2018-11-07  Chetan MehrotraSwitch to Scala 2.12.7 (#13) master
2018-11-02  Carlos Santanapublish docker image with git hash with latest (#16)
2018-11-01  James ThomasFixes #14 - Support zip files without dir entries ...
2018-09-26  Julian ChealFixed spelling of finished in error message (#12)
2018-08-14  Carlos SantanaUpdate changelog to pick up run handler updates (#11) ruby2.5Action@1.0.0
2018-08-14  Carlos Santanaupdate run handler to accept more environment variables...
2018-07-30  David Groveencrypt slackbot URL for proper repo (#8)
2018-07-30  rodric rabbahMake executable. (#7)
2018-07-29  Carlos Santanaupdate travis encryption info (#6)
2018-07-24  Kei SawadaRemove unnecessary file
2018-07-23  Kei SawadaRemove deprecated documentation from
2018-07-23  Kei SawadaFixed a few errors based on the feedback from @rabbah
2018-07-23  Kei SawadaAdd another boundary for sentinel handling to make...
2018-07-23  Kei SawadaReplace wrong code snippet existed in the test case
2018-07-23  Kei Sawada Add more boundary checking to pass new test cases
2018-07-23  Kei SawadaUpdate tests to pick up upstream changes.
2018-07-23  Kei SawadaFix a bug in scalafmt validation
2018-07-23  Kei SawadaFix an error in
2018-07-23  Kei SawadaAdd necessary file for TravisCI
2018-07-23  Kei SawadaMake tools/travis/ executable
2018-07-23  Kei SawadaAdd license headers to make CI passed
2018-07-23  Kei SawadaMake tools/travis/ executable
2018-07-23  Kei SawadaAdd travis CI status badge
2018-07-23  Kei SawadaRemoved unnecessary files and added dirs/files for...
2018-07-23  Kei Sawadaadd LF to to make scanCode pass
2018-07-23  Kei Sawadaremove debugging code
2018-07-23  Kei Sawadaremove an unnecessary file
2018-07-23  Kei Sawadafixed a few errors and typos
2018-07-23  Kei SawadaInitial commit
2018-07-14  Rodric RabbahPlaceholder.