descriptionApache Netbeans (Incubating)
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeTue, 11 Dec 2018 21:00:56 +0000 (22:00 +0100)
10 hours ago  Jan Lahoda[NETBEANS-1352][NETBEANS-586] Filter out non-Java files... master
8 days ago  Laszlo Kishalmi[NETBEANS-1605] Removed NetBeans max HeapSize heuristic...
8 days ago  Jaroslav TulachMerge pull request #1044 from sdedic/feature/autoupdate...
9 days ago  arusinha[NETBEANS-1440] Fixed BadLocationException on double...
9 days ago  Svata DedicFeature enable inspect modules in depth; project open... 1044/head
9 days ago  Svata DedicSupport for uninstalled feature parts. Unknown parts...
9 days ago  Svata DedicAdjusted tests to added fragment module in test data
9 days ago  Svata DedicRefresh caches of provides-requires after install change
9 days ago  Svata DedicOnly report required restart if the fragment host modul...
9 days ago  Svata DedicAdd required extra modules to FoD feature for AU
10 days ago  Jan LahodaAllow to open projects without nb-javac on supported...
10 days ago  Junichi YamamotoMerge pull request #1029 from junichi11/netbeans-1729...
12 days ago  Matthias BläsingMerge branch 'rhino_pac'
12 days ago  Matthias BläsingSwitch to Rhino as PAC evaluator
12 days ago  Matthias BläsingAdd Rhino javascript interpreter library
2018-11-27  Jan LahodaAvoiding crash on orphaned catch block, and ensuring...
2 weeks ago 10.0-vc4 Apache NetBeans 10.0vc4
4 weeks ago 10.0-vc3 Apache NetBeans 10.0vc3
6 weeks ago 10.0-vc2 Apache NetBeans 10.0-vc2
8 weeks ago 9.0 9.0 release (same as 9.0-vc3)
2 months ago 10.0-vc1 vc1 of 10.0 release
5 months ago 9.0-vc3 9.0 release VC3
5 months ago 9.0-vc2 9.0 release VC2
6 months ago 9.0-rc1-rc1 rc1 of 9.0-rc1 release
10 months ago 9.0-beta-rc3 Moving tag 9.0-beta-rc3 from hash...
10 months ago 9.0-beta-rc2 RC2 of 9.0-beta release
11 months ago 9.0-beta-rc1 RC1 of 9.0-beta.
12 months ago 9.0-alpha-rc2 RC2 of platform-only 9.0-alpha
10 hours ago master
22 hours ago release90
7 days ago release100
7 weeks ago NETBEANS-1343]-Message-for-JavaFX-support-in-JDK-11+
2 months ago NETBEANS-1313]-Prevent-printing-to-console
4 months ago 2ndDonation
8 months ago jdk18_3
10 months ago netbeans-318-rat.exceptions
11 months ago jdk-javac
12 months ago jdk/amber/patterns
13 months ago generate-license-notice-dependencies