2018-11-09  Jason Petersonadd flag to optionally skip install of deprecated packa... master
2018-11-08  VincentRename the package into org.apache.openwhisk (#290)
2018-11-07  Chetan MehrotraSwitch to Scala 2.12.7 (#285)
2018-10-25  Jason Petersonremoving watson translator package, actions and tests...
2018-10-15  Carlos Santanafix problem with jshint in travis (#286)
2018-10-04  Shazron AbdullahUpdate to document third argument to installC...
2018-09-28  Shazron AbdullahUpdate README for actual location...
2018-08-21  Vincent HouRevert the copyright to the content in the template 0.9.0-incubating 0.9.0-incubating
2018-08-14  James DubeeFix deployment (#282)
2018-06-06  VincentAdd the DISCLAIMER file for Apache incubator project...
2018-05-31  Matt RutkowskiUpdate Travis to use ASF-Release.cfg (#279)
2018-05-23  Matt RutkowskiAdd ASF license header to .gradle files.
2018-05-17  Matt RutkowskiAdd ASF license header to travis yaml file.
2018-05-15  James DubeeUse for WebSocket tests (#276)
2018-05-11  VincentRestore the LICENSE and NOTICE to fit the source code...
2018-05-10  Matt RutkowskiFix markdown files with a typo. in the Hash license...
2018-05-08  Matt RutkowskiAdd ASF license headers to all Scala .conf files.
2018-05-04  VincentRemove the unnecessary dependencies (#272)
2018-05-02  VincentAdd the licenses of dependencies into LICENSE file...
2018-05-01  Matt RutkowskiFix .md files to pass and comply with polic...
2018-04-16  Markus ThömmesFix spray-json import to comply with newer versions...
2018-04-04  Ying Chun Guoupdate notice file (#266)
2018-04-04  Matt RutkowskiUse the strict ASF release specific configuration for...
2018-03-23  David Groveupdate slack webhook to new service instance (#263)
2018-03-02  VincentAdd the license headers (#262)
2018-03-01  Chetan MehrotraSwitch to Maven based dependency (#261)
2018-02-28  James DubeeUpdate CURL Tests (#259)
2018-02-27  VincentAdd the LICENSE and NOTICE files (#260)
2017-12-09  Carlos SantanaUpdate websocket test to use local websocket server...
2017-12-06  Carlos Santanaignore websocket test to recover CI (#249)
2017-10-10  Narine Cusing existing __OW_API_HOST for host name (#244)
2017-10-04  Narine CParameterize hardcoded host variable (#240)
2017-10-04  Narine Cremove check for channel param, update README, add...
2017-08-16  Matt Rutkowskiupdate remaining files with ASF headers. (#229)
2017-08-16  Markus ThömmesBump to Gradle 4 (#232)
2017-08-15  Daniel KrookFix typo, reword to show this is conditional (#237)
2017-07-18  rodric rabbahFix who is method. (#234)
2017-07-03  Dan LavineRemove unused parameter (#231)
2017-06-13  Matt RutkowskiChanged all .scala and .java files to ASF license heade...
2017-06-13  Carlos Santanaupdate weather package docs to show how to package...
2017-06-08  Matt RutkowskiUpdate to run scancode from incubator-openwhisk-utiliti...
2017-05-19  Carlos Santanaupdate textToSpeech doc typo (#221)
2017-05-18  Carlos Santanaupdate travis setup to use apache git (#219)
2017-05-11  Matt RutkowskiUpdate (#217)
2017-04-28  Vincent HouUpdate the ansible version to
2017-03-28  Jason Petersonadapt to recent method name change in WhiskProperties...
2017-03-17  Rodric RabbahRemove experiemental from web action path. 211/head
2017-03-13  Stephen Finkfix typo in timePeriod documentation for weather packag...
2017-03-07  Markus ThoemmesClean up test integration towards OpenWhisk 197/head
2017-03-06  Markus ThömmesBump scalatest dependency (#196)
2017-02-27  Jason Petersonupdating jshint defaults
2017-02-27  Rodric RabbahAdd utilities to identify namespace for key, and to...
2017-02-27  Jason Petersonfix 10 day forecast 195/head
2017-02-24  Jason PetersonAdd jshint validation in travis and cleanup existing... 186/head
2017-02-24  Jason Petersonremove unnecessary uninstall script
2017-02-24  Carlos SantanaSync docs 2 23 (#193)
2017-02-20  Jason PetersonAdd weather test (#192)
2017-02-16  Carlos SantanaUpdate readme with links to individual READMEs per...
2017-02-14  Rodric RabbahAdd action to smash parametes into a single top level... 183/head
2017-02-14  Rodric RabbahAdd Travis webhook for PR bot notification.
2017-02-14  Rodric RabbahClean up tests which are not using asset cleaner.
2017-02-14  Rodric RabbahCombinators actions.
2017-02-06  Justin BerstlerChange URI of test websocket server (#181)
2017-02-03  Matt RutkowskiUpdate
2017-01-31  Jason Petersonfix scancode errors 179/head
2017-01-31  Jason Petersonslack webhook returning error saying it must return... 178/head
2017-01-25  Matt RutkowskiUpdate to conform to Apache policies
2017-01-24  Rodric RabbahRemove log checks. Should these really be logged?
2017-01-24  Rodric RabbahUpdate post message action to allow attachments correctly.
2017-01-24  Rodric RabbahRemove unnecessary WHISK_NAMESPACE.
2017-01-21  Rodric RabbahRemove bogus command. 174/head
2017-01-16  Vincent HouAdd the removal script to uninstall the deprecated... 167/head
2017-01-13  Vincent HouRemove the Wastson actions and the Watson package 166/head
2017-01-13  VincentChange whisk functions into npm openwhisk (#162)
2017-01-13  Vincent HouRemove the action pipe and the package system 165/head
2016-12-06  Carlos Santanaadded watson overview to docs and deprecate note 161/head
2016-12-03  Carlos Santanadeprecate old watson package
2016-12-02  Carlos Santanaupdate watson docs per package 159/head
2016-11-30  dubeejwRemove Shared Flag from Action Update Command 158/head
2016-11-28  Vincent HouRefactor the Watson packages and actions 153/head
2016-10-22  Philippe SuterTweaks for Slack. 151/head
2016-10-19  Jason Petersontravis update 149/head
2016-10-19  Jason Petersonupdating ansible and docker 148/head
2016-10-19  Jason Petersonmissing "continue line" character (\)
2016-10-04  Jason PetersonUpdate Swift 3 syntax to latest 145/head
2016-10-03  Vincent HouAdd the documents to packages 144/head
2016-09-20  Jason Petersonupgrading gradle to version 3.0 143/head
2016-09-17  Jason PetersonUpdate CLI executable path 142/head
2016-09-16  Jason PetersonUse variable to represent CLI executable path 141/head
2016-09-16  Jason Petersonreturn whisk.invoke as promise 140/head
2016-09-15  Justin BerstlerImplement GitHub webhook deletion 139/head
2016-09-15  Jason Petersonupdating actions to use promises 138/head
2016-09-14  Vincent HouSync up the websocket test 137/head
2016-09-13  Jason Petersonremove duplicate echo action
2016-09-13  Vincent HouSync up with openwhisk catalog 132/head
2016-09-06  Jason PetersonFix invalid JSON in the annotations 131/head
2016-09-06  Jason PetersonRemove CLI switch from catalog install 130/head
2016-09-06  Jason PetersonRename dispatcher to invoker 128/head
2016-08-30  Vincent HouSync up the test cases with openwhisk
2016-08-30  Jason PetersonInstall echo into previous samples package as short... 127/head