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33 hours ago  Reema TanejaMerge pull request #960 from arusinha/review-module... master
2 days ago  Matthias BläsingMerge pull request #963 from Prashant3009/patch-1
2 days ago  Eirik Bakke[NETBEANS-1227] Mark Windows launchers as DPI-aware...
3 days ago  Prashant GuptaUpdate 963/head
3 days ago  Jan Lahoda[NETBEANS-1386]: Fixing handling of non-modularized...
3 days ago  Jan LahodaFor multi-release modular jars, use the newest module...
4 days ago  Matthias BläsingMerge pull request #961 from schneiderl/master
4 days ago  Jan LahodaFixes for the OpenJDK project:
4 days ago  Lucas Gabriel... Update 961/head
5 days ago  arusinha[NETBEANS-1074] Module review websvc.jaxwsmodel 960/head
6 days ago  Jaroslav TulachMerge pull request #957 from sdedic/jstestdriver_ant_fix
6 days ago  Svata DedicAdded property now controls loglevel, default WARN... 957/head
6 days ago  Matthias BläsingMerge pull request #936 from arusinha/review-module...
7 days ago  arusinha[NETBEANS-1074] : module review web.monitor 936/head
7 days ago  Matthias BläsingMerge pull request #956 from sarveshkesharwani/netbeans...
7 days ago  Sarvesh Kesharwani[NETBEANS-1074] Module Review web.jsf.editor 956/head
4 days ago 9.0 9.0 release (same as 9.0-vc3)
2 weeks ago 10.0-vc1 vc1 of 10.0 release
3 months ago 9.0-vc3 9.0 release VC3
3 months ago 9.0-vc2 9.0 release VC2
5 months ago 9.0-rc1-rc1 rc1 of 9.0-rc1 release
8 months ago 9.0-beta-rc3 Moving tag 9.0-beta-rc3 from hash...
9 months ago 9.0-beta-rc2 RC2 of 9.0-beta release
9 months ago 9.0-beta-rc1 RC1 of 9.0-beta.
10 months ago 9.0-alpha-rc2 RC2 of platform-only 9.0-alpha
33 hours ago master
2 days ago release100
2 weeks ago NETBEANS-1313]-Prevent-printing-to-console
2 months ago release90
2 months ago 2ndDonation
6 months ago jdk18_3
8 months ago netbeans-318-rat.exceptions
9 months ago jdk-javac
10 months ago jdk/amber/patterns
11 months ago generate-license-notice-dependencies