6 days ago  Ying Chun GuoMerge pull request #2 from dgrove-oss/disclaimer master
6 days ago  David Groveadd incubation disclaimer 2/head
7 days ago  David GroveMerge pull request #1 from dgrove-oss/cleanup-import
7 days ago  David Grovereflect move from ibm-functions to apache/openwhisk... 1/head
10 days ago  Lionel Villardchore: fix travis
10 days ago  Lionel Villardchore: typos
10 days ago  Lionel Villardfix scancode errors
2018-11-16  Lionel Villardcleanup travis config
2018-11-16  Lionel Villardfix typo
2018-11-16  Lionel Villardupdate documentation
2018-11-16  Lionel Villardfix pycompose and added pydeploy
2018-11-16  Lionel Villardfix pycompose and remove debugging statements
2018-11-09  Lionel Villardsynchronize with Apache composer
2018-11-01  Lionel Villardfinished porting all tests
2018-09-28  Lionel VillardWIP: porting tests (about 50% done)
2018-09-21  Lionel VillardWIP: synchronize with composer master
2018-06-05  Lionel VillardMerge pull request #12 from nickm/fix_5
2018-06-05  Nick Mitchelladd support for non-expression, i.e. full program compo...
2018-06-04  Lionel VillardMerge pull request #11 from nickm/fix_10
2018-06-03  Nick Mitchellreal fix for broken Entering logs
2018-06-02  Lionel VillardMerge pull request #9 from nickm/fix_4
2018-06-02  Nick Mitchellfix for broken Entering composition logs
2018-06-02  Lionel VillardMerge pull request #8 from nickm/fix_7
2018-06-01  Nick Mitchellfix for exec:null
2018-05-31  Lionel VillardMerge pull request #2 from nickm/fix_action_encode
2018-05-31  Nick Mitchellfixes for encode for the action form of pycompose
2018-05-31  Lionel VillardMerge pull request #3 from nickm/package_json
2018-05-31  Nick Mitchelladded package.json, for consumption via npm
2018-05-31  Lionel Villardremove unused serializer property
2018-05-30  Lionel VillardMerge pull request #1 from nickm/venv
2018-05-30  Nick MitchellSupport for pycompose as OpenWhisk action
2018-05-22  Lionel VillardAdd documentation to install pycompose from github
2018-05-19  Lionel VillardAdd support for lambda
2018-05-18  Lionel Villardcleanup
2018-05-18  Lionel Villardimprove documentation + cleanup
2018-05-18  Lionel Villarddisable code coverage report
2018-05-18  Lionel Villardadd python3 to local openwhisk
2018-05-18  Lionel Villardmore diags
2018-05-18  Lionel Villardmore ow client diags
2018-05-18  Lionel Villardprovide diags info for insecure connection
2018-05-18  Lionel Villardno need to deactivate venv anymore
2018-05-18  Lionel Villardsudo pip install tox
2018-05-18  Lionel Villardfix deadsnakes repo target
2018-05-18  Lionel Villarddoes not use apt addon to avoid whitelist check
2018-05-18  Lionel Villardtry fully qualified apt source
2018-05-18  Lionel Villardtravis: use generic language
2018-05-18  Lionel Villardpycompose cli implemented
2018-05-18  Lionel VillardFix the 3 failing tests. 100% success.
2018-05-17  Lionel Villardenable all combinator tests.
2018-05-17  Lionel Villardenable TestIf and TestLoop tests
2018-05-17  Lionel Villardencode now uses python conductor.
2018-05-11  Lionel VillardUse `in` operator instead of `hasattr`
2018-05-11  Lionel VillardSeveral bug fixes in conductor.
2018-05-10  Lionel VillardAdded deserialize and label
2018-05-10  Lionel VillardFix ignore_certs assignment
2018-05-10  Lionel Villardfix typo
2018-05-10  Lionel Villardinstall openwhisk is travis build dir
2018-05-10  Lionel Villardsource to propagate shell functions
2018-05-10  Lionel Villarddeactivate virtualenv before installing openwhisk
2018-05-10  Lionel Villardrun openwhisk installation in new shell
2018-05-10  Lionel Villardtell tox not to download virtualenv
2018-05-09  Lionel VillardFix openwhisk client creation
2018-05-02  Lionel Villardfirst shot at conductor written in Python
2018-05-01  Lionel VillardWIP: documentation
2018-05-01  Lionel Villardexplicitly set sudo mode (travis)
2018-05-01  Lionel Villardrun travis in sudo mode
2018-05-01  Lionel VillardAdd docker service
2018-04-30  Lionel VillardUpdate travis badge
2018-04-30  Lionel Villardsetup travis
2018-04-28  Lionel Villardadded all remaining combinators except function
2018-04-28  Lionel VillardAdded composer.when
2018-04-27  Lionel Villardadd sequence and seq
2018-04-27  Lionel VillardAdd composer.action
2018-04-27  Lionel VillardAdd composer.task
2018-04-27  Lionel VillardAdd function combinator. Not working yet
2018-04-27  Lionel VillardImplement basic OpenWhisk Client for Python.
2018-04-25  Lionel VillardAdded composer.literal
2018-04-25  Lionel VillardAdded parseActionName
2018-04-24  Lionel Villardinit commit