2018-11-07  Chetan MehrotraSwitch to Scala 2.12.7 (#64) master
2018-10-04  James DubeeMerge pull request #62 from csantanapr/update_flask_deps
2018-10-04  Carlos Santanaupdate gevent and flask 62/head
2018-10-04  Carlos Santanaupdate proxy flask dependencies gevent and flask
2018-10-04  James DubeeMerge pull request #63 from csantanapr/os_chdir
2018-10-03  Carlos Santanaremove trailing white space 63/head
2018-10-03  Carlos Santanaadd test for current directory
2018-10-03  Carlos Santanachange directory to action code directory
2018-09-17  Jason PetersonMerge pull request #59 from csantanapr/latest_alpine381
2018-09-17  Carlos Santanaupdate base alpine image 59/head
2018-08-28  Priti DesaiMerge pull request #57 from houshengbo/revert-copyright... dockerskeleton@1.12.0-incubating
2018-08-28  Vincent HouRevert the content of copyright to the content in the... 57/head
2018-08-14  Jason PetersonMerge pull request #56 from csantanapr/bump_changelog_814 dockerskeleton@1.3.3
2018-08-14  Carlos SantanaUpdate changelog to pick run handler updates 56/head
2018-08-14  Vadim RaskinMerge pull request #55 from csantanapr/iam_flex_env_vars
2018-08-03  Carlos Santanaupdate run handler to accept more environment variables 55/head
2018-07-12  rodric rabbahRemove unnecessary Travis setup. (#53)
2018-07-09  rodric rabbahDo not emit log marker on a re-init. (#52) dockerskeleton@1.3.2
2018-07-08  Eric Weitermanadd to travis.yml the runtime repo to the deploy block...
2018-07-06  David Groveupdate docker tag in example command (#51)
2018-07-06  rodric rabbahUpdate change log. (#50) dockerskeleton@1.3.1
2018-07-05  Rodric RabbahDo not allow re-init of the action exec.
2018-07-05  Rodric RabbahRemove files that are duplicates and result of repo...
2018-06-20  Carlos SantanaAdd ActionProxyContainer tests (#47)
2018-06-19  VincentAdd skip_pull_runtimes for Travis CI (#45)
2018-06-12  VincentAdd the DISCLAIMER file for Apache incubator project...
2018-05-30  Matt RutkowskiFix bad Dockerfile license and use ASF release config...
2018-05-30  Jason PetersonMerge pull request #42 from csantanapr/remove_copied_code
2018-05-30  Carlos Santanaremove duplicate test code from main repo 42/head
2018-05-25  Matt RutkowskiFix exmaple.c to have correct ASF license header. ...
2018-05-23  Matt RutkowskiLast files to need ASF License headers. (#39)
2018-05-18  Matt RutkowskiFix travis yaml file asf header, change to mini. (#38)
2018-05-11  Matt RutkowskiMerge pull request #37 from houshengbo/restore-license...
2018-05-11  Vincent HouRestore the LICENSE and NOTICE to fit the source code... 37/head
2018-05-10  Matt RutkowskiFix markdown files with a typo. in the Hash license...
2018-05-10  James DubeeMerge pull request #35 from csantanapr/update_changelog130 dockerskeleton@1.3.0
2018-05-10  Carlos Santanaupdate changelog for openssh-client 35/head
2018-05-09  James DubeeMerge pull request #34 from csantanapr/add_ssh_client
2018-05-09  Carlos Santanaadd openssh client for dockerskeleton 34/head
2018-05-08  Matt RutkowskiAdd ASF license headers to all Scala .conf files. ...
2018-05-02  Matt RutkowskiMerge pull request #28 from houshengbo/add-license...
2018-05-02  Vincent HouAdd the licenses of the dependencies into LICENSE 28/head
2018-05-02  Priti DesaiMerge pull request #32 from mrutkows/cfg2
2018-05-01  Matt RutkowskiUpdate .md and .sh files to pass scancode with latest... 32/head
2018-05-01  Matt RutkowskiUpdate .md and .sh files to pass scancode with latest...
2018-05-01  Eric Weitermanupdate travis to push "master" tag to Docker on "master...
2018-04-18  Matt RutkowskiAdd scancode using ASF config. to Travis build. (#29)
2018-04-17  Ying Chun Guoadd headers (#27)
2018-04-04  Matt RutkowskiMerge pull request #25 from daisy-ycguo/update-notice
2018-04-04  Daisy Guoupdate notice file 25/head
2018-03-27  David Groveupdate URL in slack webhook (#23)
2018-03-23  David Groveadd webhook for slack notification of PR results (#22)
2018-03-07  Carlos Santanaadd curl and wget (#21) dockerskeleton@1.2.0
2018-03-03  VincentAdd the license headers (#19)
2018-02-27  Ying Chun GuoMerge pull request #18 from houshengbo/add-notice
2018-02-26  Vincent HouAdd the NOTICE file 18/head
2018-02-20  Chetan MehrotraUse Maven based dependency instead of gradle project...
2018-02-06  Carlos Santanarefactor large input tests to include perl and python...
2018-02-04  RSulzmannsupport large arguments (#3) dockerskeleton@1.1.0
2018-02-04  Markus ThömmesCreate socket on specific ipv4 address. (#2)
2018-02-04  Carlos Santanaadds jq perl zip git (#12)
2018-01-27  Carlos Santanafix travis build (#11)
2017-11-21  VincentUpdate Travis to use remote as the cli installation...
2017-10-09  Carlos Santanaadd example for publishing example@1.0.0
2017-10-06  Carlos Santanafix README title
2017-10-06  Carlos Santanaupdate creds for sdk sdk@0.1.0
2017-10-06  Carlos Santanaupdate travis creds dockerskeleton@1.0.0
2017-10-06  Carlos SantanaConfigure as stand-alone repo
2017-09-29  Vadim RaskinShare bookkeeping data across controllers (#2531)
2017-09-25  tysonnorrisContainerFactory SPI (#2659)
2017-09-15  Carlos SantanaSupport docker for mac using the 'local' environment...
2017-09-15  Carlos Santanaupdate .gitignore out/ for intellij (#2756)
2017-09-12  James DubeeBump akka-http to version 10.0.10. (#2726)
2017-09-06  Markus ThömmesApply standard scala formatting. (#2650)
2017-08-31  Qaiser AbbasiIgnore IntelliJ '.iml' project file (#2671)
2017-08-31  Markus ThömmesSimplify Spi implementations. (#2663)
2017-08-16  Markus ThömmesUse Java based JsonSchema validator (#2565)
2017-08-16  Markus ThömmesRemove old invoker code and refactor accordingly. ...
2017-08-16  Markus ThömmesBumping to gradle 4.1. (#2399)
2017-08-12  James DubeePort Controller from Spray to Akka (#2218)
2017-08-09  Christian BickelAdd ability to add own environments without polluting git
2017-08-04  tysonnorrisSPI approach for pluggable implementations. (#2414)
2017-07-26  Christian BickelAdopt .gitignore to ignore generated certs. (#2525)
2017-07-24  Rob AllenAdd PHP 7.1 as a kind (#2415)
2017-07-20  Vadim RaskinUpdate documentation:formatting for intelliJ (#2511)
2017-07-14  rodric rabbahRemove play dependence. (#2438)
2017-06-30  Carlos Santanaignore *.class with .gitignore (#2448)
2017-06-28  Dominic KimMake OW run with docker for mac (#1790)
2017-06-26  Paul CastroAdd Swift 3.1.1 as a kind (#2120)
2017-06-20  Matt RutkowskiChanged all .scala and .java files to ASF license heade...
2017-06-01  Markus ThömmesInstall/upgrade six module before installing other...
2017-05-29  Carlos SantanaMake travis fast again (#2308)
2017-05-15  Carlos Santanareplace github refs openwhisk to apache (#2236)
2017-05-04  Markus ThömmesImplement a proxy for a container to implement concurre...
2017-04-25  Markus ThömmesBump gradle to version 3.5 (#2176)
2017-04-19  Paul CastroAdds multiple file support for Swift actions with zip...
2017-04-13  Mark DeuserAPI GW V2 - Add 'wsk api` command (#2068)
2017-04-08  Robert SulzmannAdds virtualenv support for python actions.
2017-04-07  Michael MarthTiny text changes to clarify how enhancement requests...
2017-04-03  rodric rabbahEnable tests for unicode for python, swift. (#2070)