltafix sonar of postback
2019-01-25  kr11remove main function which just for test.
2019-01-25  江天Merge branch 'fix_sonar' into fix_sonar_jt
2019-01-25  ltafix conflict
2019-01-25  ltarestore ASF header
2019-01-25  江天Merge branch 'fix_sonar' into fix_sonar_jt
2019-01-25  mdf369fix sonar
2019-01-25  江天fix sonar issues
2019-01-25  ltaMerge branch 'fix_sonar' of
2019-01-25  ltafix sonar of postback test module
2019-01-25  suyuemodify code smell of id from 2300 to 2522
2019-01-25  ltafix conflict
2019-01-25  ltafix sonar of postback module
2019-01-25  kr11kangrong fix 2
2019-01-25  kr11Merge branch 'fix_sonar' of
2019-01-25  kr11kangrong fix 2
2019-01-25  kr11check 1
2019-01-25  liuruiyiyangchange columnSchema name public to private
2019-01-25  ltaMerge branch 'fix_sonar' of
2019-01-25  ltareimplement postback based on new tsfile structure
2019-01-25  kr11Merge commit '2c03bb48904ecd7e6f05284be8d88a42143c22a8...
2019-01-25  Xiangdong HuangASF Header: remove the rest '2019 Apache IoTDB(incubati...
2019-01-25  ltaMerge branch 'fix_sonar' of
2019-01-24  Xiangdong HuangMerge pull request #29 from apache/fix_asf_header_for_s...
2019-01-24  xiangdong huangadd ASF header to ServerService.thrift 29/head
2019-01-24  liuruiyiyangfix bug in LocalFileUserAccessor
2019-01-24  liuruiyiyangMerge branch 'fix_sonar' of
2019-01-24  Xiangdong HuangMerge pull request #28 from apache/fix_ITs_failure_by_m...
2019-01-24  xiangdong huangremove treemap for performance 28/head
2019-01-24  xiangdong huangfix the issues that difference of key-value order betwe...
2019-01-24  Xiangdong HuangMerge pull request #25 from apache/fix_sonar delete_main
2019-01-24  ltaMerge branch 'fix_sonar' of
2019-01-24  CGFMerge branch 'master' into fix_sonar 25/head
2019-01-24  ltaMerge branch 'master' into fix_sonar
2019-01-24  Tianan LiMerge pull request #27 from apache/remove_thrift
2019-01-24  xiangdong huangMerge branch 'fix_sonar' of
2019-01-24  xiangdong huangfix checkstyle problem, assert and unused getMaxBytesFo...
2019-01-24  CGFMerge branch 'fix_sonar' of
2019-01-24  ltaremove generated thrift file of postback service function 27/head
2019-01-24  mdf369Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fix_sonar' into...
2019-01-24  mdf369fix sonar
2019-01-24  kr11Merge branch 'fix_sonar' of
2019-01-24  kr11fix two conversations proposed by jt.
2019-01-24  liuruiyiyangMerge branch 'fix_sonar' of
2019-01-24  liuruiyiyangfix vul
2019-01-24  liukunmodity the code suppotted by sonarlint
2019-01-24  liukunresolve the conflict
2019-01-24  liukunfix some problem by sonarlint
2019-01-24  CGFfix sonar problem
2019-01-24  CGFfix sonar problem
2019-01-24  liukunmodify the bufferwrite according to the sonarlist
2019-01-24  CGFfix tsfile read package by sonar code
2019-01-24  liuruiyiyangfix vulnerability in
2019-01-24  liuruiyiyangMerge branch 'fix_sonar' of
2019-01-23  xiangdong huangMerge branch 'fix_sonar' of
2019-01-23  xiangdong huangremove unused if()
2019-01-23  CGFfix sonar problem in tsfile read query and reader package
2019-01-23  CGFMerge branch 'fix_sonar' of
2019-01-23  CGFfix sonar problem in query and read package