2017-07-14  Matt RutkowskiUpdate source files with ASF Licenses; Add ASF badge... master
2017-01-25  Matt RutkowskiCreate
2016-09-30  gliksonTypo in shell script condition
2016-09-30  gliksonAdded automated 'matos' package creation if needed
2016-09-30  gliksonCombine "create" and "update" in the same script
2016-09-30  gliksonCreate aux folders on demand to simplify build prereqs
2016-09-19  gliksonUpdated readme to reflect the option to automate the...
2016-09-19  gliksonAdded javascript wrapper for 'batch' designed to work...
2016-09-12  gliksonMigrated to Kafka client 0.10
2016-09-11  gliksonUpdated rejar script to match the new repository name
2016-09-11  gliksonMerge branch 'master' of
2016-09-11  Alex GliksonRelease
2016-09-11  Alex Glikson# This is a combination of 28 commits.
2016-08-08  gliksonInitial version of the modified message-hub-ssl-sample...