2017-11-03  Andrew Tricebug fixes, updated templates, php support (#25) master
2017-07-12  Matt RutkowskiAdd ASF License headers to all source files. Fix other...
2017-01-25  Matt RutkowskiDelete License
2017-01-25  Matt RutkowskiCreate LICENSE.txt
2017-01-25  Matt RutkowskiUpdate
2016-12-16  ANDREW M. TRICEupdated version 0.0.5
2016-12-16  ANDREW M. TRICEadded logic to handle missing wskdb gracefully
2016-12-16  ANDREW M. TRICEmerged upstream changes
2016-12-16  ANDREW M. TRICEWIP: debugger + latest npm module
2016-08-09  Jeff Sloyerbuilds linux
2016-08-05  Jeff SloyerMerge pull request #13 from openwhisk/build
2016-08-05  Jeff Sloyerfixed included files 13/head
2016-08-05  Jeff Sloyerremoved hygiene task
2016-08-05  Jeff Sloyerprevents checkins for builds
2016-08-05  Jeff Sloyerbuilds zip file
2016-08-02  ANDREW M. TRICEupdated release number 0.0.4
2016-08-02  ANDREW M. TRICEnow has unique file names when using 'get' or 'init...
2016-08-02  ANDREW M. TRICEfixed #8 - added check for vscode.workspace.rootPath
2016-08-02  ANDREW M. TRICEMerge branch 'master' of
2016-08-01  Jeff SloyerMerge pull request #10 from openwhisk/marketplace
2016-08-01  Jeff Sloyeradded marketplace stuff 10/head
2016-07-29  Jeff SloyerUpdate package.json
2016-07-29  Jeff SloyerUpdate package.json
2016-07-28  Jeff SloyerUpdate
2016-07-25  Jeff SloyerMerge branch 'master' of
2016-07-25  Jeff Sloyerupdated license
2016-07-25  Jeff Sloyerupdated items for marketplace
2016-07-21  ANDREW M. TRICEremoved "init" for JS6. currently no way to differenti...
2016-07-21  ANDREW M. TRICEadded python support & externalized templates
2016-07-21  ANDREW M. TRICEchanged launch.json back to working config
2016-07-21  Andrew TriceMerge pull request #7 from openwhisk/fix-dev-mode
2016-07-21  Jeff Sloyerfix dev mode 7/head
2016-07-18  Jeff SloyerUpdate .travis.yml
2016-07-18  Jeff SloyerCreate .travis.yml
2016-07-18  Jeff SloyerUpdate
2016-06-17  Jeff SloyerCreate
2016-06-17  Jeff SloyerCreate
2016-06-17  Jeff SloyerUpdate
2016-06-17  Jeff SloyerUpdate
2016-06-17  Jeff Sloyerbumped release 0.0.3
2016-06-17  ANDREW M. TRICEMerge branch 'master' of
2016-06-17  ANDREW M. TRICEadded Apache v2 license
2016-06-17  Jeff SloyerUpdate
2016-06-10  ANDREW M. TRICEMerge branch 'master' of
2016-06-10  ANDREW M. TRICEupdated version number in package.json
2016-06-10  Jeff Sloyerlinting on wsk and corrected package.json 0.0.2
2016-06-10  Jeff Sloyermoved src
2016-06-07  ANDREW M. TRICEfixed bug in REST/Curl endpoint generation
2016-06-06  ANDREW M. TRICEadded support for activations
2016-06-06  ANDREW M. TRICEwork in progress - added triggers and rules, and a...
2016-06-01  Jeff Sloyermore windows fixes
2016-06-01  Jeff Sloyerfixes issue with windows
2016-05-31  Jeff Sloyerfixes whisk on windows
2016-05-31  Jeff SloyerUpdate
2016-05-31  Jeff SloyerUpdate package.json
2016-05-27  Jeff SloyerMerge pull request #2 from IBM-Bluemix/fix-tests
2016-05-27  Jeff Sloyerdirty fix for fixing tests 2/head
2016-05-24  Andrew TriceMerge pull request #1 from IBM-Bluemix/fix-styling
2016-05-24  Jeff Sloyerfix styling 1/head
2016-05-24  Jeff Sloyerremoved exta file
2016-05-24  Jeff Sloyerfixed stylign
2016-05-24  Jeff Sloyerprevents checkin of built extension
2016-05-24  Jeff Sloyerreferences new src location
2016-05-24  Jeff Sloyeradded some new required files
2016-05-24  ANDREW M. TRICEminor updates to package.json
2016-05-20  ANDREW M. TRICEMerge branch 'master' of
2016-05-20  ANDREW M. TRICEadded missing "use strict"; - it now works in BM Code
2016-05-20  ANDREW M. TRICEadded missing "/" when adding steps to actions
2016-05-17  Jeff Sloyerremoved builds
2016-05-17  ANDREW M. TRICEupdated readme and uploaded latest build 0.0.1
2016-05-17  ANDREW M. TRICEremoved old files
2016-05-17  ANDREW M. TRICErestructuring source/builds/github content organization
2016-05-17  ANDREW M. TRICElots of feature enhancements - sequences, parametrs...
2016-05-14  ANDREW M. TRICEadded property set/unset/get. you can now set auth...
2016-05-13  ANDREW M. TRICEadded util function to open OpenWhisk console on bluemix
2016-05-13  ANDREW M. TRICEadded error handling and error log output to debug...
2016-05-13  ANDREW M. TRICESwitched to use forked version of openwhisk-client...
2016-05-13  ANDREW M. TRICEanother readme update
2016-05-13  ANDREW M. TRICEupdated readme
2016-05-13  ANDREW M. TRICEadded video preview to readme
2016-05-13  ANDREW M. TRICEinitial commit