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2018-02-13  Alex Bozarth[LIVY-434][DOCS] Added Release Process Doc to website
2018-02-06  Alex Bozarth[LIVY-441] Use HTTPS for links to KEYS, sigs and hashes
2018-02-05  Alex Bozarth[LIVY-434] Update website for 0.5.0-incubating release
2018-01-19  Lauren SpiegelAdd third-party-projects page
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2017-09-05  Alex Bozarth[MINOR] Updated tar.gz to zip on download page
2017-09-04  Alex Bozarth[LIVY-389][RELEASE] 0.4.0-incubating release update
2017-09-04  Alex Bozarth[LIVY-384][DOCS] Include local build of Docs
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2017-07-20  Alex Bozarth[MINOR] Updated Contribution Section to include PR...
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