2018-11-08  Brian Spectortest master
2018-11-08  Brian Spectorupdate code
2018-11-08  Brian Spectorupdate code
2016-11-30  Simeon AladjemMerge changes for integrationg with Travis CI and Coveralls
2016-11-29  Simeon AladjemMerge remote-tracking branch 'github-miracl/master'
2016-11-29  Boyan BakovUpdate bower package version(crypto)
2016-11-25  Simeon AladjemMerge remote-tracking branch 'github-miracl/master'
2016-11-07  Pavlin AngelovAdd initial initialisation of the local storage
2016-09-21  Simeon AladjemMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/master' into maste...
2016-09-21  Pavlin Angelovchange dependency of crypto to be to new incubator...
2016-09-19  Simeon AladjemMerge remote-tracking branch 'git1-us-west.apache/add...
2016-09-19  Simeon AladjemUpdate documentation.
2016-08-31  Simeon AladjemAdd documentation
2016-07-07  bbvoxMerge pull request #6 from miracl/multiProtocols
2016-07-07  bbvoxMerge pull request #4 from miracl/updateCrypto
2016-07-07  boyan.bakovPreparation for support multi authentication protocols
2016-07-04  Pavlin AngelovMake the js-lib to work with maas mobile flow (#5)
2016-05-30  Boyan BakovUpdate reference to milagro-crypto & remove bower version
2016-05-30  bbvoxAdd getQrUrl method to extend the mobile flow (#3)
2016-05-05  Boyan BakovInitial commit