2018-11-06  Chetan MehrotraSwitch to Scala 2.12.7 (#91) master
2018-08-14  James DubeeFix deployment (#90)
2018-06-28  Malith MunasingheAdding :admin:tools:install task to the travis build...
2018-04-16  Markus ThömmesFix spray-json import to comply with newer versions...
2018-03-01  Chetan MehrotraSwitch to Maven based dependency (#87)
2018-02-08  Jason PetersonDo not hard code API host of push notification service...
2017-08-16  Markus ThömmesBumping to gradle 4. (#79)
2017-07-11  Dan LavineRemove backslash for package name (#82)
2017-07-10  Dan Lavineremove unused namespace param (#80)
2017-07-10  Matt RutkowskiUpdate remaining source with ASF headers; add Apache...
2017-05-04  Anantha Krishnan K Gupdated the unit tests (#77)
2017-05-03  Anantha Krishnan K Gupdated the request method (#76)
2017-05-01  Anantha Krishnan K GUpdated the instalation script (#71)
2017-05-01  Carlos Santanaupdate docs parameter description formatting (#73)
2017-05-01  Carlos Santanaupdate docs parameter description formatting (#72)
2017-04-12  Anantha Krishnan K GUpdated the package with latest features in push servic...
2017-03-08  Jason PetersonClean up test integration towards OpenWhisk (#66)
2017-03-05  Markus ThömmesBump scalatest version (#65)
2017-03-01  Carlos Santanare-work readme (#63)
2017-02-28  Carlos Santanaupdate travis badge to point to apache repo (#64)
2017-02-14  Carlos Santanaminor updates to readme 62/head
2017-01-31  Jason Petersonfix scancode errors 60/head
2017-01-25  Matt RutkowskiUpdate
2017-01-25  Matt RutkowskiCreate LICENSE.txt
2017-01-17  Jason Petersonremoving references to whisk object 59/head
2016-12-16  Jason PetersonSupport appGuid or appId as Bluemix application GUID 57/head
2016-12-15  Jason Petersonadding package refresh support
2016-12-15  NICHOLAS W... Update install to have bindTime:true for appId 56/head
2016-11-30  dubeejwRemove Shared Flag from Action Update Command 54/head
2016-10-17  AnanthUpdated the push package with latest push enhancements... 52/head
2016-10-07  Carlos Santanamade changes for CLI commands 51/head
2016-10-07  Carlos SantanaUpdate
2016-10-07  Carlos SantanaDocumentation missing parameter descriptions
2016-09-21  Jason PetersonUpdate actions to use Promises 50/head
2016-09-20  Jason Petersonupgrading gradle to version 3.0 49/head
2016-09-20  Jason Petersonadding gradle wrapper support 48/head
2016-09-20  Jason PetersonAdd test dependency on openwhisk 47/head
2016-09-20  Jason PetersonPattern the push notification install after openwhisk... 46/head
2016-09-17  Jason Petersonpackages directory in openwhisk no longer exists 45/head
2016-09-16  Jason PetersonUpdate CLI executable path 44/head
2016-08-30  Jason PetersonReact to refactoring changes made to the TestUtils... 43/head
2016-08-18  Jason PetersonShould not use local property file when installing... 41/head
2016-08-15  Jason PetersonUpdate Push to use Go CLI to install the package 40/head
2016-08-12  Ananthupdated the test case
2016-08-12  Ananthupdated the test case
2016-08-12  Ananthupdated the test case
2016-08-12  NICHOLAS W... Updated test text to message 39/head
2016-08-11  Jason Petersonupdate file permissions 38/head
2016-08-10  NICHOLAS W... Updated docker to use latest travis images 37/head
2016-08-05  Carlos Santanasync doc with upstream edits
2016-07-20  NICHOLAS W... Updated package name to packages 34/head
2016-07-19  NICHOLAS W... Updated class name to match filename 33/head
2016-07-19  NICHOLAS W... Updated 32/head
2016-07-19  NICHOLAS W... Removed -v 31/head
2016-07-19  NICHOLAS W... Added -v flag to cli 30/head
2016-07-19  NICHOLAS W... Reverted to previous. 29/head
2016-07-18  Anantha Krishnan K GMerge pull request #28 from nwspeete-ibm/pushPackageStr...
2016-07-18  Tareq Al-Maamari- Encrypt credentials file 28/head
2016-07-15  NICHOLAS W... Addition of gitignore, travis yml,,README...
2016-07-04  Anantha Krishnan K GMerge pull request #27 from AnanthaKrish/master
2016-07-04  AnanthUpdated the open package docs 27/head
2016-07-04  AnanthUpdated the open package docs
2016-07-04  AnanthUpdated the open package docs
2016-06-29  NICHOLAS W... Change values to json 21/head
2016-06-29  Anantha Krishnan K GMerge pull request #19 from AnanthaKrish/master
2016-06-29  AnanthModified Readme 19/head
2016-06-29  AnanthModified Readme
2016-06-28  NICHOLAS W... Modify args to install
2016-06-24  Anantha Krishnan K GAdded Changes to the (#17)
2016-06-20  NICHOLAS W... Addition of explicit arguments 8/head
2016-06-16  NICHOLAS W... Changing test url 7/head
2016-06-16  nwspeete-ibmWIP - Addition of VCAP to tests. (#6)
2016-06-15  Carlos Santanaupdate to fix space before -a arg
2016-06-15  Carlos Santanamove APIHOST before wsk sub-command 2nd try
2016-06-15  Carlos Santanamove APIHOST before wsk sub-command
2016-06-15  Carlos Santanaupdate formatting with
2016-06-15  nwspeete-ibmAddition of and updates to the other push...
2016-06-15  nwspeete-ibmAddition of and updates to the other push...
2016-06-06  Ananthupdated the installation script
2016-06-06  Anantha Krishnan K GComplete pushnotifications package (#2)
2016-06-05  srinivasannanduriMerge pull request #1 from mrutkows/master
2016-06-04  Matt RutkowskiCreate 1/head
2016-05-26  AnanthUpdated Readme with details for using push action and...
2016-05-23  AnanthModified action and webhook
2016-05-17  AnanthAdded the return statements in webhook
2016-05-16  srinivasannanduriChecking in initial version of the IBM Push notificatio...
2016-05-16  paulcastroInitial commit